Selection after masturbation: blood, lubrication, problems and solutions for girls

Discharge after masturbation – when a girl should worry?.

Sexual life gives a woman a lot of pleasant sensations, but sometimes masturbation (malakia, ipping, masturbation) becomes an excellent alternative to her. We are talking about independent stimulation of the genitals and erogenous zones in order to ultimately achieve orgasm. Sometimes the reason for concern can be discharge after masturbation of different colors and consistency. About what discharge is the norm and which are not, as well as about the rules of safe masturbation can be found further from the article.

Selection after masturbation: blood, lubrication, problems and solutions for girls

Normal discharge after masturbation

How to determine that normal or pathological discharge can be after masturbation? Gynecologists recommend paying attention primarily to the color, and after the smell, consistency and abundance. It is the discharge that deviates from the norm that is an important symptom of gynecological diseases.

Normal discharge corresponds to the following indicators:

  • transparent with a whitish tint;
  • the amount increases by 12-14 days from the date of ovulation;
  • stand out during sexual excitement;
  • liquid and slightly sticky consistency;
  • lack of a pronounced smell.

It is such discharge that can appear both after traditional sexual intercourse with a man, and subsequently masturbation. We are talking about sexual secretion as an indicator of female health. This is the usual lubricant produced against the background of excitement.

Per day, the body produces about 5 ml of viscous substance, but against the background of attraction and rush of blood, the sex glands are stimulated, which is why the amount of lubrication increases.

Blood and bloody discharge

Any mechanical effect on the genitals can provoke injuries and various damage. Blood or an admixture of blood after masturbation can be a result of several reasons:

  • injuries of the vaginal mucosa and labia – in this case, the discharge will be short -term and scarlet;
  • inflammatory process – vulvit, vaginitis or colpit against the background of viruses and infections in the body;
  • non -compliance with hygiene – the use of phalloimitators and other improvised means requires their disinfection, otherwise they can cause an infection, causing an inflammatory process;
  • Rupture of the virgin rod – If the girl is innocent, but uses different objects and toys for masturbation, she can damage the integrity of the film;
  • Long pregnancy – increased tone of the uterus can provoke detachment of the placenta, which is accompanied by bloody discharge or bleeding;
  • Polyps – neoplasms may be accompanied by injury during masturbation, which is accompanied by anxiety discharge;
  • Endometriosis – there can be many causes of bleeding, both mechanical damage and the rejection of the endometrium;
  • Take of medication – If a woman irrationally uses serious drugs, this can lead to bloody discharge.

Selection after masturbation: blood, lubrication, problems and solutions for girls

If a few drops of blood appeared once after self -satisfaction, there are no reasons for anxiety. But if the situation is repeated from time to time, and the volume of blood increases, an urgent examination in the clinic is required. Medical practice shows that the most common cause of the appearance of blood in discharge after masturbation is a rough handling of the delicate skin of the genitals.

Strange vaginal discharge

As mentioned earlier, the main indicator of whether normal discharge from the vagina or not is color. Here are what conclusions can be drawn in color:

  • White – If they are thick, cause burning and itching, most often the discharge is the result of a fungal infection;
  • Yellow -a consequence of the inflammatory process due to pathogenic microflora or infectious process against the background of the fall of local immunity (pus is present);
  • Brown – the presence of blood may indicate a violation of the menstrual cycle, after taking hormonal drugs or the use of intrauterine contraception.

Mucous discharge is the norm, as they protect the vagina from the hit of the pathogenic flora, but at the same time contribute to the rapid penetration of spermatozoa.

Blood in abundant amounts may indicate erosion or cervical cancer. A specific smell may indicate fungi, sexual infections, hygiene disorders, bacteria.


In order for masturbation to be always safe and even useful for the female body, it is important to adhere to simple rules:

  • observe hygiene, before masturbation and after it, wash the genitals, hands and everything that will be involved;
  • In the absence of a natural secret, use the lubricant so that friction and contact with the mucosa do not provoke injuries;
  • competently approach the choice of masturbation techniques, abandoning radical and dangerous options;
  • Correctly select the size of the phallimitators and other toys involved in the process;
  • Gradually increase the intensity of stimulation with hands, objects, toys and vibrators;
  • do not use one phallimitator for alternate stimulation of the vagina and anus;
  • do not make sharp and quick movements during masturbation.

Only in this case can anxious situations be avoided when, after the end of self -satisfaction, a woman discovers strange or bloody discharge. An alarming symptoms must be a reason for consulting a doctor.

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