Refusal of masturbation. Consequences, benefits, pros, cons of

Refusal of masturbation. Consequences, benefits, pros, cons of.

According to studies, masturbation is the absolute norm for most men. In fact, people who are not engaged in self -satisfaction practically no. Moreover, there are quite a lot of ways to achieve an orgasm alone. And if women do not cause harm to themselves in this way, which we wrote about in this article, then men, according to many scientists, may encounter some negative consequences. Let’s talk about the rejection of masturbation in men.

Rejection of masturbation as a bad habit

The most interesting information came from people who abandoned masturbation, as if from a bad habit. And observations of the body struck them.

Perhaps this is just self -hypnosis, but who knows, suddenly the rejection of self -satisfaction can really change your life?!

We have collected reviews from many sources to understand for the better or worst side changes occur after refusing masturbation.

In mid -April 2016, one forum user decided to share his impression and, among other changes, he noticed that it became easier for him to communicate with people.

He practiced masturbation from adolescence and all this time was afraid of public places. How is it difficult to say. For some reason, he experienced a feeling of shame for the manobludism and now the shackles are removed!

On another site, it was possible to find the review of another refusing masturbation. He discovered, a surge of strength, especially creative.

And in general it began to sleep less and work more productively. Many people expressed their consent, either in confirmation, or thus declared the desire to repeat the success of the author.

Almost all men after refusing self -satisfaction noted an improvement in the mood and quality of sleep. The pictures have become brighter and in life there are more positive. All bad things are not noticed.

It is worth saying that these are men who do not have a permanent partner, and many do not have sex at all.

That is, they simply masturbated and everything. In this case, an obviously good choice would be a rejection of the habit. It is certainly better to spend strength on the search for a lady of the heart.

Psychologists distinguish the features of masturbation. Usually these are weak people who are not able to get to know living and related to women, as objects for sex and nothing more.

This is far from all masturbation, but only about those who have no proximity to women. Suppose mutual masturbation allows partners to get to know each other better and strengthen trusting relationships.

Masturbation before sexual intercourse allows you to extend it, and during periods of the absence of a partner, survive separation.

But with a long absence of a partner, masturbation makes a person notorious, limited, focused on sex.

In this case, the refusal of masturbation can lead to new acquaintances with girls, since a person will switch his attention to communication with the opposite sex, and not for self -satisfaction.

Thinking of people who often engage in masturbation is excessively selfish. One of the most popular articles on our blog was just about how to make a blowjob to yourself. Men are looking for an alternative to girls in everything, even in this.

Thinking about yourself is very useful, but to think only about yourself, smacks of deviations. Masturbation is an opportunity not to waste strength and time, to enjoy simply and quickly, not to manifest yourself, not to declare yourself.

Still people are not rarely experienced in self -development. Failures in business. Consequently, the rejection of handwriting will make it possible to change the views of life and rebuild it until it is too late.

Frequent masturbation worsens sperm quality. Spermatozoa simply do not have time to develop normally due to too frequent ejaculation.

As a result, the quality of sperm in general falls and the process of the formation of male germ cells is disturbed.

This is unlikely to lead to infertility. But still there is little good and there is a chance that you have to forget about sex.

From this we can conclude that the refusal of masturbation increases the chances of fertilization at times, so many married couples recommend abstinence. Here we are talking about temporary restrictions.

Refusal of masturbation greatly reduces the chance of developing prostate cancer and prostatitis. It’s all about the frequent mechanical irritation of the genital organs.

It is important to think about the opposite effect. Stagnation of prostatitis occurs due to the lack of ejaculation for a long time-urologists from all over the world come to this conclusion.

Consequences in the absence of a sexual partner Masturbation is necessary, but not more often 1-2 times a week. We wrote about this in the article “Whether masturbation helps with prostatitis”.


In general, a temporary refusal is unambiguously useful. There are many conflicting opinions about the lifelong taboo on the handicraft and no one knows an unequivocal answer.

Read about it in the article “Why is the handwriting is considered a sin”. Although it is obvious here is what – ideally, you need to have regular sexual contacts with a partner, and occasionally to release pairs unnecessary. The main measure!

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