MethoduralBaration methods for men – 16 techniques

Metourbus methods for men.

Masturbating is not only to move back and forth and pull, isn’t it a friend? There are many more methods of masturbation than only reciprocating and pulling movements. In numerous experiments with their member, men have discovered so many ways and techniques of masturbation of a member that they cannot be counted or described. Their brief review is given below, from the main to “not quite basic”.

Main techniques of masturbation with hands

There are four elementary technology of masturbation with your hand:

  • Fist – For masturbation with a fist, take the dick in the hand, so that the knuckles of the fingers are in the direction from your body.
  • Palm forward – Masturbation with a palm forward – this is the opposite, when the fingers cover the member so that the thumb is directed down, and its joints – to the body.
  • Capture with fingers – Masturbation with finger capture is when the member covers three or four fingers, while the thumb is below, and two more or three fingers at the top of the penis, t. e, when you hold a member like a thick pencil or like two halves of a broken cigarette (but this is not a cigarette!)))))))))
  • Sign “O’Kay” – During masturbation, the sign “O’Kay” is captured by a ring formed by the thumb and forefinger, while the other three fingers are straightened out or relaxed – so that the hand depicts the “O’Kay” sign.

Hand movements

The standard movement during masturbation is the reciprocating or sliding movement of the hand up and down along the barrel and the head of the penis. It can be used for all four methods of hand masturbation. To achieve intensive or gradual stimulation, you can change the speed and power of pressure. Random coverage of the head with fingers or its slipping out of them is also very pleasant.

In addition to reciprocating, pulling or sliding movements, many men like other movements. By­Try to cover the penis with your hand and swing it up and down at different angles. This can cause a very pleasant sensation on the head. In addition to changing the position of the hand from the base to the head of the penis, you can also change the direction of movement.

“Weaving basket”

Cover the member with your widened hands so that the ends of the fingers are turned towards your body, and their joints are outward. Move up and down on the trunk and head with woven hands, making rotational movements. This method can be a pleasant transition from simple movements up and down along the barrel of a member.


Performed only in the direction from the base to the head. Cover the member in one of the four ways of coverage and, moving any of the main types of movements from the base of the penis to the head, alternate your hands. For example, start with the left hand, and when it is at the end of the penis, cover the base of the penis with your right hand and move in the same direction from the bottom. Constantly make rotational movements with different speeds I pressure. This is the original way of “tug of war”.

“Descent of the rope”

It is performed with one hand. Cover the member at the base of the fist. Sliding motion move up the barrel. Having reached the end of the penis, turn your palm so that you get the grip with your palm forward, and slide your hand down the barrel. Repeat the movements, alternately turning the palm inward or out. As a result of a variety of stimulation in this way, a strong orgasm is achieved.

Friction with a palm

Take the barrel of the penis with one hand and trite the head and the barrel on the surface of the palm of the other hand. This method creates amazing stimulation, especially for the head.

Fingers stimulation

For slower masturbation and longer orgasm, take a very gently one hand at the barrel of the penis. Cover the head with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand. Slowly and rhythmically squeeze the head. Try to restrain the desire to move your hand holding a member up and down on the barrel. If you stand out a small amount of pre -ejaculation, lubricate it with the thumb and index fingers surrounding the head. From time to time you can cover the head with the fingers of both hands. Do not move your hand up and down on the barrel, despite the desire to do it. As a result, you will experience a prolonged periorgastic state, followed by a strong and long orgasm.

Stimulation of the skin with a skin

Performed by one or two hands. The method consists in the friction of a stretched skin eyebrow between the thumb and forefinger up and down along the barrel of the penis. This can simply be done by moving up and down either a strain of one hand, or closed with unnecessary membranes of two hands. Reciprocating movements can be alternated with rotational.

How to take your left hand?

Many men have a scrotum and testicles are just as sensitive as a member, or even more. Masturbating a member with one hand, at the same time you can massage, rub, tickle and pull the scrotum with the other hand. If you like to hold the scrotum by the lower part, stretch the second hand on the other side directly above the hand, which is on your cock, and so you will reach the scrotum from above. This will create a feeling and visibility of what someone else plays with your scrotum. The more you experiment, the more accurately you can determine which movements and pressure enhance your excitement and orgasms.

If you wish, you can always use the second hand as an “assistant” (right or left, depending on the circumstances). You can put one hand on the head of the penis, and the other on its base and move your hands in the same or in opposite directions either synchronously or at different pace.

Body poses during masturbation

Poses also affect the methods of masturbation for men. Most men like to masturbate sitting or lying in their knees standing or squatting good access to genitals and muscle tension is created, which can enhance the orgasm. Squatting position provides access by two hands in front and behind and allows you, moving your hand up and down, push the member out of the hand.

On the side

Lying on the side and pressing your knees to your stomach, you can take your hand with your hand and, moving the upper leg up and down, stimulate the barrel. In addition, you can stretch your legs straight and move the top leg from side to side. At the same time, your cock will slowly enter your hand and get out of it.

With the help of the abdomen

Lubricate your dick and stomach from the navel to the pubic area (to pubic hair). Place the thumb on the base of the head of your penis so that the joints are turned away from your body, and move it from side to side. Your cock will move from side to side with a delightful sensation with sliding friction on the stomach.

Pose “Front”

Lie on your side and take your hand with your palm. Peres­Return to your stomach and take a hand at the mattress. “Come in” in your hand. This imitates sexual intercourse to some extent, since you move your hips, not with your hand.

The effect of temperature

To enhance the erection and excitement, different methods of masturbation are characterized by the use of heat. This can be done by heating some accessory, such as a condom, a plastic bag for sandwiches or gloves, placing it in a microwave (only for a few seconds!), a vessel with hot water or on a heating pad. Additional heat will enhance the stimulating sensation.

You can also use a hair dryer by directing a stream of warm air to a member and a scrotum, masturbating with the other hand. Remember that if you use water -based lubricants, the hair dryer will dry your lubricant very quickly and you will have to resume it often.

To get completely new sensations, try placing an ice cube or a cold bag on your scrotum or on a crotch near the scrotum immediately after ejaculation. This will get a stunning orgasm.

Water sports

Also, some techniques of masturbation for men use water. Shower heads exist not only for women. With their help, men can get the same pleasure. Take a hand shower, turn on the shower, direct the stream on the genitals and drive it around the base of the penis, head and scrotum. If you are not cut, play a stream of water under your foreskin. The scrotum and head should be treated gently, since these areas are very sensitive to exposure. Experiment with the temperature of the water, and if you have a shower head with a variable force of jet, use all its capabilities.

Artificial vagina

There are many ways of masturbation by simulating sensations of vaginal sexual intercourse. You can create an artificial vagina with your hands, entering the fist of one hand in the head and moving the upper and down on the member of the other hand, but if you are attracted to more interesting options, you can try some of them.


Take the cond and fill it abundantly with grease (in this case, you can not worry about the fact that the cond can slip and this will lead to an unexpected pregnancy or STD!). Put the unnecessary condom tightly to the head of the penis and squeeze the tip so that the lubricant flows along the barrel. Dismate it. You can double the friction effect by putting on a member not lubricated by a condom, and then grease it and put on top of another. Move up and down on the barrel and head, applying any position of your hand capture, and the friction between the two condoms will cause a gradually increasing strong excitement, which will ultimately lead to a bright, long orgasm.
During masturbation to create a roughness effect, you can also use rubber gloves. Wearing rubber gloves (sold in pharmacies) on one or two hands and lubricating their outer surface, you can create sensations of weak or severe friction, depending on the size of the gloves, during masturbation of a member and scrotum, depending on the size. In dense gloves you will get a delicate sensation, and free gloves form folds of rubber, which enhance the stimulation of the penis when the arm moves up and down.


Take a plastic bag (and not a plastic household bag) and apply a lubricant from all its sides. You can either put this improvised “condom” on a member, or place a package between the mattress and the back of the bed and, kneeling, move the member of the back and forth in it, as in the vagina.


You can imitate a variety of vagina with pillows. Combine two pillows and place your dick in a hollow between them. Having taken the starting position, manipulate with pillows, shifting them at different corners and folding them so that with every push of the penis you do not fall on the mattress. Here you have the “pillow” vagina!


In addition to a comedy with apple pie, you can “pamper” yourself with such fantastic fruits as oranges and bananas. Cut the hole in the orange, and it will become a delightful stimulator for the head of the penis when you move the orange up and down along the barrel. You probably want to take the orange with the other hand, and everything around will smell like an orange, so this is not suitable for everyone.

The most popular fruit for masturbation is a banana, but not as a phallus imitator, but in terms of its peel in the form of a phallus. Clean the banana and, eating (or throwing it out), put the peel on the penis. Move the peel up and down along the barrel of the penis. The inside of the peel will provide you with a lubricant and an incomparable sensation.


Men often do not imagine how the vibrator can be used for themselves, t. To. They consider it exclusively by the privilege of women. However, vibrators are as effective for men as for women. If you rub the shower (or manual) vibrator on the barrel and the head of the penis, you will receive unusually strong orgasms. In good sex shops there are special vibrators for men, however, if you do not have money at all, even an electric toothbrush is suitable for this purpose! (Although we add that after that you should think twice before using it again in your mouth, and that such sensations are not for everyone.))))))))))))


Akkujak is a adaptation for masturbation, which is a member cover that produces delicate “sucking” movements on the head and barrel. There are models with the nozzle “Buddy” (“friend”) that allow two men to masturbate simultaneously. Other models have a nozzle in the form of a dildo (artificial member), so that a woman and a man can masturbate simultaneously.

Anal masturbation for men

Not everyone, but many people like such a non -standard way of masturbation – masturbation of the anal canal. If you are a beginner in this (and even if not), you have a good opportunity to start.

Knee and tape the anus with one hand. With the other hand, gently take the head of the penis. Start easily rubbed the anus with rotational, vertical or horizontal movements (or in any combination that you like), and then begin to caress the member. You will feel increasing sexual arousal throughout the body. If you do this for the first time, you can feel a very strong sexual arousal and stop. This is wonderful. If not, continue further: enter your finger (fingers) into your anus and make massage movements. You can repeat these movements with the second hand on your cock, until you feel an explosive orgasm with your whole body.
For some men, for additional stimulation of their anus and crotch, they like to use the vibrator. If you use the vibrator, introducing it into the anus, reliably hold the vibrator with your hand. Sometimes anal canal after entering a or­Bo item is able to create a suction effort, and you are unlikely to like a humiliating visit to the doctor to extract a similar subject from the anus.))))))

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