Masturbation with a pillow for girls and guys: instructions, explanation, best ways

Pillow Masturbation: Instructions for guys and girls.

Masturbation (masturbation, jerking off, Ipsation, malakia) is an independent stimulation of the genital organs and erogenous zones in order to obtain pleasure and orgasm. Both men and women are engaged in self -satisfaction, and not only familiar techniques, but also atypical methods, are practiced, one of which is masturbation with a pillow. How to enjoy with only one pillow, how to make a man and a woman correctly, what precautions to observe can be learned from the article below.

Masturbation with a pillow for girls and guys: instructions, explanation, best ways

Precautionary measures

The main way to stimulate the genitals with a pillow is friction, that is, a mechanical effect. For such practices to be safe and pleasant, they adhere to several precautions:

  • friction should be moderate so that there is no unpleasant sensations and pain;
  • The fabric of the pillow should be soft and natural, otherwise there are risks that the delicate skin of the genitals will be annoyed to irritation;
  • It is important to ensure that feathers do not peek out of the pillow, otherwise they can injure the skin;
  • The degree of exposure should be moderate and increasing as excitement increases;
  • you can not make sharp shocks and jerks so that there are no bruises and fractures.

If, after such a atypical method of masturbation, skin irritation is observed, it is important to use soothing healing drugs, and then abandon such experiments. In extreme cases, you can wear a condom on a member, find a pillow with a soft texture and natural materials.

Masturbation with a pillow for guys

Soft and air cushion can be an excellent alternative to a masturbator for a man. Before using it for such an atypical purpose, a man needs to prepare – create a solitary calm atmosphere, relax, get excited, tune in to sexual experiments. After that, you can try the following techniques:

  1. Above. On the bed you need to put the pillow folded in half, crush it on top with your hips, resting on an erect member. In a missionary pose, a man lies on top of the pillow, imitating frictions, makes tremors a member of a pillow.
  2. Standing. A man stands, holds a pillow in his hands, double. Then he promotes the penis into the space between the two sides of the pillow, with his hands clamping as much as possible. In this position, you can move the hips and buttocks, as if pushing the phallus into the pillow or put it on the barrel with the help.
  3. Friction. A man in any position puts a member to the pillow, presses his hand with his palm and begins to move forward and forth. As excited and pleasant sensations from contact with the cloth, you can accelerate the pace and tighten the organ with your hand in the pillow.
  4. Sitting. A man puts a pillow on a sofa or bed, then sits on it so that a member is located a head towards the anus. Having clamping it in this position, you can move the hips back and forth, while the member will be rubbed against the soft tissue of the pillow.

To strengthen the pleasant sensations from games with a pillow, you can experiment with different tissue textures. For example, place six or any villous fabric on top to experience new emotions from tactile contact. In parallel with the described techniques, you can introduce balls or vibrator into the anus, this will enhance the sensitivity of erogenous zones.

A condom with a relief texture is also put on a member, but inside with pimples or antennae, so that during friction with a pillow, enjoy acute sensations.

Methods of masturbation with a pillow for girls

Not every girl has sex toys that allow, as necessary, to get maximum pleasure from masturbation and orgasm. Different improvised means are used as an alternative, including a pillow. Here are some popular jerking techniques with a pillow:

  • above -The girl spreads to the feet to the sides and the genital area sits on the side of the pillow, tightly clamps it between her legs and begins to move her hips back and forth, as if he had sex in the pose of a rider;
  • sideways – lying on the bed on the side, you need to spread your legs, lift one and place a pillow between them, then clamp it with your feet, moving your hips so that you rub the clitoris on the fabric;
  • on the couch -The pillow needs to be put on the armrest of the sofa, and then sit on top and move the hips forward and forth, caressing with this clitoris with your fingers;
  • With a vibrator – on a hard surface, for example, a pillow is placed on the floor, a vibrator on top, and a soft cloth on it, after which they turn on the device and sit on top with genitals;
  • friction -A woman lies on the bed on her back with wide legs, holds a small pillow in her hands and puts it on top of the clitoris, after which she moves it forward and in different directions until an orgasm occurs.

Masturbation with a pillow for girls and guys: instructions, explanation, best ways

To enhance the sensitivity from friction and contact with a pillow, a woman needs to caress the external genital organs and clitoris with her fingers. Also, a good solution would be the introduction of a phalloimitator or anal balls inside the vagina, so that imitating sex, muscle contraction and friction clitoris will quickly lead to a powerful orgasm.

Other options

In addition to the pillow, you can use various other improvised means and household items, but within the rational. It is clear that hard, sharp, heavy objects increase the risks of injuries, but the following ideas will definitely help to diversify masturbation:

  • water jet – they lie in the bath with genitals opposite the tap, turn on water, changing the pressure and temperature, or act on the genitals from the shower sprayer with water;
  • furniture – You can sit on the edge of the sofa, the handle of the chair, and then rub on furniture by genitals until those, until it provokes an orgasm;
  • washing machine – In the spin regime, it gives vibration, imitating the work of the vibrator, so you can lean the genitals, changing the degree of pressure;
  • towel – It is twisted with a roll, after which the man pushes the penis inside, and the girl clamps between her legs, moving on top, like a rider on a partner’s member;
  • Beads -Soft balls can be driven up and down along the genitals, gradually increasing pressure on the most sensitive zones, and it will be especially pleasant if you drive the beads between the clamped buttocks.

Masturbation with a pillow for girls and guys: instructions, explanation, best ways

What items can be used during masturbation – the question is purely individual, it all depends on sexual imagination and the degree of emancipation of each person. Interesting and unusual sensations can be tested if you use the pillow on the above techniques. You can also diversify sexual experiments with other improvised means.

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