Masturbation at work: pros and cons | Informative

Masturbation at work: pros and cons of.

Masturbation at work: pros and cons | Informative
Masturbation has long ceased to be something forbidden. For most male, this is a common manifestation of sexuality. But is it worth doing at work? Why some people excite this process in the office more than at home? According to statistics, men masturbate much more often than ladies, so it is not surprising that they are engaged in this in any suitable place. Work is no exception to the rules. You should not complex on this subject, because this lesson has its pros and cons that everyone needs to know about.

Pluses of masturbation at work

  • 1.Work is an activity that leads to emotional and physical stress, even if it is not too heavy. To relax and somehow remove all the negativity from yourself after a hard working day, some men resort to masturbation. In the middle of the day, many have a break that can be used for the benefit of their body. With the help of one orgasm during work, a man will be able to spend the rest of the day easier, as well as return home in a good mood.
  • 2.Masturbation at work allows a man to get New sexual sensations, After all, this is a non -standard atmosphere. The severity and intensity of emotions during this lesson at the workplace is simply amazing. Some men are specially engaged in self -satisfaction at work to improve their sexual indicators in a home environment. With the help of such training, you can find out your body well, and learn to control excitement and ejaculation.
  • 3.With the help of masturbation, you can keep male health for many years. So that some doctors do not say there, masturbation helps to cope with stagnation in the seed tuburation, which is a good prevention from some diseases of the reproductive system. In addition, light masturbation helps maintain male health for many years. Studies have shown that such an exercise reduces the risk of egg cancer in men.
  • 4.Masturbation at work helps a person Remove stress and tune in to do things. That is, in a simple language we can say that the performance of a man rises several times. In addition, by obtaining sexual pleasure, married couples are maintained alone, because otherwise men would need the services of women of easy behavior.

Masturbation at work: pros and cons | Informative

Cons of masturbation at the workplace

This case also has its drawbacks. It is worth considering them for any sexual actions at work.

  • 1. At the workplace, besides you, there are other people called colleagues. If they suspect something wrong or even worse Crouching for masturbation, then this will not lead to anything good. Surely, the opinion of you will deteriorate that it will affect further career growth. Although many colleagues are also engaged in masturbation, most of them never admit this. The worst option is that a boss, who is unlikely to be happy with your deeds, can stand you. That is why it is important to engage in masturbation only in those places where there is no large accumulation of people. It is better to do it in the toilet.
  • 2.Excessive masturbation can lead to worsening sperm quality. As a result, this will affect the quality of intimate life. Therefore, it is important to follow the schedule, and not masturbate more often several times a week. This must be done for emotional discharge, but not turn masturbation into a cult of your life in any way.
  • 3. Bright experiences from masturbation, especially related to the release of adrenaline, for example, an experiment in a place where they can get caught is more interesting than ordinary sex with a woman. And this can lead to decrease in the proximity in the family. If I will give this lady, this is good, but if she lacks sexual contacts, problems will begin.

As you can see, you can masturbate at work, and in some cases you need. However, we recommend that you be attentive, because such an activity in excessive quantities can lead to your health, and colleagues and bosses will also be able to catch you, which in general will radically affect your life and career growth.

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