Masturbation at home – how best

Female masturbation at home.

There are lucky ones who have a good margin of sex toys. At the same time, they are always at hand, rarely fail or simply fully satisfy physical needs. However, what to do for those who do not have such a “rear”, and the desire is so much? About what and how best to masturbate at home, we will tell in our article.

Masturbation at home – how best

Masturbation at home for girls

Before we describe the list of improvised means that can be used to satisfy our needs, we will start with common sense. Pleasure is, of course, good, but in everything there is a limit and in such a delicate matter it must be observed. So, what you need to follow if you have chosen masturbation at home:

  1. Before masturbation, make sure that the subject you have chosen will not harm your vagina and will not cause injuries. To, example, a bad idea will be from under the perfume, since glass can crack, the back of the banana is not suitable, since the tail is rough and can scratch the walls, also forget those products made of wood, as you risk bringing the splinter. It is better to take a plastic, smooth surface.
  2. Choose whole items that do not crumble in the process. An example will be a varnish or spray bottle when the lid can fall off. This is especially dangerous for anal masturbation, since the gut has no end and there is a risk that only doctors will help you.
  3. Nobody canceled hygiene. Despite the fact that your “partner” is clearly not seen in random sexual relations, the condom is still better to use. So it will be most reliable, because bacteria remain everywhere, and you can miss something with soap.
  4. Forget about vegetables. During the thoughts of home masturbation, the first thing and green cucumber comes to mind, but its reliability is not so high. He may not reach the “finale”, and along the way, the condom will also be alienated, in general, not pleasure, but real trouble.
  5. Compare the desired and real. Here, more precisely, I must say that you need to look at the situation adequately and really evaluate your capabilities. Of course, a baseball bat can seduce no worse than an American basketball player, but its entry can become real flour and it is not known how it all ends. However, if the desire is so great, then just rub ..

Masturbation at home – how best

Masturbation by improvised means

  • Spoon. It seems that you do not expect, but it happens in masturbation, the most simple thing is the most effective. But here we will immediately make a reservation that not all types of masturbation will be available to this cutlery. The spoon will become useful with clitoris stimulation, that is, it is not necessary to shove it in the vagina: it is enough to press to the sensitive point and start massaging. For the proper effect, apply a lubricant and make sure that it is not cold, otherwise you will not find out how nice it is to masturbate.
  • An electric toothbrush. In my opinion, when an electric toothbrush was first represented in the world, many girls around the world mysteriously smiled. After all, this is a direct analogy with a traditional vibrator from a sex shop.  Before use, be sure to remove the brush itself and make sure that the vibration is not strong for you, otherwise just harm yourself. Other vibrating massagers and t are naturally suitable.P. The main thing is to remember that this is an electrical appliance and do not use it next to the water.
  • Shower. Classic, but tribute must be given. The shower nozzle gave a lot of pleasant moments to women in the process of masturbation at home, so it must be included in the list of the best types of masturbation. If you still have it and functional, it regulates the flow and pressure, then this is generally super. With such masturbation with water, remember that the stream must be directed to the labia and clitoris, and not directly inside, otherwise you will bring something. After that, be sure to go to the toilet to “cleanse”.
  • Pillow. The pillow is suitable for light and delicate masturbation by improvised means, and at the same time not for the lazy, because you will have to move. To do this, click the pillow between the hips and roll over to the side, then begin to move at the right one, for you pace. A big plus of the pillow is that it is able to take any shape.
  • Washing machine. Each housewife has, so it will become useful for masturbation at home. If you look at it from the other side, then this is a big vibrator. So just sit on it, turn on the drying mode and enjoy. The main thing is to lay something under the buttocks, otherwise you risk falling at the most inopportune moment. In addition to the fact that it will be pleasant, things are evened around.

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