Interesting methods of masturbation

Interesting methods of masturbation.

Standard movement during masturbation – This is the sliding movement of the hand up and down on the trunk and the head of the penis and you, of course, know from and to! Therefore, today we will consider non -standard methods of masturbation that will give you a new level of pleasure!

1.Stretch. For this method you will need a thick lubricant (if it is not – can be replaced with baby oil), it is necessary to lubricate their head at the connection site with the barrel. Now you can slowly rub the greased area with a stretched area of the skin between the widely spread thumb and forefinger, moving up and down «protrusion» heads. Just do not clamp the head of the member with the other fingers, otherwise the effect will be completely different. The slower the movement, the better the result.

2. One side. Stimulate the member only from the part of the bridle. You will be very much like to stroke him and on the other hand. As soon as you feel the approach of an orgasm, click your fist. Pleasure can be so intense that an orgasm will not make itself wait.

3. Twisting the rope. Take a member as you want, and move only from the bottom up, alternating your hands. For example, start with the right hand and when it is at the end of the penis – then immediately take the member of the left and continue to move from the base of the penis to the head, making rotational movements with different pressure.

4. Skin stimulation with a membrane. The essence lies in the friction of the stretched skin eyebrow between the thumb and forefinger up and down along the barrel of the penis. Just move up-down either a strain with one hand, or closed with two hands. Alternate reciprocating movements with rotational.

5. Artificial vagina. Masturbation using these devices is as close as possible to real sex, even materials are almost no different from the skin and mucous membrane of the female vagina. Just apply a lubricant inside and on a member (or condom), and then just enjoy this original sex!

Interesting methods of masturbation

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