How to stop jerking off if it is a dependence

How to stop constantly jerking off and what is harmful?.

Masturbation is a common phenomenon to which almost all men resort to, and most of the women resort. Most often there is nothing like that, since masturbation allows you to relieve the physical and emotional stress that occurs during abstinence. However, in some cases, a dependence may develop, which will negatively affect everyday and intimate life, so the question becomes relevant how to stop jerking off. Refusing a bad habit is not so simple, but still it is quite real.

How to stop jerking off if it is a dependence

Masturbation as a norm of sexual behavior

During the development of the child, masturbation is considered the norm, since it is the only means of suppressing sexual desire.  Even at an early age of 2-6 years in the body, violent hormonal changes occur, which can lead to masturbation. In the adolescence, these changes reach the peak, since puberty occurs.

Since adolescents and younger generation have no experience in relationships, they often resort to self -satisfaction. The regularity of masturbation is an individual indicator, it all depends on the physiological and mental characteristics.

. Sometimes even if there is a permanent partner, rare outbreaks of self -satisfaction can occur, but this, as a rule, does not affect the quality and benefits of sexual life.

How to stop jerking off if it is a dependence

Thus, there is no talk of dependence on masturbation if such actions occur at an early age or have an episodic character. But if she becomes constant, but I don’t want sex with my wife, then problems may arise.

This is how the usual habit can develop dependence. A person finds a simpler way of sexual discharge, which in the future leads to social alienation. He ceases to see the need for a permanent partner, resorting to self -isolation. Subsequently, left alone, a person subjects himself to constant introspection and self -digging. Mental deviations are gradually beginning to develop, which only a psychotherapist sexologist decides.

Harm of masturbation

How to stop jerking off if it is a dependence

Onanism has its pros and cons of. So, he can develop into a real dependence, which will negatively affect human health. Regular self -satisfaction can cause the following harm:

  • Stress – during masturbation in the body, adrenaline begins to be produced, which accelerates the work of the heart, lungs and other organs. To reduce the amount of this hormone, physical activity is needed, during traditional sex it is present, but with masturbation it is not. As a result, the body is stressed, wearing a heart and blood vessels.
  • Blood metabolism. Hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which are produced under the influence of stress, accelerate fat decay, but at the same time slow down the catabolism of proteins.
  • Neurasthenia. Against the background of constant stress, chronic overexcitation may develop. And against its background, apathy, depression, fatigue, drowsiness, irritation often arise, which subsequently causes neurasthenia.
  • Prostatitis – regular self -satisfaction stimulates a constant flow of blood to the prostate gland, this can provoke inflammatory processes.
  • Malfunctions at the central nervous system – there is a disturbance of sleep, attentiveness and performance. The dependent tries to constantly retire and protect himself from society, this can cause conflicts in the family, with colleagues and friends.

All these negative consequences are an excellent occasion to think about how to stop jerking off a member, because an advanced dependence can significantly worsen the quality of life.

How to stop masturbating and help yourself?

Dependence on self -satisfaction usually develops for a long period, the duration is measured in years. Such enthusiasm does not apply to sexual deviations, but still if a person can no longer control this phenomenon independently, then it is necessary to engage in treatment.

You can contact a specialist – a psychotherapist or sexologist, but you should try and get rid of this dependence yourself. Since such a disease is acquired, it is really possible to fight it yourself. The main thing in this case is to show the willpower and recognize the fact that there is a certain problem.

How to stop jerking off if it is a dependence

In this matter, it is necessary to adhere to a set of recommendations:

  • You can get rid of sports-you can get rid of accumulated sexual tension with the help of jogging, swimming, classes in the sports room;
  • organize a system of rewards-every time you manage to refrain from masturbation, you need to reward yourself with something;
  • To consolidate a negative perception – if you feel the craving for self -satisfaction, you need to prick yourself, pinch or take a cold shower in order to develop a negative attitude, but you should not get carried away, since this can poorly say on sex with a partner;
  • put on dense clothes or words of clothing for sleep – this will complicate access to the genitals;
  • To limit free time – this is especially important in the first period of refusal, you should take yourself as routine tasks, work, household matters so that they replace obsessive thoughts;
  • At the peak moment, experiencing severe traction, you should lie on the floor and squeeze 10-20 times;
  • to limit yourself from the surrounding information-to avoid everything that can cause excitement, including erotic videos, photos, porn stories;
  • to fast – once every 3 months it is useful for a week to refuse meat, fatty foods and alcohol;
  • It is an active social life and spending more time with other people is the right remedy for how to abandon masturbation, because they are usually engaged in alone, but in public such matters cannot be carried away;
  • To come up with a hobby for yourself – sports, drawing, playing musical instruments, composing novels, all this will be able to switch attention and bring emotional satisfaction;
  • To get a regular partner – he will help get rid of the problem and become your life partner.


In order not to become a victim of addiction, you need to fully realize all the harm from masturbation. Such a pernicious habit can complicate both sexual and social life. As preventive measures, it is necessary to use social and physical self -development.

How to stop jerking off if it is a dependence

Parents of adolescents should also take control of access to erotic information, because it can build an incorrect sexual performance in children. However, in everything it is worth knowing the measure, if you accidentally caught a tinier son for self-satisfaction, then do not immediately panic, as if you were caught teenage sex. First you need to talk, because during the period of growing up, such a phenomenon is the norm, most importantly, to prevent the development of pathological dependence.

Thus, masturbation is a natural action that helps relieve tension and maintain an emotional state. Only when it becomes regular, it negatively affects human life.

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