How to diversify masturbation: 24 ways

How to diversify masturbation.

How to diversify masturbation: 24 ways

During puberty, the body produces a whole set of hormones with a frantic pace. This enhances sexual arousal. If there is no partner nearby, people begin to masturbate. Scientists say that 93 % men and 62 % of women gave themselves pleasure at least once in their lives. To enhance sensations, you can diversify masturbation. Let’s tell you how to do it. Let’s give recommendations for each sex.


How to diversify masturbation: 24 ways

Representatives of the strong half of humanity play with their penis much more often girls. Therefore, standard techniques are quickly annoying. I have to look for something new. The main thing is not to forget about safety precautions. IN 2017 year, a resident of Germany from the city of Worms put a member in the pancake hole from the bar. Employees of the local Ministry of Emergencies extracted the organ of the experimenter from the trap 3 hours. Better not to do so.

Key factor for achieving orgasm: maximum voltage of the pubic-butter muscle.

Active movement

You are used to the fact that the hand slides along the erect penis. You can radically change the position. Tightly wrapping around the trunk with palm. We move as if having sex. This can be done lying, sitting and even standing. Stimulation time will increase, but an orgasm will delight with strong sensations. Apparently, this is the matter in psychology. Since ancient times, the guys ended when they entered the vagina of their second halves. So the image has formed that affects the intensity of orgasm.

More lubrication

The most sensitive part of the penis is the head. If you massage it without special means, you can grate thin skin. For the circumference, the traditional method cannot be applied at all for the circumcision procedure. No extreme flesh, everything is open. A lubricant from sex shop will come to the rescue. Better to take on silicone basis. She does not dry out quickly. Planning to save? Suitable shower gel or shampoo.

Less contact

If you want to extend masturbation and enhance the orgasm, you need to reduce the contact. Touching the head directly through panties or shorts. It is desirable that the fabric is more loaded. We rub a member, walking down from top. Then we massage the bridle in circular motions. Over time, a natural lubricant will appear and it will go to the final. To enhance the effect, you can stop a couple of times before the onset of ejaculation.

Imitation of sex

Lay down on the stomach, put a pillow under the chest. Turn on your favorite porno-clip on the smartphone screen. In order not to “moisten” the surface of the sofa, you can put on a condom on a member. We watch a movie, slowly move the pelvis so that the head, as it were, slides along the fabric of our “bed”. Gradually increase the amplitude. Pleasant sensations appear. Their intensity can be adjusted. It remains to end.


We undress and fit on your back. With one hand, wrap the base of the penis. The second palm is pressed to the open head. It is better to use grease. Slowly “grind” the skin with circular movements. Then we move the palm back and forth, left-right. Some 5 minutes and you can expect orgasm. Its intensity will depend on the speed of movements. The slower, the brighter.


If you “pull” the penis on 2-3 once every day, any technique will quickly get bored. This cannot be allowed. Better to take a break. Not to masturbate at least a week. During this time, the psyche will unload, every touch will begin to be perceived in a new way. The period of abstinence can violate a sudden night -clock. So that this does not happen, you should play sports before bedtime.

Double grip

Usually you stimulate the “banana” with one hand. As Kozma Prutkov used, “you can not embrace the immense”. In the best case, only the head will receive the massage. We need the whole member. Therefore, we squeeze it with both palms. You can move your hands. The second option is active masturbation, when the fists remain in one place, and the barrel slides along them with rhythmic movement of the pelvis forward and backward.

Vibration ring

On the shelves of sex shops are full of devices that can diversify masturbation. For example, a vibro -ring. This is a “hoop” of latex, which can be pulled on the base of the penis, or fix the barrel along with the scrotum. The toy has a seat under a vibro-gun. Insert the micro-stimulant and turn it on. The penis trembles with a small tremor, which enhances pleasant sensations.

Upper pressure

We find such a solid surface so that you can put a member on it. Options: kitchen table, armchair armor or sofa. Put the penis on the “pedestal”, press on top with the palm. We begin to move. The stifled barrel rubs on the hand, there is a feeling that we are having sex. By the way, instead of a hand you can use a pillow. Gum does not let furniture.

Unexpected meeting

When you are engaged in masturbation, the brain understands that his person gives pleasure to himself. To remove this reflex, you can make your hand be numb. A simple medical tourniquet or belt is suitable for this. Compress the site below the elbow and wait for the fingers to lose sensitivity. With masturbation, the sensations will appear that the penis is not you. It excites.

Crotch massage

There is a sensitive area between the scrotum and the anus. This is a crotch. If you massage it with a free hand during masturbation, you can get new, vivid feelings. In such a simple way, you stimulate the prostate gland. For this, you don’t even have to put your fingers in the anus. If at the time of ejaculation to squeeze the crotch hard, there is a chance to finish “dry”.

Fake blowjob

When the lips of your beloved woman close the head, pulsation in a member grows to a maximum. But if your girlfriend is not there, you can crank a simple trick. We connect the thumb and index finger in the manner of the ring. Slowly and gently “pull” the ring on the penis. It is advisable to lubricate this matter with a lubricant. Imagine that a chic naked girl makes you blowjob.


How to diversify masturbation: 24 ways

It’s more difficult for girls to get an orgasm than guys. The main condition for the excellent final is the complete “relaxation” and silence in the room. Before the session, you need to tune in the right way. For this, watching sexual and exciting video is suitable. If everything is in order with fantasy, you can do without “cinema”. How to understand that it’s time to start? The vagina should become wet, or better wet. Fails to enjoy? Then the lubricant will help.

In order to finish, you need to relax thoroughly, exclude noise and distracting factors.

Soft vibration

Maximum pleasure can be obtained from clitoral and vaginal orgasm. So take the vibrator and enter the vagina. For example, the left hand moves the phalloimitator inward and outward, and the right massifies the clitoris. With double stimulation, more chances for a powerful finale. Or vice versa, press the tip of the device to the clitoris, and caress the vagina with your fingers.

Rubrika towel

If you like active masturbation, you can do in accordance with our recommendation. Turn the towel with a roller, in the shape of a member. Put it on a chair and cover it with another piece of fabric, preferably smooth. Sit so that the ledge presses to the vagina and slowly move, rubbing the clitoris on an impromptu phallus. Closer to the finale, increase the amplitude of movements.

Jets of waterfall

Dress and lie in a bath with extended legs. Take a shower in your hand and set a comfortable temperature using a mixer. Turn on the water and direct the jets to the clitoris. Launch your favorite sexual imagination in the imagination. If the pressure is weak, unscrew the watering can. Then the elastic stream will begin to stimulate the erogenous zones as much as possible. After a dozen minutes you will get an intense orgasm.

Compressed nipples

The nipples have a large number of nerve endings. Therefore, at the time of strong excitement, every touch to the hillocks sends a powerful impulse to the clitoris. During masturbation, you can massage areola, gently squeeze the nipples with your fingers. If you like the feeling of pressure, clamps from a sex shop will be an ideal option. But they can be replaced with conventional clothespins.


If you like to be on top during sex, you can reproduce sensations, even when there is no partner nearby. The first version will need a dildo. Put it on a solid surface, holding your hand. Stand on top. The second way is to lie on the stomach, press the palm to the vagina. You need to rhythmically move the pelvis without helping with your hand. An orgasm will soon come from active friction.


With direct stimulation of the clitoris, the effect of tickling occurs. This prevents the end. To reduce the degree of sensitivity, draw the tip of the finger around the clitoris without touching it. Stimulation should be minimal, slow. When you feel that you are ready to get discharge, start a direct effect. A similar trick will help to achieve an orgasm in a minimum time.

Double stimulation

Like anal, or have long wanted to try? Make a sprint or put an enema to get rid of excess in the rectum. Massage the vagina with one hand, the second anus. Gently press on a narrow hole, and then enter one finger inside. Just don’t forget about lubrication. Instead of a finger, you can use a vibrator or anal plug. So you get a double effect.

Change of places

Feel the spirit of adventurism, you want a thrill? Then it’s time to get out of a cozy apartment. The possibility that an outsider will notice you. Therefore, you can engage in masturbation in nature: in a dull corner of the park, or right in the car. There are other options: entrance, study. You can do this, sitting on a bench in a wide skirt, hiding behind a sweater or jacket.

Maximum compression

The more contact points with erogenous zones, the better. Lie on your back, cross your legs and squeeze your thigh muscles. In this position, the vagin becomes narrow, you can introduce fingers or toys into it, feeling the hot walls tightly cover the immersed objects. Cliter stimulation will help to quickly achieve discharge. To enhance feelings, you can compress the muscles of the vagina.

Repeat porn

Watching exciting videos helps to feel pleasant waves inside the vagina. But you can enhance the effect of presence. Select a suitable scene, pause the video, get ready and start the video. Exactly repeat what is happening in the frame. Vibrator is suitable for the role of a male member. Move in the same rhythm as the actors. Then you can finish with them.

The broke out of the beads

There are jewelry in the arsenal of many girls. For example, beads. Lubricate them with a lubricant, unbutton and pull them in the manner of strings. Press to the crotch and move so that the beads slide along the anus, clitoris, spread the labia. You can strengthen the pressure. This should be done lying, standing and sitting. Smooth balls are able to give pleasure. The main thing is to choose a suitable pace and pressure level.

Ice cubes

Remove ice from the refrigerator. Take one cube, circle around the navel, draw below, on the pubis, then the clitoris and labia. Fix the ice on the anus, pressing slightly. At this moment, start massaging the clitoris with your free hand, put your fingers into the vagina. So that the cube does not melt quickly, you can put on a glove, or put a “cool” into a condom. Do not keep ice for a long time in one place, there is a risk of hypothermia.

Useful life hacks

How to diversify masturbation: 24 ways

Any sensations can be strengthened. You can diversify masturbation using improvised means. Instead of the phalloimitator, start the banana with a condom, a bottle of shampoo. It is important to remember that in an impromptu device there should not be parts that can turn off and get stuck in anus or vagina. Here is a list of useful tips:

  • Remember security. Suddenly you like games with suffocation or self-bond. You can squeeze the sleepy artery or fall into a difficult position, when the rope does not let you free. Always keep scissors at hand to cut the wagons.
  • Check the holes. A typical case: you decided to insert a member between the back and the sofa seat. What if there is an imperceptibly sticking screw or the end of the spring? I don’t even want to mention the vacuum cleaner with a grinder.
  • Do not restrain yourself. I wanted to play with a booty for a long time? It’s time to do this, because no one will see. People are often clamped, even in fantasies they are afraid to think about the desired practice like fisting or incest. No need to put restrictions.
  • Explore the body. Do not be limited only to stimulation of the genitals. Under the knees, in nipples, around the navel and anus is full of erogenous zones. The more nerve endings you activate during the process, the brighter the orgasm will be.
  • Watch porn. Video with different practices and situations can push on interesting ideas. You may not even suspect that you get excitement from fantasies on the topic of single -sex sex.

Let your secret desires open to the fullest. It is not necessary to devote a partner to your inner world. But if you trust the second half, all the fantasies found during masturbation can be implemented in practice. The main thing is to talk and not be shy of your preferences. Suddenly a man or woman who is next to you has long dreamed of the same.

We gave ideas. At your disposal 12 ways to diversify masturbation for each sex. On their basis, you can come up with something new. Combine ways to get maximum pleasure.

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