How to choose a masturbator: types, features, price, reviews

How to choose a masturbator: types, features, price, reviews.

How to choose a masturbator: types, features, price, reviews

Masturbator — Sex toy for men, helping to relax, relieve sexual tension. It can serve for masturbation, or can complement steam sex, add variety to it. There are hundreds of interesting models how to figure it out? Simple tips — how to choose a masturbator, what to pay attention to when buying.
Types of masturbators

Masturbator — This is a device for sexual pleasure. This is always a kind of cavity with a special relief where the penis is immersed for stimulation. Move his hand to enjoy or a special mechanism that itself makes massive movements is involved inside. There are several types of masturbators, you should figure it out before buying.

How to choose a masturbator: types, features, price, reviews

Masturbators for men who perfectly repeat the human body are called realistic. main feature — material that is very similar to human skin. It is soft to the touch, but elastic. Not cold and easily stretched. When adding a lubricant, it is almost impossible to distinguish from a mouth or vagina. In form, realistic stimulants for men are divided into 3 types:

  • Vagins. Ideal copy of a woman’s bosom. Inside the curved tunnel with ledges with cavities and ribs. With penetration, an imitation of vaginal sex occurs. The depth can be different, sometimes there is a feeling of stops in something soft, complete imitation of a deep immersion.
  • Butt. A copy of the anus. The tunnel is narrow, there is a feeling of its stretching in width when the penis is introduced. The material is more elastic, stimulation is more intense in the entire length.
  • Mouths. Use resembles oral affection. With the help of pressure control inside, you can even get the effect of sucking. The tunnel is wide, the drawing is different over the entire length.

Which masturbator to choose? Depends on personal preferences. It is sometimes more convenient to take a model with two or three holes so that you can alternate the sensations.

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