Female masturbation: 10 ways to give yourself pleasure

Female masturbation: 10 ways to give yourself pleasure.

Female masturbation: 10 ways to give yourself pleasure

«Nobody knows your body better than you yourself», – Surely heard this phrase? And she is true, because it really is. Explore your body, find out the reaction – quite natural desire for every woman. Yes, today we’ll talk about female masturbation.

To begin with the fact that female masturbation is of two types – Adaptive and maladaptive. Adaptive masturbation implies the simulation of the vagina and clitoris, which can be repeated and together with the partner.

For example, circular movements in the vagina, stroking the clitoris, pressing, kneading and so on.

With male masturbation, third -party objects are used.

Female masturbation: 10 ways to give yourself pleasure

Get lost on the edge of the table or the back of the chair, pound on the chair, work with the inner muscles, and use souls for self -satisfaction – All this falls under the category of maladaptive masturbation.

There are many ways to give yourself pleasure. Lovestyle has collected 10 methods for you, among which you will definitely find a lot of interesting and pleasant!

  1. Friction

Female masturbation: 10 ways to give yourself pleasure

The easiest way of masturbation – rub the clitoris with two (or more) fingers. If necessary, you can moisturize your fingers with saliva, oil, lubrication or cream. Only it is better to take a delicate cream that does not irritate the mucous membrane. Pirking the clitoris in a circle or up and down (who like it more) with your fingers).

  1. Vibro-Mastery

Organize masturbation with vibration in several ways. First: first you will need to go into an intimate bud and buy one or even several phalluses with vibro-function, and then according to the script. Second: use improvised tools such. Some creators manage to give themselves pleasure even through acoustic columns, directing sound vibrations to the most sensitive zones of their body.

  1. Water procedures

Female masturbation: 10 ways to give yourself pleasure

Experienced women appreciated all the advantages of water masturbation. Someone buys special massage shower nozzles, allowing you to adjust the quantity and pressure of water jets, someone is satisfied with the standard nozzle, someone has completely adapted to move under the tap stream, lying or sitting in the bath. Such masturbation is especially good because you can calmly receive pleasure, even if you are not one at home.

  1. Combination

Try combining movements – to caress the clitoris with one hand with one hand, and the fingers of the other – enter inside and just keep them there or move them smoothly. It turns out imitation of easy sex, the waves of pleasure from which they roll smoothly and gently.

  1. Numbness technique

This practice is popular in men. Everything is very simple – Sit on the hand that you are used to masturbating, and sit on it for 15-20 minutes. When numbness occurs in your hand, do not waste time and start to caress yourself – The feeling will create that you are not touching yourself, but someone else!

  1. bring to Front

Female masturbation: 10 ways to give yourself pleasure

The technique may not be suitable for everyone, but it is worth trying. With your left hand, press the labia to each other so that the clitoris pees out and play with it with the finger of the right hand.

  1. «The light is my mirror…»

Why watch porn when you can look at yourself! Sit comfortably near a large mirror (the wardrobe is perfect) and just caress yourself as you want. And, of course, do not forget to watch your reflection in the mirror. Many ladies are very exciting to look at himself, especially in such piquant moments.

  1. Organics

Female masturbation: 10 ways to give yourself pleasure

It implies the use of vegetables and fruits in which a female perverted brain guesses a phallic shape: cucumbers, bananas, carrots… By the way, if you decide on this, you should take care of hygiene – put on organic «penis» condom.

  1. Improvised means

Female masturbation: 10 ways to give yourself pleasure

What only women do not use in pursuit of pleasure… However, there is nothing wrong with this, the main thing – do not forget about security. Used ball deodorants can be used, a comb with a handle resembling a phallus, cream, shampoo, gel bottles, shampoo, gel… The choice is practically not limited.

  1. Hips

Not all women were lucky to such an extent as to be able to receive an orgasm, just squeezing their hips for some time. However, there are such lucky ones, and they can do such tricks even in public places. This technique should try everyone – If you do not reach orgasm, then a long trip in transport or a working day, accurately brighten up. Squeeze the hips, trite them about each other, thereby stimulating our lump of pleasure – clitoris.

By the way, there is even training for those who want to achieve success in this practice. Try to squeeze the hips together when the orgasm during masturbation.

Over time, you can trust your hips to bring you to orgasm without the help of hands – Remove your hands at the moment you feel the approach to the peak, and squeeze the hips so that these movements become a final bar.

Learn yourself, recognize your body, do not hesitate to talk about your erogenous areas and preferences to the partner!

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