7 new ideas for masturbation for every day

7 new ideas for masturbation for every day.

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a real expert in matters of masturbation, or only discovering new opportunities for yourself – you can easily slide into the routine. At the same time, the solo game becomes something daily and even ordinary. And it’s just awful.

Modern studies say that today women learn to get more and more pleasure from sex and masturbation. There are more teaching materials, the quality and functionality of sex toys is constantly growing, and the society itself is becoming more and more open for discussion on how to learn how to enjoy sex!

The more and better you learn your own body, the greater the number of ways you can give him pleasure. And masturbation is suitable for this, like nothing else. The most important advantage of solo games is your complete concentration exclusively on your own impressions! No, no one claims that self -satisfaction can and should completely replace sex with a partner – these are two different ways to enjoy, and neglect at least one of them in any case.

7 new ideas for masturbation for every day

Experiments and practice. Here is your motto next week!

Monday: New toy

Let your favorite vibrator have a little rest today. Test a new toy! Today, manufacturers of intimate accessories produce increasingly narrowly specialized products, the task of which is to affect a particular erogenous zone as purposefully as possible. Get yourself a virtual (or real) tour of a large adult store – maybe you will discover something new for yourself.

Tuesday: temperature games

You previously introduced diversity into your sensual experiments by changing heat and cold? Right now. Heat your favorite toy before use to a comfortable temperature with warm water or cool it in the freezer – instead of the usual (albeit pleasant) sensations, you will get a new very unusual experience! You can also use an ice cube or warm oil from a massage candle.

Wednesday: Water procedures

If you usually masturbate in the bedroom on the bed – today you will find a shower and a bath! The jets of warm water will effectively help to relax, significantly improve blood flow, which in turn will make the entire surface of your body much (much) more susceptible to external exposure! The main thing is to pay attention to the fact that the toy is marked with the designation Waterproof (waterproof).

Thursday: New discoveries

Is all erogenous zones involved in your games? Yes, the clitoris, the vagina and, perhaps, the point G receives their portion of attention. But so many sensitive zones are not in demand! Chest, nipples, crotch, anus, inner thighs… Use the vibrator for the whole body, such as WAND to find out as much as possible about how this or that part of your body reacts to the touch of smooth velicized silicone vibrating head of the massager. You will be surprised by the results!

Friday: evening from cinema

Everything that can help you tune in to the right mood and additionally excited is always useful! Combine a masturbation session with watching porn or read erotic literature – such emotional stimulation, contrary to common opinion, excites not only men, but also no less women. More excitement is more likelihood not only to achieve orgasm, but also to make it much more vivid and intense!

Saturday: Day G

A few centimeters from the entrance to the vagina on its front wall is an amazing sensitive point G, the effect on which leads to incredibly pleasant sensations! This is how those lucky ones describe their impressions who managed to discover her. Devote today to join their number! Use special toys with an anatomical bend and a flexible barrel designed to stimulate this particular vaginal zone to compare your sensations with the described above.

Sunday: Anal Games

The thought of sexual anal experiments has long excitedly acting on you, but you could not decide to try? Do it today! And yes, you can repeat once again and again, masturbation is the best way to try something new. Only you participate in this game, you are focused exclusively on yourself, there is no one nearby whose presence could confuse or distract from a new sensual experience! So, dare, discover new sexual horizons for yourself – in any case, you will only acquire and not lose anything!

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