13 types of male masturbation

Types of male masturbation: just about the complex.

13 types of male masturbation

How much humanity exists, there is so much masturbation. At different times, there was a different attitude towards her. Until the middle of the 20th century, society was negative to it. Religious figures argued that masturbation is a vice, a sinful occupation, and doctors considered it a physical and mental illness.

In the XXI century, people’s thinking expanded: they changed the view of the nature of human sexuality. Today, masturbation is not considered something shameful and even more so sinful. Self -satisfaction is an absolutely natural action.

Now on the network there are gigabytes of information on the topic of sex. In almost every city there are adult shops. They sell all kinds of devices that allow diversifying an intimate life. It was in connection with such openness that various types of male masturbation appeared.

5 reasons why a man should masturbate


13 types of male masturbation

There is a lot of stress in the modern world. It accumulates, does not go out and destroys mental and physical health. To release steam, just sit down, relax and appease yourself – as you like only you like.

Improving sleep

13 types of male masturbation

Endorphins that are produced after orgasm relax the body and provide a deep sleep.


13 types of male masturbation

No need to worry about the consequences of the night of love. You do not need to use condoms. Only your hands and knowledge of several techniques of masturbation are required.

Getting rid of depression

13 types of male masturbation

After orgasm, hormones of happiness are produced. They affect certain areas of the brain, raising the mood and getting rid of depression. No need to look for a partner to develop these hormones. It’s easy to masturbate from time to time.

Maintaining sexual health

13 types of male masturbation

Regular masturbation ensures the correct operation of the prostate. Seed liquid comes out of it during ejaculation. If a man does not have sex for a long time, bacteria can multiply in his seed fluid that negatively affect the prostate.

4 types of male masturbation with a hand

  1. Fist. Grab the dick so that the thumb is up and turn to you.
  2. Palm forward. Grab the penis with your fingers so that the thumb is directed down.
  3. All fingers. Grasp the dick with 3-4 fingers as if they took a big pencil in the hand. The thumb should be below, and the rest – at the top of the penis.
  4. Ring. Grab the penis with index and thumb. The hand should resemble the sign “Okay”.

To achieve intensive or gradual stimulation, change the power of pressure and pace. You can make the head slip out of your fingers, like from a tube. It is very nice. Cover the head of the penis with your palm and sway it in different directions.

Male masturbation: 13 receptions

There are no strict rules of male masturbation. There are various options with which you can enhance a pleasant sensation. And even ordinary actions can quickly achieve a strong orgasm.

Remember the important rule! Need to masturbate with a lubricant. If you do this without it, you can earn strong irritation due to friction “on dry”. Water -based lubricants are more universal, so it is better to give preference to them. Use grease in all techniques that we will tell you about.

Here are 13 techniques of male masturbation:

  1. Grasp the bottom of an erect penis with one hand. Open the palm of the other hand and hold it next to the head. The head should touch the palm of hand. The contact point will constantly change, due to which it will be possible to delay the onset of orgasm. And when you reach it, it will be very bright.
  2. Grab the penis with your hand so that the thumb is directed at you and looks up. Move it up and down all over the penis and make rotational movements.
  3. Lift your palms and place a penis between them. Remember how to make fire with a stick and hands? Just the same begin to rotate your male dignity. .
  4. If you want to extend pleasure, try this slow masturbation. After it you will have a strong orgasm. Take the penis barrel in one hand. Pillows the thumb and forefinger of the other hand carefully squeeze the head, but do not wrap it around. Do not move up and down your hand that holds the barrel of the penis. As a result, you will experience a powerful and prolonged orgasm. If you can hold back and not finish, learn to control ejaculation.
  5. Take the cock for the base, squeeze it and move up. When you reach the head, turn the fist so that the thumb is directed down, and go down to the base. Repeat it. You can drive up and down the up and down-as you will be more pleasant. You can slow down and accelerate. Experiment.
  6. Take the penis for the base with a fist or index and thumb. Rise to the head as if trying to “get out” from the penis. When you reach the head, open the fist or light your fingers and immediately grab the base of the penis with the other hand. Repeat these movements at any pace, better accelerated.
  7. This technique imitates sex. Lie on the side. Bend your knees and press them to the stomach. Move the top foot to yourself and from yourself and touch it with a member. So you stimulate his trunk and head. When you feel that you will end soon, take the penis in your hand and move only your hips. Soon you will achieve ecstasy.
  8. Lie on the stomach and lift the pelvis. Rely on your knees and elbows. Grasp the penis with both hands and start moving your hips, like during sex.
  9. Lie on your side, take a penis in your hand just above the base. Now turn over on your stomach. Your fist should rest on the surface. Move your hips down and up: enter your hand and get out of it as you do during intercourse.
  10. You can stimulate a member with a shower. In circular movements, direct a warm stream to a dick and testicles. Listen to the sensations and choose the most suitable pace for you. When you are very excited, grasp the penis with your hand and start masturbating, but do not stop stimulation with a stream.
  11. There are male masturbators. They come in different types. There are mechanical, automatic, realistic, sound, heated and many others. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the assortment, as your masturbation will no longer be ordinary.
  12. Place the penis between two pillows. Move your hips, like during sex. Keep your pillows with your hands so that they fit tightly to each other.
  13. Prostate – male point g. Stimulating it, and you no longer want to enjoy only masturbation. Apply grease to your fingers and carefully enter them into the anus.

The entrance prostate is five centimeters from the pubic side. Grind a small bulge – this is a prostate. Move your fingers up and down, massaging it. With the other hand you can touch the testicles or masturbate using the techniques described above. So you will increase excitement. Instead of your finger, you can use anal stimulant.

13 types of male masturbation

Such a device is specially designed to massage the prostate.

Scrotum and testicles have the same sensitivity as the penis. Some are even stronger. When you masturbate, massage the scrotum with your free hand. Experiment to understand which movements excite you the most.


Statistics states that about 30 percent of men 16-45 years are engaged in self-satisfaction. They do it once or twice a week. And from time to time 95% of men masturbate. And right, because it is very useful.

When a man is engaged in self -satisfaction, he knows his body. Thanks to this, he better understands what he likes. Try different types of male masturbation. Satisfy yourself at different angles, at different speeds and in different positions. This will make you more confident in bed and thereby improve your sex life. Masturbate and be happy!

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