Women’s condom, how it looks and how to wear it correctly

Women’s condom, how it looks and how to wear it correctly.

Women’s condom, how it looks and how to wear it correctly

You still have not heard anything about female condoms? Not surprising: far from such means of barrier protection are not known to everyone. Meanwhile, Femide (this name belongs to this method of contraception) in most cases can be an excellent alternative to the most popular methods for preventing unwanted pregnancy and STD.

The advantages of the female condom. One of the most important is the lack of contraindications, an exception can only be individual intolerance to latex or rubber products.

What does a female condom look like: a brief description

Those who have never seen a female condom would probably be interesting to know how he looks:

  • This is an elastic polyurethane tube with two rings at the ends.
  • The smaller ring involves the room deeper into the vagina, but more should remain outside and close all the areas adjacent to the entrance to the vagina.
  • A large ring does not allow the product to completely go into the vagina.
  • Themis is located along the vaginal walls, collecting all the sperm during the ejaculation.

Women’s condom, how it looks and how to wear it correctly

Before wearing a female condom yourself, you need to get acquainted with the rules for its use. Themis is an analogue of the male condom, put on immediately before the penetration of the penis. Unlike the familiar condoms in the understanding of most young people, the female version is able to be in the vagina for a long time, without causing any harm to the body. While the men’s product is not allowed to put on before the start of sexual intercourse.

The procedure for putting on a femidom in step -by -step instructions

After making sure that the product is not expired and not damaged, corresponds to quality, proceed to putting on the product:

  1. As soon as the condom is extracted from factory packaging, it is advisable to treat it with spermicide. Such a step will increase the level of protection with a female condom.
  2. The next step to use is to choose a convenient pose. Regardless of how a woman is convenient to introduce a contraceptive, it is necessary to remember the use of a lubricant in order to avoid discomfort when introducing.
  3. To put on a female condom correctly, you should insert it inside the vagina of the type of use of tampons. As soon as you reach the cervix, stop.
  4. Next, the inner ring must be fixed by putting on the cervix of the uterus.
  5. Carefully taking a finger from the vagina, distribute the outer part of the contraceptive so that it confidently protrudes beyond the vagina for a couple of centimeters.

The use of the femidom should be associated with the mandatory application of the lubricant, since it is impossible to enter the penis of natural vaginal lubricant. For people who doubt the effectiveness of the use of a female condom, it is worth noting that to experiment and put on products at the same time both a man and a woman do not need. In addition, this will increase the probability of sliding a contraceptive.

If suddenly, during intercourse, a femid falls out of the vagina, you can carefully place it inwardly. It is important to do this only before ejaculation. As soon as the man finishes, it is necessary to carefully eliminate the condom. So that the sperm does not leak into the genitals, it is necessary to twist the end from the outer part.

Women’s condom, how it looks and how to wear it correctly

Advantages and disadvantages of female condoms, interesting facts

It depends on how and how competently the woman will use the female condom, its effectiveness as a contraceptive.

But, despite the relatively high percentage of guarantees for preventing unwanted pregnancy, most pairs refuse to use femidomes due to the following reasons:

  1. Unnatural sensations during sex.
  2. Not suitable for lovers of hard “aggressive” sex.
  3. Some women note that a female condom has an unpleasant smell of polyurethane.

Meanwhile, in the case of a long prelude, the ladies’ contraceptive is very convenient, since partners will not have to be interrupted to put on it – the product can be inserted into the vagina long before sex. In addition, some men often have problems with an erection due to the use of classical condom, then the female condom is the only available barrier protection method.

Despite the fact that femidoms have not yet been sufficiently popular among the population, they can be a priority option in many cases. For example, a partner himself can introduce a female condom – such warting will help to diversify the preliminary caresses of lovers. And a well -placed outer ring is a great way to stimulate small labia and clitoris.

Among the shortcomings of femidomes there are moments that cannot be ignored:

  1. Some men do not like what a female condom looks like, this may come an aesthetic aversion to the genital organs of a partner.
  2. Without habit and certain experience, immediately the first time to introduce a femid may seem difficult.
  3. High cost of each product.
  4. The risk of developing an allergic reaction on the walls of the vagina, labia and snow is possible.

Women’s condom, how it looks and how to wear it correctly

Interestingly, in the poorest African countries, the UN regularly holds shares on the training of the local population of sexual culture, the purpose of which is to introduce a prudent appropriate approach to the birth of children and the safety of sex as a whole. In honor of the latex product on September 16, Femidom’s World Day was recognized.

A female condom, like any other means of contraception, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Despite the impressive growth of the popularity and demand for this method of safe sex, today few will be able to objectively tell about what a female condom is, how to use it and correctly put on it. Applying a femid, you can not only protect yourself from an unwanted pregnancy, but also refresh sexual life, making it more vivid and interesting.

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