Why can a condom break?

Why can a condom break?.

In most cases, condoms are torn with improper operation.

1. Best before date. The first step to the proper use of the condom is to make sure that it is still suitable for use. It is important to check the expiration date on the condom packaging before opening it. If the condom expires the expiration date, its latex is destroyed.

2. Storage conditions. Ideal conditions for storing condoms are a cool and dry place, away from sharp objects, chemicals and direct sunlight. You should not store a condom in your pocket, wallet and other similar places, because constant shift and any other friction can lead to wear of its packaging. Strong heat, about 40 degrees, can affect the condition of the condom, and make it too sticky. As a rule, it is worth avoiding storing condoms in places where the temperature may change. Do not store condoms near the window, stove and in the car. The effect of ultraviolet radiation can also damage the condom, in just a few hours.

3. The integrity of the packaging. Throw a condom if you notice a break on its packaging, or if it has any other signs of wear, regardless of the expiration date. There is one way to check the integrity of the condom packaging is to feel a small air bubble. It is designed to protect condoms from damage. Its presence means that the packaging is not damaged and the condom is safe.

4. The opening of the condom. Gently break the condom packaging (most packages indicate the gap place). Do not use nails, scissors or any other sharp objects, as you can damage the condom.

5. Compression of the drive. When turning the condom, it is necessary to remove air from the tank designed for sperm. If this is not done, when sperm gets into the air -busy reservoir, the pressure is too strong, and the latex shell is torn.

6. The size of the condom. Too much condom is rarely torn, but slipping. Too small a condom can become porous due to friction during intercourse, and then its use will cease to be an effective method of contraception. The good news is that condoms are very rarely torn.

7. Oil products. And you knew that the use of oils and oil -based oils with latex condoms is strictly prohibited? Oil can destroy latex and make the use of a condom ineffective.

8. Re -use. Not only does the condom can break through, it will not be able to properly protect against STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

The easiest way to check the integrity of the condom after intercourse is to tie a knot on it and trace whether sperm flows out of it.

Why can a condom break?

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