What to do if a condom has broken during sex – emergency precautions

What to do if a condom has broken: recommendations and instructions.

What to do if a condom has broken during sex – emergency precautions

Step -by -step instructions will help to avoid unwanted pregnancy or infection if a condom is damaged during sex. In the article we will analyze the reasons, ways to solve the problem. After all, even the highest quality latex contraceptives can tear.

It is always worth being prepared for the fact that latex contraceptive can withdraw, get lost in the vagina or burst. Condes do not guarantee 100% protection, so this problem often happens. The first thing to do is not to panic, gather, act without emotions.

Why did the condom burst or get lost in the vagina

What to do if a condom has broken during sex – emergency precautions

Just get out of the situation with a bursting condom – this is not enough. It is important to understand why such an “accident” happened to reduce the risks of a similar problem in the future.

Contraceptive is not always damaged due to improper use. There are a number of reasons that contribute to deformation:

  • Poor -quality product that has not passed the strength.
  • Storage conditions are violated. For the material from which the Person is made, sharp temperature differences are unacceptable, too high or too low the storage temperature. Therefore, such things are not recommended to be stored on the dashboard in the car or on the open stain of the kiosk.
  • The expiration date has expired. Do not use the “elastic band”, which was stored for 2-3 years in your pocket. The material begins to collapse after a few years, especially under adverse storage conditions.
  • Defects on the package – before using a condom, it is desirable to clamp it and make sure of the tightness.
  • Damage during the opening of the package – it is unacceptable to do it with teeth, scissors, knife or sharp nails.
  • Errors during putting on – the elastic band was not fully stretched or a piece of air was on the tip of the product.
  • Insufficient lubrication – during sex it is advisable to use an additional lubricant that reduces friction.
  • The material was destroyed due to the use of improper lubrication. Latex cracks when in contact with oil, petroleum jelly, hand cream. With a condom you cannot combine lubricants on an oil basis.
  • Putting on two elastic bands at the same time or using a contraceptive longer than 20 minutes. It is recommended to change the condom every 15-20 minutes of sexual intercourse.
  • If the elastic band removed during sex, the reason is most likely in an incorrectly selected size.

How to avoid an unwanted pregnancy

What to do if a condom has broken during sex – emergency precautions

If a condom burst, the first thought affects the issue of unwanted pregnancy, although this is not the only danger. The probability of fertilization depends on many factors, including on the menstrual cycle.

Naturally, the most dangerous situation arises if the condom has broken during sex and sperm hit the girl. Although there is a possibility of getting pregnant from male lubrication, which contains a small number of spermatozoa.

The most effective and effective way to prevent an undesirable pregnancy is the use of “emergency” drug contraceptives in the first hours after sexual intercourse with a damaged condom. Such drugs are not safe and harmless, but they are many times less traumatic than abortion. Several recommendations on taking hormonal contraceptives of emergency action:

  • A gynecologist will help to choose the drug, the most popular products contain the substance of the leftonorgestrel;
  • You can purchase such a drug at any pharmacy;
  • Before taking the medicine, it is important to carefully study the list of contraindications, side effects and instructions;
  • The tablet is taken as early as possible after sperm or lubrication;
  • Hormonal contraceptives do not recommend drinking more often 1 time every 1-2 months.

If a condom burst, but the guy did not finish, then the risk of getting pregnant is much lower, although not zero. In this case, it is desirable to cheat with the calendar of the menstrual cycle. The probability of fertilization depends on ovulation. As a rule, the risk of getting pregnant is the highest 3 days before menstruation and 3 days after them. If during intercourse the “Preset” broke and the sperm fell into the vagina on the “safe” days of the cycle, then pregnancy can occur with a probability of 25-30%.

Venereal diseases due to a torn condom

After taking emergency contraceptive tablets, it may seem that all negative consequences have been eliminated. But no – there is also an important danger in the form of STDs and infection transmitted sexually. After all, latex contraceptive defended not only from undesirable fertilization.

If a condom has broken during sex, immediately after the incident, a man should go to the toilet and urinate, which will reduce the risks of urinary tract infections. Girls recommend douching with a solution of Miramistin or Betadin in the absence of individual intolerance or allergies to the substance.

In the event that the sexual partner is not permanent, it is recommended to consult a vioalist for 2 days after the incident.

What is not necessary to do after the condom has torn


What to do if a condom has broken during sex – emergency precautions

It is important to remember the health of your body so as not to worsen the already unpleasant situation. Main recommendations:

  • Girls should not be douching with chlorine -containing substances that provoke dysbiosis;
  • Folk methods using herbs or simply washing with soap;
  • Girls are not recommended to use ordinary soap for washing, which dries and irritates the mucous membranes;
  • Drinking ordinary contraceptives is pointless – conception will prevent only the drug of emergency contraception.

4-5 weeks after unsuccessful sexual intercourse, it is worth making a pregnancy test. It is recommended to take tests for hepatitis and infections after 20-25 days after the incident.

How to pull out a slipped condom

What to do if a condom has broken during sex – emergency precautions

If the latex contraceptive burst inside the vagina or slipped off the penis, then it was most likely to be worn incorrectly. It is easy to get the gum on your own from the vagina, and then check for the presence of defects in the material. If there was sperm in it – you need to take care of a decrease in the risks of unwanted pregnancy as quickly as possible.

If the condom is deformed and remained inside, there is a risk of infection. It must be obtained during the first 1-2 days. To do this, you need to relax. After all, when a person is nervous and tensed, the pelvic muscles are also tense. Several ways to get a contraceptive:

  • It is necessary to stand on all fours or squatting and check whether it is possible to get the elastic band with your fingertips. It is better to trim the nails and wash your hands thoroughly, treat with an antiseptic. If the edge of the elastic band is already felt with fingers, you need to act further slowly, smoothly.
  • In the pose lying on your back, you need to raise your hips and push, try to push out a foreign object. It is impossible to climb into the vagina with tweezers or tweezers.
  • In the sitting pose, you need to spread your legs widely, putting your feet on the floor, and then pushing, straining the abdominal muscles. In this pose, fingers are introduced as deeply as possible into the vagina. If the elastic band is not located, you need to gently move your finger from side to side.
  • With unsuccessful attempts, you should ask to help a partner. You need to pull out a condom neatly and slowly, because it is slippery, able to break in the process.
  • In conclusion, you should make sure that small pieces of latex did not stay inside the vagina. It is important to carefully examine the condom for breaks.

It is easier to get an elastic band on your back if you pick it up with a finger bent into a “hook”. When the edge of the product is felt, you must try to press it to the vaginal wall, and then slowly pull out. The procedure can be carried out with two fingers, holding the tip of the condom between them. If there is sperm inside the elastic band – it is worth trying not to result in the process of taking out.

In case of unsuccessful attempts, try changing the pose, relax. Lying on your back, it is worth raising the hips, after which a foreign object will shift inside the vagina. The presence of small pieces of latex inside the vagina is the reason to consult a gynecologist.

What to pay attention to to reduce the likelihood of a bursting condom

It’s easier to prevent a negative situation in advance than to get rid of its consequences. To reduce the risks of such a problem, they recommend paying attention to some points:

  • It is advisable to acquire condoms only in pharmacies, since it is there that all storage rules are strictly observed.
  • The elastic band should be in size, and in the process of sex there should be a lot of lubrication. A very large condom will slip, and the small can burst.
  • Re -use of a contraceptive, as well as simultaneous putting on two condoms, is unacceptable.
  • It is advisable to pay attention to the manufacturer, choose not the cheapest product.
  • Appropriate storage conditions without temperature drops are necessary. Use a gandon that lay for many months in a wallet or a glove compartment – a bad solution.
  • You need to use a lubricant, but not based on oil or petroleum jelly. The best option is a tool on water and silicone basis. The condom is changed every 15-20 minutes of sex.

Compliance with simple rules and checking the shelf life of the product is an effective way to prevent a burst or slipped contraceptive during intercourse.

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