Viamax intimate cosmetics: how to create, species why it is worth choosing viamax?

Viamax intimate cosmetics: how to create, species why it is worth choosing viamax?.

The story of Viamax

Viamax was founded in Sweden in 2001. Robert Algstedt expressed the idea that the scientific discovery, which received the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1998, can be used to create products to increase sexual activity. Seller Peter Akerfeld joined the company shortly after its founding, and together with Robert they began to lay the foundations of Brand Viamax.
A successful tandem from Robert, financially savvy, and Peter, who perfectly understood the basics of sales and marketing, allowed Viamax to quickly enter the market to the market. Currently, the company produces cosmetics and dietary supplements, which quickly take its place among bestsellers. They are valued for the highest quality and confirmed effectiveness.

The first success of Viamax

The first product Viamax was Sensitive Gel. It was his formula that was based on the opening that received the Nobel Prize. Soon the product became a bestseller (and remains it for 20 years), its enhancing effect on the female orgasm still has no competitors in the market.
After the success of Sensitive Gel Peter and Robert began to collect information about aphrodisiacs – vegetable ingredients that increase sexual desire. They went to Asia, Africa and Latin America, where they managed to collect unique knowledge about local herbs, which were previously not known to the rest of the world. Today, this knowledge is regularly used in the development of new products from VIAMAX.All of them are created taking into account modern needs in terms of sexual health.
By combining ancient knowledge and delivering herbs to Swedish production enterprises, Viamax created products with quality and effect, not like any other. Viamax’s idea has finally became a reality.

Male and female products Viamax

After the success of Sensitive Gel, the creators decided to create another similar product, but with an enhanced formula. They called him Warm Cream. Like his predecessor – This is a warming intimate cream that enhances blood circulation, increases sensitivity and helps to increase the volume of natural lubrication. Warm Cream contains herbs, such as Damiana and saw palmetto, which help to release sex hormones and increase sexual desire.
Viamax Tight Cream has been another popular female product. This is an intimate gel containing phytoestroogen and extracts of various tropical herbs. The formula allows you to effectively narrow the entrance to the vagina, giving both partners the opportunity to enjoy intimacy even more strongly. Unlike many competitors, Viamax Tight Cream does not cause dryness and tightening.
It is important to note Viamax Maximum Gel from male bestsellers. Its unique formula effectively stimulates blood flow, which increases the endurance and size of the penis, and also creates a stronger erection and increases the desire. The effect of Viamax Maximum Gel increases with each use. The composition is used «Male grass», Butea Superba, which the company grows on a farm in Thailand. This is a long -known stimulator for men who are used in many Asian countries.

Viamax lubricants

In the line of lubricants, 3 products are represented: on a water -based, on silicone and organic lubricant.
Viamax Water Glide is a high -quality premium -based premium lubricant. Water Glide is one of the most popular and popular lubricants in the market. Aloe Vera in the composition heals and moisturizes during use. The PH level in the composition is the same as in women in the genital area, which makes the lubricant as safe as possible.
Viamax Silicone Glide combines three types of silicone of the highest quality, which allowed to get a product with the best sliding. The Viamax brand made great efforts to determine the optimal sizilikon molecule to bring the formula to the ideal! The product is not absorbed by the skin, and a unique consistency provides silky sliding.
Viamax Organic Glide is a 100% natural lubricant based on ancient Greek and Egyptian knowledge about healing and moisturizing abilities. Not containing glycerol, parabens, preservatives and chemicals, this lubricant combines luxurious vegetable oils, such as shi oil with cocoa oil. This made it possible to achieve long -term silky slip. Also, these softening ingredients help reduce pain during sex without a decrease in sensitivity.

Future Viamax

Knowledge and research underlying Viamax made it possible to create a brand, which today is a leading product developer to increase sexuality. The ideas of Peter and Roberts are still opening new horizons, and all the time spent on the chase for the best ingredients and effects is still the strongest advantage of the company.
Viamax has repeatedly announced the planned expansion of the list of products. Regular research and news about the creation of new plant components allow us to hope that this promise will come true very soon.

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