Unusual condoms and their varieties

The most unusual condoms and strange contraception.

Having sex can bring a lot of pleasure, but it can also become the reason for the problems. The most important of them has long been an unwanted pregnancy. They tried to prevent it from time immemorial, and in completely different ways that were not always safe for health.

Unusual condoms and their varieties

Today there are many types of contraception, we have already covered them. But there are many other ways to protect themselves from pregnancy – not all of them are effectively cope with the task, but they are very unusual and amazing and can even diversify the intimate life of the couple. It is about them that we will tell in this article.

What are unusual condoms

In modern form, condoms have not such a rich history, but they can boast of constant improvement. Technical and scientific innovations quickly capture the market and it can surprise lovers.

Unusual condoms and their varieties

  1. Condoms with a ruler. Perhaps condoms with a ruler – this is what women were waiting for, but in no case are men. The product is produced in two versions – with markings in centimeters or inches. Now every girl will be able to find out the real size of the penis of her partner.
  2. Small condoms. This condom includes zinc sulfide and copper, which are located between two layers of latex. Due to this, the product differs more density. Before using the packaging with a condom, it is necessary to hold for several minutes under a lamp or under sunlight, then it will “charge” and will glow brighter in the dark.
  3. Condoms with antennae. Such a latex product from traditional differs only by the presence of additional antennae, which, in turn, can differ in length and texture. According to the authors of such a decision, when using this contraceptive, a woman experiences more pleasure.
  4. Musical condoms. It would seem that it can be expected from such an object as a condom? However, the answer is simple – a lot. Manufacturers of this product are trying to constantly surprise their buyers and bring something new, especially since users themselves do not mind testing something unusual. An example of such an unusual solution is musical condoms. Their essence is that a small speaker and motion sensor are built into the product. First – issues a melody, the second – reacts to the pace and change of posture, due to which the intensity of playback or the melody itself changes. Probably at the moment these are the most unusual condoms that can only be found on the market.
  5. Edible condoms. There are even such unusual condoms as edible. True, this is just a loud name and in which it does not apply to the varieties of contraceptives, since they are not intended for protection at all, but they will allow you to eat. Latex is not used to create them, special substances are used that are suitable for human use and are convenient to put on their mouth. The most popular species with the taste of strawberries, banana, vanilla and mango.

The most strange methods of contraception

But most “grandfathers” are to protect venereal diseases and pregnancy, we still do not recommend using it in practice and we just offer to familiarize ourselves with what has survived to this day.
Unusual condoms and their varieties

  • Contraception in ancient Rome. In ancient Rome, a certain “ancestor” of a modern condom for the first time arose. True, then it was made from resin, giving it the shape of the cylinder. After some time, the resin was replaced with the guts of sheep.
  • Contraception in India. To this contraceptive method in India, they still resort to. It consists in the physical impact on the woman’s uterus by massaging the lower abdomen. This slight pressure shifts the uterus forward or backward, then the chances of fertilization are reduced, although the guarantees are very low.
  • Contraception with lemon juice. The strangest methods of contraception are associated with the use of household items or food products from the household household. How did no one know this method, but the facts about its long -standing existence are. Previously, in order to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, in the vagina of a woman placed a sponge that was saturated with lemon juice. Perhaps it sounds wild for someone, but at the present time this technique has an analogue, instead of a sponge in the vagina, aspirin is placed.

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