Sex in a condom. What do girls think?

Sex in a condom. For or against?.

Sex in a condom. What do girls think?

Intimate intimacy in condoms is a guarantee of protection against unwanted pregnancy and accidental infection with sexually transmitted diseases. However, many representatives of the stronger sex argue that the sensations of sex with an “elastic band” are much weaker than from unprotected sexual intercourse. And what does the girl think about this?

Whether the condom interferes with pleasure?

Sex in a condom. What do girls think?

“I like sex in a condom. I do not feel less pleasure – orgasms are as bright as without elastic bands. At the same time, I am sure that I definitely will not get pregnant, this is very important for me at the moment. And most of all I get high when the partner uses relief condoms – with spikes and pimples “
Elsa, 24 years old

“I do not like it when the guy puts on the Person – with this nasty film I feel almost nothing. And when the member is naked, then completely different sensations from which I fly to the sky. But then, after sex, I usually smoke himself, because the guy does not always manage to pull out the cock before he finishes “
Irina, 19 years old

“I don’t understand why there are so many disputes on this topic. I don’t care whether the condom is worn or not, on the sensations this does not affect in any way. I do not think that the walls of the vagina can distinguish latex from the skin. Most likely, there is a psychological reason here – allegedly without a condom, rapprochement is more intimate “
Angelina, 25 years old

“I can definitely say – elastic bands sex interference, and what else. Neither I nor my boyfriend feel much pleasure when we try to protect ourselves in this inconvenient way. Usually I end in two to three minutes, and with a condom this time stretches for twenty minutes or even more. “
Emma, 21

“I have no permanent partner yet. But I love sex, so not against one -time meetings. Naturally, condoms are always with me in a purse. I don’t remember how it is – sex without protection. I had this at the very beginning of sexual life when I met a reliable guy and hoped to marry him “
Polina, 29 years old

“Well, of course, without a condom is much better. Perhaps I have latex intolerance, but everything starts to itch from these elastic bands – and here it is no longer up to orgasms. I do not worry – I take birth control pills. I’m not afraid to become infected either, because I have sex only with my husband “
Tamara, 25 years old

“I love flavored condoms. And I do a blowjob only when a guy buys such. My excitement does not decrease, but the guy says that he likes more without elastic bands. But we need to protect ourselves, so we always use pentors – this is not even discussed. And so that it is not too dry, we use intimate lubricant “
Yana, 21

So is it worth it or not to look for other means of protection, in addition to condoms? Each couple solves it individually. If the sexual partner is constant, then if desired, you can consider other protection options, but in case of random ties you must always use condoms. Think about your health and health of your partner.

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