Is it possible to get pregnant from male lubrication? | Questions about sexual practices

Is it possible to get pregnant from male lubrication?.

Is it possible to get pregnant from male lubrication? | Questions about sexual practices
During intimacy, a woman and lubrication often occur, the so -called pre -ejaculation. And if people practice petting or interrupted sexual intercourse, then this substance easily enters the vagina. And immediately the question arises: " Is it possible to get pregnant from lubrication". Let’s figure it out.

What is lubrication and its functions

So, lubrication is a substance that has several more names: pre -element or pre -ejav. It is released by the bosopros from the urethra. This usually happens during an erection and frictions, but can occur under other circumstances, for example, with excessive physical exertion.

In its appearance, lubrication resembles a mucous substance of a white or other light shade. Most often it is transparent, it does not smell like. The lubricant performs several basic functions at once:

  • facilitates the introduction of the penis into the vagina, as it reduces friction;
  • moisturizes the head, preventing its injury, rubbing, as well as uncomfortable sensations;
  • Corrects the environment in the urethra, eliminating its acidity, which negatively affects the viability and activity of spermatozoa;
  • helps to clear the urethra of urine residues and other discharge;
  • affects the quality and number of sperm.

The amount of lubricant is always different. On average, the volume of this fluid varies within 0.01-5 ml. Moreover, each man has its number is also always different and depends on individual characteristics.

The pre -ejaculation does not contain spermatozoa. But during its passage through the urethral channel, a small amount of seed can be released. Also, spermatozoa may be present in the case when the man had ejaculation on the eve during masturbation, sexual intercourse or night pollutions.

What affects pregnancy

Conception can occur only in certain conditions, and therefore many factors affect the appearance of pregnancy:

  • the viability of sperm, their number in ejaculate and mobility;
  • the presence of a mature egg;
  • patency of the fallopian tubes and other anatomical characteristics of the female body;
  • PH level of female vagina;
  • taking drugs by both a man and a woman;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • alcohol, smoking and other negative factors;
  • excess or insufficient weight in a woman;
  • stress and fatigue;
  • age;
  • the presence of infections and other diseases.

In any case, the main condition for the onset of pregnancy is a meeting of a viable sperm and egg. And this can happen only at a certain time – during the period of ovulation.

Theoretically, the onset of ovulation can be calculated. Usually it falls about the middle of the menstrual cycle. But it is impossible to consider such a calculation accurate: ovulation can occur at another time.Is it possible to get pregnant from male lubrication? | Questions about sexual practices

Men’s lubricant: Other risks except pregnancy

Unfortunately, the ingress of male lubrication in the vagina of a woman can become not only the cause of an undesirable pregnancy, but also other negative consequences:

  • transmission of fungal diseases, for example, candidiasis;
  • transmission of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, hepatitis, HPV (human papilloma virus), herpes, syphilis, chlamydia and other health problems;
  • The emergence of psychological stress associated with fear of getting sick or becoming pregnant, which negatively affects both the woman and men and men.

If you want to be calm for your health and for your partner (partner), make the lubricant never falls on the mucous genital of a woman. Today there are several effective ways for this.

Is it possible to get pregnant without penetration

After entering the vagina, spermatozoa can remain viability for up to 7 days. And if at this time a woman is ovulation, then the risk of conception increases significantly. Therefore, if you do not want pregnancy, then you need to avoid even lubrication on the genitals, and not just sperm.

Although the pre -ejaculation itself does not contain a seed, you can get pregnant from it, since in the urethra the remains of spermatozoa can be preserved after the last intercourse. They can live there for a long time – from several hours to 2 days. Paradoxically, even if the penetration does not occur, and the lubrication falls on the labia of a woman, there is a chance of conception. Although in this case it is minimal. Therefore, be careful even during the prelude to sex and in petition.Is it possible to get pregnant from male lubrication? | Questions about sexual practices

For and against interrupted intercourse

As a rule, although many couples know about the risk of unwanted pregnancy, they still use interrupted sexual intercourse as a method of contraception. And this is due to the fact that this method has its own significant advantages:

  • there is no dullness of sensations and a sense of squeezing, as from a condom (although now there are many models that are almost imperceptibly on the penis);
  • There is no need to take care of putting a condom during a passionate prelude;
  • The method is absolutely free and accessible to everyone;
  • Orgasm can be longer and more powerful (but not in all cases);
  • can be used in conjunction with other methods of contraception;
  • A woman does not need to calculate safe days, take care of the timely reception of pills.

But minuses Interrupted intercourse has much more:

  • does not protect against infections transmitted sexually, which is dangerous for both partners;
  • It does not give a guarantee that the seed, even without ejaculation with grease, will not fall into the vagina and pregnancy will not occur;
  • It is difficult for partners to relax to the end, as they are afraid to skip ejaculation;
  • It is impossible to fully finish, since it cannot be relaxed;
  • A tense state can lead to problems with libido and erection, as well as to various psychological disorders;
  • It is not always possible to control itself during sex, and this is the risk of sperm entering a woman.

The probability of pregnancy with interrupted sexual intercourse is 40%. This is a very large indicator, this method is not effective. And there are thousands of pairs who have been convinced of this personally.

You can use interrupted sexual intercourse in only a few cases:

  • when you are not afraid to get pregnant, although you do not plan to do it;
  • when you live sex with one partner and are confident in his health and fidelity;
  • with a low sensitivity of the penis;
  • in the presence of allergic reactions to latex and the impossibility of taking hormonal drugs.

Also, this method of contraception is suitable if 1-2 days before that a man has not finished and knows how to control himself well. But it is always worth remembering that this method is ineffective. And in some cases, even if precautions are observed, pregnancy may occur.Is it possible to get pregnant from male lubrication? | Questions about sexual practices

How not to get pregnant from male lubrication

Since male lubrication may contain a small amount of sperm, you can avoid pregnancy using the following methods:

  • The use of oral contraceptives. This method is very effective if the drug is selected correctly, and the woman uses it strictly according to the instructions. Unfortunately, no oral contraceptive will save from the risk of infection by infections transmitting sexually. Therefore, if you meet with a new partner or do not have 100% trust, in addition to oral contraceptives, it is better to use a condom. Any passage of taking the drug – the risk of pregnancy.
  • Douching. This method is ineffective and consists in the fact that a special solution is introduced into the woman’s vagina after sexual intercourse or ordinary water to eliminate sperm. He also does not protect against diseases.
  • Intrauterine device. A special device is introduced by a doctor into the uterine cavity and has been there for several years. It helps to avoid unwanted pregnancy, though it does not give 100 % guarantees and does not protect against diseases transmitted through sexual contact. This tool is also dangerous in that it can cause health problems.
  • Vaginal ring. This method with hormones helps to suppress ovulation and does not allow pregnancy. It is quite effective, but does not suit everyone and does not protect against infections.
  • Vaginal diaphragm or uterine cap. The method is considered quite effective, but not everyone is suitable. And he does not protect against diseases.
  • Radical methods. They mean surgical intervention – vasectomy and cutting or bandaging of fallopian tubes. Typically, this method is used only in extreme cases: for medical reasons or at the request of the person himself.
  • Using a condom. The most common and safe way to avoid pregnancy from contact with the lubrication and sperm of a man. It protects not only from conception, but also from infections transmitted sexually. Moreover, the effectiveness of this contraception method is close to 100 %, provided that it is correctly used. You need to wear it carefully on an already erect penis before he touched the genitals of a woman.

Today there are a huge number of different condom models. In addition to ultra -thin and classic in our store, you can also find the original product: with a pattern and a relief, a certain taste or color, size, with antennae and other features. It is contraindicated to use them only if one of the partners has increased sensitivity to latex.

If you like petting, oral affection, then to avoid pregnancy and infection, you can use special latex napkins. In terms of their properties and manufacturing material, they are similar to condoms, but have a convenient shape. You can also find their wide range on the pages of our store.

Questions about pregnancy from male lubrication

Often on thematic forums you can find information that it is possible to eliminate the remnants of sperm from the urethra. For this, people recommend emptying the bladder for this intercourse or, while taking the shower, thoroughly wash the penis with soap. You can also find recommendations to pour clean water into the urethra using special devices. All these methods are not effective. In addition, they may even be dangerous for your health. It is impossible to clear the urethra of the residues of the seed. In addition, interrupted sexual intercourse in itself is not an effective way of contraception. Therefore, if you do not want pregnancy yet, select another, more effective method. For example, use a condom or oral contraceptives.In your case, there is a possibility of pregnancy, since the remnants of the seed were not washed from the urethra. It is impossible to do this. Therefore, if you do not plan a pregnancy, it is recommended for 72 hours (and the faster, the better) to take a tablet of emergency contraception.The chance of falling the seed in your case is small, but it is. If you are doing petition without penetration, use latex napkins or condom. This will protect you not only from unwanted pregnancy, but also from infection with an infection transmitted sexually. You can also use other effective methods of contraception, for example, hormonal drugs. Delayed menstruation is possible for various reasons. And pregnancy is only one of them. To confirm or refute its occurrence, use the test or seek a doctor’s consultation.

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