Intimate lubricant (lubricant) – an indispensable attribute of good sex

Intimate lubricant (lubricant) – an indispensable attribute of good sex.

Intimate lubricant (lubricant) – an indispensable attribute of good sex

Intimate lubricant (lubricant) – a special gel -shaped substance designed to reduce friction during sex and masturbation.

Intimate lubricant (lubricant) – an indispensable attribute of good sex
There is an opinion that lubricants are needed only for anal sex. Consider this issue in more detail. During excitation, lubrication occurs in women (mucus is released in the vagina, which moisturizes it). In order for this natural lubrication to be enough for the intercourse of sexual sex sex, the prelude should be of high -quality and prolonged. The body’s development of natural lubrication is a way to protect the mucous membranes from damage.

But there are often cases when the prelude is short -lived and lubrication does not occur, or another case – in view of the features of the female body, there is no sufficient moisturizing the vagina, for example, during the period of menopause, which causes a change in the harmonious background of the body. What does it lead to?

Firstly, without natural lubrication, friction between the genitals occurs, and this does not enjoy either a man or a woman.

Secondly, friction causes microtrauma of the mucous membranes, which can lead to infection. In addition, if we are talking about pairs that do not use barrier means of contraception (condom), then damage and injury and male genital organ.

Even if lubrication occurs in sufficient quantities, then lubrication may not be enough if the sex is prolonged (its natural drying occurs) or a very intense sliding)

Of course, someone may object that condoms are already covered with a lubricant, and it makes no sense to use something else. Unfortunately, condoms are covered with a small amount of lubrication, and there is enough for a short time. And here there is another great danger – with high friction, the risk of damage and rupture of the condom is very high, in which case it will no longer save from unwanted pregnancy, or from sexually transmitted diseases, as well as HIPatitis.

It is worth noting that the lubricant is also released in men, the so -called pre -ejaculate, but even if a man emits a lot of lubrication, this is still a drop in the sea, and if he is in a condom, then all the lubricant accumulates inside it.

Many noticed that in a pharmacy or sex shop you can buy an intimate lubricant (lubricant) of the same manufacturer as condoms. They even stand on the shelf together. And the variety of lubricants is just huge.

When to use a lubricant

Intimate lubricant (lubricant) – an indispensable attribute of good sex
All intimate lubricants are produced on water -based with the addition of glycerol, silicone or water -soluble cellulose. Such lubricants do not leave stains on the linen, if suddenly a bit falls on underwear or bed, easily washed off with water, rarely cause allergic reactions. It is believed that Vaseline, vegetable oil or fatty cream is much better cope with friction.

But, firstly, this is a controversial statement, modern lubricants allow you to glide well “like clockwork”, sorry for taffetology, in addition, oils and fats can dissolve latex from which most condoms are made on our market. In addition, apply oil to the mucous membranes can be dangerous.

Intimate lubricant (lubricant) – an indispensable attribute of good sex
With anal sex, the refusal to use intimate lubricants can be equated to the crime. The anus itself is very strong, and you need to prepare seriously and correctly for anal. In addition, this organ does not distinguish any lubricant, so the anal sex “dry” will not bring any pleasure to any of the partners, but only pain, suffering and disappointment;Plus, there is a high risk of injuries. Even with a condom, anal penetration without a lubricant will not give the expected effect.

Intimate lubricant (lubricant) – an indispensable attribute of good sex
During the maturg of lubrication, they do not often use. And in vain. Of course, the owners of impressive foreskin on the penis are much easier to twist the quick, but it is worth considering that if there is a desire to extend pleasure and masturbate longer, then do not neglect intimate lubricants.

Men with the cut over the foreskin are simply necessary to avoid microtrauma and not grate their pussy. Someone will say that instead of special lubrication you can use saliva.Intimate lubricant (lubricant) – an indispensable attribute of good sex

Of course, this is a way out of the situation, just keep in mind that, firstly, saliva has the ability to quickly dry out, and secondly, a huge number of bacteria live in the oral cavity, and not all of them are white, fluffy and harmless, falling into micro cracks andgratitude, this microorganisms can cause inflammation. You do not want yourself a swollen pussy with the lack of the opportunity to have sex or adequately masturbate!

A variety of intimate lubricants (lubricants)

Intimate lubricant (lubricant) – an indispensable attribute of good sex
At the moment, there is a huge variety of intimate lubricants (lubricants). In any case, which of them you choose, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the instructions, read the composition (suddenly you have an allergy to any component) and try it on your skin. Apply a small amount to the open area of the skin to make sure that there will be no reaction from the body. If itching appears, redness or other unpleasant sensations, then you should not use it during sex. Perhaps you should go to the doctor for consultation and help in the selection of an adequate lubricant.

Lubricant without color and smell

The most popular intimate lubricants are lubricants without taste, without color and smell. It is they who are recommended to use by experts. Additives and fragrances are able to provoke allergic reactions.

Aromatic lubricants

Among the aromatic intimate gels, the most popular with the aroma of vanilla, strawberries and cucumber.

Antibacterial lubricants

There are special lubricants. For example, lubricants with antiseptics, antibacterial and antifungal additives (chlorhexidine, miramistin). They provide additional protection against sexually transmitted diseases, contribute to the rapid healing of wounds. Nevertheless, do not neglect the use of the condom.

Luburbicants with plant extracts

Intimate lubricants using plant extracts (aloe, chamomile and so on). Such lubricants eliminate allergic reactions and help healing wounds.


Anastetic is added to these lubricants, which reduces the sensitivity of the head of the penis and pushes ejaculation. If you have sex with a condom, then in such cases it is worth using a condom with the effect of prolongation, there the anesthetics is applied to the inner surface of the condom.

Warming lubricants

Exciting or warming substances are added to such lubricants. They cause the expansion of the capillaries and a surge of blood to the genitals of both partners.

Lubrices for anal sex

There are specialized lubricants for anal sex. They include special additives that allow lubrication to evaporate more slowly and at the same time glide well.

Spermicidal lubricants

This type of lubricant can be used as an additional means of contraception from unwanted pregnancy. They include spermicides that disable sperm, as well as some types of bacteria and fungi.

Edible lubricants

There is another type of lubricant – edible. These lubricants are used by especially active lovers who are engaged in different types of sex simultaneously: anal, vaginal and oral. These lubricants can go with various fragrances. Choosing different tastes, you can also diversify your sex.

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