How to choose condoms | How to determine the size of the condom

How to choose condoms.

How to choose condoms | How to determine the size of the condom
Condoms – one of the most popular methods of contraception in the world. They are affordable at the cost, they can be found in any supermarket or pharmacy. And for use do not need any special conditions. But how to understand the variety of species? Let’s look at how condoms are, how they differ and how to buy a model that will give maximum protection and comfort while using.

Advantages of condom use

In the 60s of the last century, when hormonal contraceptives appeared, condoms lost their relevance. The opinion appeared that other methods are much more convenient. But, as soon as in the world they started talking about HIV, latex products immediately returned their leading position. Today, millions of these products are sold in dozens of countries. And it is no coincidence, because this barrier method has a lot of advantages:

  • use is completely safe for both partners;
  • The method is cheap and affordable;
  • can be used at any time, there are no expectations;
  • Suitable for nursing mothers;
  • guarantee protection against pregnancy by 92%;
  • protect against sexually transmitted infections;
  • do not interact with the medicines that partners use;
  • can enhance sensations during the process.

In the world condoms are produced by dozens of companies. And each offers its own line. Models differ in shape, size, material and other features.

Barrier contraceptive material

Today in stores condoms from two types of materials are sold. They differ both in sensations and in cost:

  • Latex. Most often, “rubber products No. 2” are made precisely from latex. This is an elastic material of different densities that protects from pregnancy by 70-85%. He does not miss sperm, and also does not allow many infections to penetrate. Destroyed when interacting with oil compositions. Can reduce sensitivity. Depending on the thickness, does not immediately take body temperature.
  • Polyurethane. The material is much better conducting heat. Always thinner than latex, which increases sensations in the process of application. But more easily slides when choosing the wrong size. More expensive at cost, occurs only in sex shops and rare pharmacies. Cannot be found in the nearest supermarket. Can be used with any lubricants.

The thickness of latex condoms

On each pack of condoms there is information about the thickness of the product. Standards in different countries are different, we use American and European. Sometimes on the package is not a figure, but simply the name – “thin”, “dense”, “classic”. So this means, and how they differ?

  • SENITIVE, Light – thickness 0.04 mm, this is a minimum thickness that allows you to feel all the nuances of intimacy.
  • Standart, Classic – 0.06 mm, the best -selling options. Reliable, practical, suitable for any kind of sex.
  • Extra Safe, Forced – up to 0.1 mm thick. Condoms that reduce a little sensitivity, withstand a large load. Ideal for anal sex.

The thinner the product, the higher the sensation. The man is able to evaluate the difference. For a woman, the choice is only in warmth, dense material in the first moments does not seem too “living”.

Types of condoms in form

The condom form is different. There is also information on the package about this. It affects sensations, especially in the presence of additional details. Several forms can be distinguished:

  • Smooth. Classic condom for sex. The surface is even, seamless.
  • Anatomical. More expensive models that emphasize the shape of the penis. When used is more convenient, often and thinner.
  • Textured. With a pattern on the surface, for example, with pimples, with ribs, etc. Happens with the relief inside (to increase its sensations) or outside, which gives pleasure to a woman. The drawing is slightly noticeable or voluminous, helps to diversify the sensations.
  • With nozzles. The condom can be equipped with antennae, ledges, a tough tip, etc. Unusual details activate internal erogenous zones, give bliss. And sometimes the condom is even equipped with a vibrating ring, which allows you to extend sexual intercourse and make it much brighter.

More than 60% of users say that the texture on the surface does not give additional sensations. But this can only be checked in practice.

The sizes of condoms

In the USSR, condoms were produced 3 different sizes. The little ones were not popular, since the men did not want to admit that they were less than others. More material went to large, so their release was quickly stopped. And as a result, only “rubber products No. 2” remained in pharmacies, and the number is just the size indicator. The length of such a contraceptive was 178 mm, and the width is 54 mm.

There are different measurement systems in Europe and America, so the numbers on the packaging are different. Inch uses in the USA, and in Europe – millimeters. But on the windows of stores you can see options from different countries. Classic models make 180 mm in length and 54 mm wide.

There are XXXL, Extra Large models – these are very large sizes. Their diameter 62 mm. But when buying it is important to look at the figure. Some companies on their products indicate that this is a large size, but it turns out that this is just a standard. This is a marketing move to attract customers. But even with such cunning, an exact width is written on the package, and it is on it that it is worth focusing on it.

Chinese manufacturers, on the contrary, often produce small condoms. They can only be 46-48 mm in diameter, and this is not enough. That is why it is worth buying only those options that meet the standards and are released under full control.

The average table of condom sizes in width is divided as follows:

  • S-small, 3-4 cm in diameter.
  • M – standard, 5 cm in diameter.
  • L-large, 5.5-6 cm.
  • XL or XXL – huge, for a diameter of 6.2 cm.

The diameter of the condom is the size of the ring. It expands a little to the head to make it more convenient to use the product.

How to choose the right size?

To buy condoms of the correct size, decide on the diameter. Using a centimeter, measure the girth of the penis in the most erected state. All measurements must be carried out in a standing position. Divide the resulting figure by 2. This will be your size.

The most accurate dimensions can be found if 3 indicators are measured: thickness at the base of the penis, at the head and in the center of the barrel. Then it is worth determining the average indicator and also divide it by 2 to get the desired diameter of the rubber product.

But measurements are always inaccurate. This is affected by the force of excitement, the temperature in the room, other external factors. Therefore, it is more often necessary to select condoms experimentally. The product should sit tight, but not cause discomfort. If the compression is strong, there is a probability of a contraceptive rupture, and the sensations are not very pleasant. And if the width is too large, then the condom can slip.

The length of the condom does not matter. 18 cm is enough even at the size of the penis of 22 cm. Well, if the size is smaller, then it is worth rolling the product not completely, but only to the base.How to choose condoms | How to determine the size of the condom

The presence of lubrication

You can distinguish condoms by the presence and type of lubrication. The composition of this component affects the sensations of partners during copulation.

  • Without lubrication. Today, very rare condoms are released without lubrication. They are suitable only for those couples where a woman is very “moisture”, where there is a lot of natural secrets. Or for couples who are used to choosing a lubricant. By the way, on such models you can learn to put on products with a mouth.
  • Normal lubrication. It is convenient and practical. The composition is different for each manufacturer, but the basis is silicone oil, dimethyliconon, lubricant SK70, monopopylene glycol. Usually has no bright taste, there may be a light aroma. But the smell is often not from lubrication, but from latex.
  • With double portion of lubrication. Condoms with abundant lubrication are also rare in the world. This is a solution for those who have few natural secrets. If you could not find this option, just buy a water -based lubricant and add it yourself.
  • Prolonging. The condom can lengthen sexual intercourse. Benzocaine is added to the smear, which has a mild anesthetic effect. The erection does not weaken, but ejaculation with it is delayed. But the result is 10-40% longer sex, and not for several hours.
  • Warming or cooling. Special lubrication components can cause sensations of heat or cold. This helps to diversify the sensations. More blood rushes to the genitals, which enhances experiences. The concentration of substances is always insignificant, so do not wait for severe heat or chilling frost. If you want bright sensations? Choose an additional lubricant with such effects.
  • With aroma. Condoms for oral sex have a pleasant smell. Often it is the aroma of fruit, known desserts. Such lubricant has no taste, it does not cause vomiting reflex. An ideal solution for those who love to move to oral after vaginal sex without immediately visiting the bathroom.
  • With spermicide. This is a component that reduces sperm activity. And even if the product is torn, the probability of getting pregnant decreases. There are infrequently, studies in different countries have come to ambiguous conclusions regarding the use of such contraceptive components.

Special functions

Additional functions do not affect the effectiveness of the condom. They only make the use of a more funny.

  • Color. Most condoms produced in the world, white or translucent color. This makes them not too noticeable on the skin. But there are also color solutions. There are black, red, green, blue condoms. Sometimes even in one pack there are options for different colors.
  • Glows in the dark. With the help of zinc and copper sulfide, a condom can be made luminous. This is safe for health, but very exciting. The peculiarity of most products is to shine only the tip. And to get a bright effect, it is recommended to put a condom for a lamp or sunlight for 30 minutes before sex. The packaging is transparent, so you need to leave them in the light in an unhealthy form. And then a bright erect penis will be noticeable in the dark for quite a long time.

Best before date

The average shelf life of condoms is 5 years. The date of manufacture is always indicated on the box and on the packaging of the product. Use of expired things is prohibited. Sometimes there are models with a lesser implementation period-2-3 years, but this does not affect the quality of latex products.

Remember, use options on which there is no manufacturing time, you cannot. If it is not clear how much contraceptives lie, and what is the deadline of their implementation, abandon such things.

Conducting condoms

  • Masculan – The German brand. Products a little longer than competitors, 185 mm. Large dimensions 195 cm long. In the market for more than 20 years. Quality is tested by thousands of users. The price category is average. Information on packaging in Russian.
  • Okamoto – The Japanese company produces anatomical products that are almost not felt in the process. Thin latex, thoughtful shape and high -quality lubrication distinguish this brand among other companies.
  • Sagami – have been working in Japan since 1934. Produce hundreds of types of condoms, including polyurethane. Develop their own lubricants that do not affect the PH-environment of partners. Sold in more than 80 countries.
  • Durex British company, known around the world. They began to release condoms in 1915, they were the first to test them using electronics. Today the company produces not only condoms, but also lubricants, sex toys.
  • Vizit – This is a company that is located in Germany, but part of the products are made in Malaysia. Condoms with a shelf life of 5 years. Can be used for any type of caress. Durable, comfortable, affordable and assortment.
  • Sico – The company that appeared on the Russian market in 1995. All condoms are made from natural latex. The plant is in Germany, which makes the products quite expensive. Each product passes a lot of safety tests and compliance with world standards.
  • Spring – This is a Dutch brand of condoms, focused on young people. Many types of products for experiments in bed. In every package – a funny liner. And the length of all latex options is 195 cm, which is essential for men with a large penis.
  • Ganzo – Another European brand created in the UK. For Russia, packaging with Russian translation was created. Stylish decisions in the design, high -quality latex and interesting types, for example, warming. Condoms are reliable, thought out to the smallest detail.
  • CONTEX – Sold in the world for a very long time. Part of the models with an average price, but there are premium options. Products are made in Thailand and Korea, packaged in boxes in the world. Can be found in any supermarket. Are considered the most common in our country.
  • Impulse – The American brand, which in the United States in social surveys often takes first place. Large line of options with unusual texture and relief.
  • TRUSTEX – release condoms of large sizes. Not often found in the world, but you can buy in dozens of other countries.
  • Luxe – Russian condoms. The quality is good, the choice of different types is huge, there are even products with antennae, ledges and other massage details. At a price of 20-30% cheaper than foreign analogues.

Prices for condoms

The cost of condoms in the world depends on the manufacturer. The more famous the brand, the more expensive the product. The lowest price of Russian options: for packaging with 3 – I can give out about 100 rubles. Better known brands for a similar box requires 140 to 350 rubles.

The more packaging, the cheaper one condom comes out. That is why it is profitable to buy boxes of 12 pieces. Their cost is from 400 to 1200 rubles. But a box of condoms with 144 pieces can cost about 4,500 rubles.

Polyurethane condoms are more expensive than latex: 6 pcs will cost 1800 rubles. And the choice of options is not very large.

The difference in price between classic condoms and options with a texture or other effect is not too large. Each company represents approximately the same price on the line of its goods. And the reliability of the brands presented in our store is tested by time.

Application rules

Simple rules of use will avoid unpleasant situations:

  • 1. Store condoms from the sun and high temperatures. That is why they have no place in the glove compartment or on the windowsill. The best place is a bedside table by the bed. And if you go to visit, put the packaging in your pocket or wallet.
  • 2. Open the packaging with your hands condom, gently torn the pack. Do not do it with teeth, scissors or knife. A sharp object can damage a thin fabric. Moreover, such cracks are not immediately noticeable. And it is they who lead to the rupture of the entire product at the most inopportune moment.
  • 3. When using condoms, you cannot use additional oil grease. They destroy the structure of the material, make the product fragile. With latex options, a water -based lubricant can be used. But make sure that the product does not get inside, otherwise the condom will simply slide in the process. Apply lubrication to a worn thing or to the genitals of a partner.
  • 4. Put on a condom with an mouth only if it is flavored. Conventional models taste disgusting and can cause vomiting reflex. But the lubricant is not dangerous, and if it gets inside, poisoning will not occur.
  • 5. You cannot use condoms that are already expired. There is a date on each package, and if this period has passed, throw it out. Reliability after the expiration of the period immediately decreases, and experimenting with this option is simply not worth.
  • 6. If the condom has broken, it is recommended to use additional protective equipment. From infections – special disinfectants from the pharmacy, from pregnancy – postcoite drugs.
  • 7. Ponds can only be thrown into a garbage bucket. The premises of the product in the toilet are prohibited. This can cause a blockage that is difficult to eliminate. Products do not decompose in water, and often get stuck in pipes.

How to choose condoms?

Simple questions will help to decide which condoms should be bought this time:

For what purpose do you buy products? For anal sex, take more dense, for oral – thin. And if you have not yet decided, choose classic.

What size is suitable for you? To do this, measure the size of the penis in an erect state. But even these measurements will not always be true, since many factors affect the size. Sometimes you have to select the size only experimentally.

Do you need additional effects? Are you ready to overpay for a glow in the dark or warming sensations? For some experiments, this is important, but ordinary models are more suitable.

Knowing everything about the types of rubber products and their features, it is easy to understand the acquisition. There is a huge selection of barrier contraceptives in our store. All of them are of excellent quality with the correct expiration date. And we have the best prices for products of many manufacturers.

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