How exciting lubricants work?

How exciting lubricants work?.

1. How exciting lubricants work?

Exciting lubricants contain stimulating components that can enhance sensitivity due to the expansion of blood vessels and an increase in blood flow to the pelvis area.

2. What works?

Many components can have the necessary effect that can be divided into three types – vegetable oils (almond, coconut, grape seed, orange, sesame, mint), aphrodisiacs (Goryanka, ginseng, tribulus, palm trees, Damian, Maka Peruvian) and L-Arginin. Cantaridin, Quebrahin, Tadalafil and SELDENAFIL may also be attended.

3. What to look for when choosing?

Be sure to pay attention to the composition of the acquired lubricant and its combination with toys and condoms, and when acquiring a lubricant on a silicone basis, this must be done. If you and your partner use different means, have sex in condoms. The fact is that if exciting lubrication brings a woman closer to an orgasm, then the man will also be transmitted to the man of this lubricant. And if you do not want this, use a condom under which you can apply a prolongator or other stimulator in the form of serum, which is completely absorbed into the skin and eliminate the possibility of slipping the condom.

4. How to conduct an allergy test?

Even if it is written on the package that the drug is tested and received recommendations from medical workers, it still needs to be checked for an allergic reaction. You can try a drop of a lubricant at the oral mucosa to roughly imagine the sensations that expect you.

5. The effect of warming or cooling?

The chill effect is not considered frost, it is the same stimulating effect that enhances blood circulation. The warming effect is expressed by a feeling of swelling and warm goosebumps.

6. Is it possible to replace something?

It is not worth replacing the exciting lubricant, especially improvised means and made at home, because the acquired lubricant is a proven laboratory product for intimate zones.

7. If I don’t feel anything, what does it mean?

If you do not feel the actions of the lubricant, then you are simply not sensitive to the current component that is part of the composition, and this is normal. It’s like with pepper, when for one person his sharpness can be unacceptable, and the second calmly eats pepper of the same acuteness into food.

8. When you can not use?

Be sure to read the instructions for the lubricant and contraindications – they can be different, but there are still general contraindications: there are still:

– thrush, herpes and other diseases;

– pregnancy;

– epilepsy;

– increased blood pressure;

– inflammation in the genital area.

9. How much to apply?

Check out the instructions for the product and act as it is written there – apply quite a bit and do not overdo it. Remember that the drug does not have an effect immediately, and the time of occurrence of the effect depends on the product itself.

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