Durex condoms: overview of popular species. We select protection for every taste | Condoms

Durex condoms: overview of popular species. We select protection for every taste.

Durex condoms: overview of popular species. We select protection for every taste | Condoms
Durex – British brand producing condoms and related products for safe sex for 80 years. Mark managed to prove itself as one of the best manufacturers contraceptives, regularly producing new series of goods for people with a variety of sexual preferences.
Different series are different thickness, grease, presence additional stimulants and even taste. We have prepared a review of the most popular species among buyers, so that everyone could easily choose protection To your taste.

Durex Realfeel condoms

Feel every movement, literally “The skin to the skin“, Possible with the help Realfeel. Made from Latex, with improved characteristics, condoms are impeccable Conduct heat. Buyers note that the advanced material sensations are comparable to velvet, delicate skin, which helps Strengthen the sensations From sex.
This is an innovative series of a company that not only conducts heat, but also:

  • Without much pressure, the penis covers without creating a feeling of “stiffness”.
  • Completely does not prevent the effects on nerve receptors, allowing you to feel a “natural” orgasm.

Realfeel – This is not only as close as possible rapprochement, but also safety. In condomes, saved Standard thickness, Therefore, unwanted pregnancy and STD, as before, you can not be afraid.

Condoms Durex Select

Nice Fruit aroma And New sensations – That’s what characterizes Durex Select. The series includes condoms of four aromas: apple, banana, strawberry And orange. The ingredients in the grease are selected especially carefully, the risk of allergic reactions is minimized.
This series will become an indispensable assistant at:

  • Oral sex. Blowjob does not exclude the possibility of infection with sexual infection, therefore, and with this type of contact about protection, you should not forget. In addition, fruit taste and aroma will help in emancipation and make a blowjob not only a pleasant, but also a “delicious” activity.
  • Increased sensitivity to aromas. If, due to the smell reacting to the smell of latex, it does not manage to relax, flavored condoms will eliminate this problem.

Fruit aromas can act as a type Aphrodisiac. Select your fragrance from four tastes of the series Select, Diversify your sex.

Durex classic condoms

Classical series Durex designed for men with standard size. Condoms are suitable for a penis with a length from 14 to 19 cm and girth in the area 140-145 mm. Despite their simplicity, they have a number of irreplaceable characteristics:

  • Repeating the penis form Makes the process of putting on condom Fast And Light.
  • Latex made According to special methods, fully devoid of an unpleasant odor.
  • Lubrication developed from silicone oil, Provides comfortable penetration. With her, sexual intercourse will be painless In any position.

Classic Great for lovers of classic sex. In addition, the price of them is often less compared to other types of condoms.

Condom Durex Elite

In sex, it is important Feel and feel partner, this contributes to rapprochement and emancipation. Durex Elite designed to ensure deep Tactile contact. Series Significantly different From the classic line of the company due to:

  • Super-thin walls. Contraceptives allow you to feel a partner without restrictions.
  • Special shape: perfectly repeats the penis, so that the condom does not notice at all at the moment of intimacy.

Continents contain grease excellent quality that is enough for all sexual intercourse.

Durex Extra Safe condoms

Condoms Durex Extra Safe – ideal protection option With anal sex, And all because they:

  • Have Additional lubricant. The lack of natural lubrication in the anal environment leads to ruptures, cracks And pain sensations. Special lubrication in condom allows to avoid these troubles provide Emergency of penetration.
  • They have sufficient strength. Thickened walls so strong that Do not cause discomfort During the friction of the member of the sphincter and Protect from anal infections.

Despite the fact that condoms Extra Safe They differ more thickness, Thanks to them anatomical form “Easy on“, They tightly tighten the penis, which allows you to get the same pleasure, As with sex with protection standard thickness.

Durex Dual Extase condoms

Durex condoms: overview of popular species. We select protection for every taste | Condoms
If desired Increase the duration sex should buy condoms Durex Dual Extase. Thanks to special lubrication, which includes local Anesthetic benzocaine, On the penis, the transmission of pulses according to the nerve endings is partially blocked. This allows Slow down the onset of orgasm The man.
Series Dual Extase will give pleasure both partners:

  • For women on the condome, pimples and ribs are provided. Due to friction, they stimulate all receptors, accelerating the onset of orgasm.
  • For men, an indispensable assistant will be prolonging lubrication. With her, proximity will stretch for a pleasant, long period.

Simultaneous Orgasm of both partners Enhances sensations at times, but it is not always possible to achieve it. This series is directed precisely to achieve simultaneous orgasm, What, judging by the reviews of buyers, is excellent copes.

Condoms Durex Sensation

These condoms have become real sensation for lovers reinforced sensations. Whole 500 small points Located on them surfaces, And all this is so that not a single site is left without attention.
Most buyers note the following Distinctive qualities Series:

  • Bring notes of diversity even in classic sex.
  • Help to surprise the partner with new sensations.
  • Affect even those areas that usually remain without attention.

Sensation Provides Intensive effect on both partners simultaneously.

Durex Invisible condoms

Durex Invisible can rightfully be called “invisible“. This The thinnest look from the entire line Durex.
Of the positive qualities of the series, you can distinguish:

  • Small width. Total 52 mm Compared to classic 56 mm, which provides Dense fit condom and Strong girth member.
  • Availability abundant Lubrication. Thanks to it you can try The most unusual poses Without unnecessary discomfort.

An important feature that stands note – This width condom, because of which it may not be suitable for men whose penis exceeds 54 mm In diameter.

Durex Intense Orgasmic condoms

New The series helps partners to reach to the highest point orgasm. When developing protection as a lubricant, it was used Special gel "Desirex". According to the manufacturer, thanks to the components that are part of the gel, No one will be left without orgasm.
In addition new lubrication Condes also contain:

  • A ribbed surface felt during friction.
  • Point structure affecting the nerve endings.

Consumers who have already tried this novelty are satisfied with her A pleasant mint aroma and created sensations heat, cold And pleasant tingling simultaneously.

Condoms Durex pleasuremax

Ribbed surface Pleasuremax Designed on enhanced stimulation both partners. Thanks to successfully located Rubram and points, Condom acts on the necessary Receptors, Strengthening Feel.
The undoubted advantages of this type:

  • Provides mutual Additional sensations. Relief made in such a way that it gives pleasure as woman, So man.
  • Stripes, located at the base, provide Cliter stimulation And they can help get a clitoral ecstasy.

Consumers note that condoms With an unusual surface help to diversify sexual life and bring New unforgettable sensations.

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