Differences between polyurethane and latex condoms

Differences between polyurethane and latex condoms.

As a rule, polyurethane condoms are recommended as an alternative barrier method of contraception for people who are allergic to latex and cannot use latex condoms. Although warning inscriptions can be a little confusing (more about this later), this dislocated alternative turned out to be an effective method of contraception, which is used and stored in the same way as any other condom. Polyurethane condoms provide reliable protection against sexually transmitted infections (IPP). In addition, some people prefer polyurethane condoms, even if they do not have allergies to latex. Why?

On condoms from polyurethane

– They are thinner, which can increase sensitivity. However, polyurethane condoms are not as elastic as latex, which can mean that they are more prone to break.

– They can safely be used both with oily and water -based lubricants (oil -based greases can damage latex condoms and reduce their effectiveness).

– They transmit heat better than other condoms, which can enhance the pleasure of some people who prefer a feeling of heat.

– The shelf life longer than that of latex condoms.

So then with warning inscriptions?

Floody synthetic condoms are a later development and they were not studied as carefully as their latex analogues. For this reason, the Office for Sanitary Supervision of the Quality of Food and Medicines of the United States (FDA) recommends polyurethane condoms to people sensitive or allergic to latex. For everyone else, FDA recommends latex barrier contraception methods. This can explain some differences in the consumer marking of two types of condoms. So, if you do not have allergies to latex, but you still prefer polyurethane condoms, be sure that they provide the same level of protection as latex.

As for the proper transportation and storage, although there are few published studies of polyurethane condoms, you should follow the same recommendations as for latex condoms. For example, it is recommended to store condoms away from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, humidity, and also not to rub, not to compress and not deform in any other way. Like latex condoms, polyurethane condoms have an expiration date indicating that they can no longer be used. If you want to hold one condom at hand, you can put it in a free pocket or bag. But remember that when you wear condoms in your pocket, handbag or wallet for a long time, they can be damaged or too much warm. It is important to store them in a safe place, preferably not in the bathroom, far from heat sources, moisture and any sharp objects.

Remember that the choice of the type of condom depends on you and your partner, based on what is best suited for your comfort and pleasure. And regardless of whether you suffer from latex allergies or not, remember that there are other condom materials for the choice.

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