What is a footfetish?

What is a footfetish?.

Footfetish is a sexual attraction to the feet, which is more often observed in male representatives. Excitement can appear from the appearance of the foot, the aroma of its skin or touch it. Below we consider whether this attraction is the norm and why it occurs at all.

What is a footfitish and what is its feature

There are many varieties of sexual fetishism, which are characterized by the appearance of excitement from seeing various inanimate objects and some parts of the body. As already mentioned, the legs act as such an object.

Most fans of this type of fetish prefer that the partner takes a shower before intercourse. But there are many those who like the natural smell of stop.

Popular practices

Foot-physhysts receive sexual pleasure from licking and sniffing the feet, stimulation of the genitals with the lower extremities. In addition, they like to suck and lick their fingers or massage the feet before copulation.

Erotic massage of the limbs is very popular, since a huge number of nerve endings are concentrated on the feet. To do this, use rosemary oil or sandal.

Certain types of BDSM, such as tickling, effect on the feet with high temperatures or cold, are related to this fetish. In addition, the fetishists often crush their partner’s face with their feet or stomp on his body. The latter is called springboard.

This type of fetish in modern culture is widely represented in pornographic videos. Actually, many famous people are foot-physhysts, the most famous of them today Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino. He invited some actresses to shoot, including due to the fact that he liked their feet.

Footfitish is common in some oriental cultures. In China, for example, at one time, they revered a small size of a woman’s leg, and in India they like to decorate the feet with bracelets.

What is footfetish and is it normal?

According to psychotherapists, footfitish is absolutely normal and harmless, but only if sexual attraction does not weaken in the absence of it. Otherwise, it will be necessary to eliminate the problem with the psychotherapeutic method. Therefore, a strong love for women’s feet does not yet indicate serious troubles with the psyche and does not make a person a sick pervert.

But if a person’s partner ceases to be interesting and he likes an extremely defined part of the body in him, then it is necessary to correct the problem and redo himself. After all, few people want to enter into an alliance with a similar person, whose subject of love and adoration is only one detail.

As a rule, the notorious foot-physhysts themselves infrequent relationships themselves, and pay prostitutes who are well aware of the foot puffer and this does not scare them. In addition, professional priestesses of love know better how to satisfy a person with this interesting preference.

Why is a footfetish appears

No one knows if people with such a fetish are born or acquire it in the process of puberty. However, it can be accurately argued that in most it manifests itself in early childhood.

The following causes of foot-physhyism are distinguished:

If the child regularly looks at his mother’s bare legs or even massages them, it can cause a special love for the lower limbs in the future.

In the puberty, there is a hormonal surge, and adolescents begin to fantasize and think about women. They are more often looking at the feet, since this is the most open part of the female body and they may develop a certain attachment to them.

This inclination may occur if a person has experienced humiliation from a woman. For example, she changed him, painfully insulted or refused to meet.

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