Fetish for beginners

Fetish for beginners.

Fetish for beginners

Fetish is not at all for eccentrics, sex toys and other devices have long attracted general attention. All this can be seen in films, on TV, and even in local shopping centers you can buy a different bondage. Deviations have finally become acceptable, and this is a great chance to add additional fun to the bedroom. You are nervous? And in vain. BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism) varies from soft to hard, so you can independently set the level of permissible.

Consider the soft version of the fetish, which most women will calmly accept thanks to a frequent demonstration in the media. Start your journey and you will be surprised where you can get you. Here are some of the fetish toys.

Fetish for beginners

Silk scarves

Many women fantasize about how they are binded by their hands … or legs. Want to know if your woman applies to them? Bring several silk scarves to the bedroom and hide under the pillows. Caress her body until she starts to pray for sex. And when she reaches an irrevocable point, take out scarves and draw them through her body. Bow low to her and warn you that you are going to tie her hands;If she groaned with anticipation, then you have a real admirer in your hands Bondage. If I reacted with fear, slow down, perhaps this is not for her. And you can always try again later.
Clue. If this is her first experience, do not tie her to a motionless subject. Instead, tie the wrists together, this will give her the feeling that she can stop everything if desired. You want her to feel limited, not a cemented.

Candle wax

It may look painful, but it is extremely erotic sensations. Put a lit candle on the bedside table so that it can be easily obtained. Excite a woman in any way that likes her: kisses, biting, etc.P. And when she starts to wriggle under you, take out the candle, and keep it over the female body. Slowly tilt the candle until the first drop falls. Look for less sensitive places, so you can check whether such a game is suitable for a woman with wax. If she likes, then continued. Try not to drip into supersensitive places, for example, face, nipples, clitoris, etc.P.
Clue. Sex stores often sell special candles that burn less intensively than ordinary candles. If you first experiment with wax, then this is ideal for starters.

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