All you need to know about sexual prelude

All you need to know about sexual prelude.

All you need to know about sexual prelude

Preliminary caresses can be compared with the bonfire. Flame — This is your relationship, sex, orgasm. And the thrush — prelude. If you throw one thin plank — The fire will quickly fade away. Intimate life will turn into routine. Therefore, you need a large supply of firewood and patience. Similarly, in the preludes before proximity: do not rush to get everything at once, study each other’s sexual secrets.

Why do you need a prelude before proximity

You do not start dinner in a restaurant with a dessert. First relies a snack, a basket with bread, drinking. All this increases the appetite to the main dish. The prelude in sex brings passion and liberates partners.

Kiss. The simplest thing that can be implemented in the prelude. And during a kiss in your body, a stormy chemical cocktail occurs: oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin is released. A passionate kiss leads to a stress hormone release — cortisol. As a result, you feel euphoria, excitement, increased feeling of attachment. And this is just a kiss.

All you need to know about sexual prelude

Prelude releases partners from stiffness. The first sexual contact in life, the long -awaited intimacy with a girl, a dream guy, a fleeting meeting with a stranger — All this makes you get nervous and embarrassed. The prelude in sex reduces excitement, liberates, increases sexual arousal, which causes new physiological reactions in your body:

  1. Increase in the heartbeat. Pulse increases before proximity.
  2. Expansion of blood vessels. A blood flow in the genital area appears
  3. The lubrication of the vagina. More pleasant sensations, relieves pain.

If you want to feel a powerful orgasm, dizzying pleasure and high from sex — Focus on preludes.

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