Sensual massage: what is it, advice on preparing and conducting | Practices

Sensual massage: what is it, tips for preparing and conducting.

Sensual massage: what is it, advice on preparing and conducting | Practices
It will probably be difficult to find a person who does not like massage. For many, this is a way to relax, temporarily forget about problems and unrest, enjoying the sensitive and caring hands of a loved one. And it can also become an interesting form of prelude, if you give a partner not simple, but sensual massage. How to prepare for it, which will be needed besides oil, how it differs from ordinary and other tips, read in this article.

What is a sensual massage

Very often in tips on how to diversify the prelude, it is recommended to use erotic massage. Unlike simple, it is used to cause sexual excitement in a partner. Applying various techniques, you not only get the relaxation of the whole body, but also by mutual agreement, also an orgasm, as well as other advantages:

  • stress is reduced;
  • Libido rises;
  • the general state of health, as well as muscles and joints improves;
  • Relations in pairs are improving.

Sensual massage teases and excites a partner. No need to try to fix scoliosis or other health problems from him. The main task is to focus on him or her attention on where and how your hands touch the body.

How to prepare for erotic massage

Remove all distracting factors: turn off the phones or put on a soundless mode, turn off the TV, music at will, but it is better if it is quiet and relaxing.

Configure suitable lighting. It is easier for a person to relax if the light is dim. You can light an aroma lamp or candles.

Communication. Discuss in advance with the partner: how the massage will take place, what it will be, what can be needed and put it nearby, so as not to be distracted later in search. And also do not forget to exchange during massage with your impressions and wishes.

Create a comfortable room temperature. If you want the partner to completely undress and relax during massage, you need to make sure that the room is warm (at least 22-25 degrees Celsius) or use the heater.

Do not worry that you will do something wrong. Relax, the partner knows very well that you are a layman in the field of massage, so just have fun and perfectly spend time together.

Put in order in the room. Remove unnecessary things so as not to be distracted during massage. Cover the bed with a special sheet so as not to worry that bedding or mattress will deteriorate. Improte the room.

What will be needed for sensory massage

Massage Oil. Adding massage oil will help make touching the body more pleasant, the muscles relax faster, and the recipient’s skin at the end of the procedure will become very smooth and tender. Do not immediately pour a lot of funds on the body – add gradually when turn to massage the new site.

Advice. Place the bottle of oil in a container with hot water to warm it, shortly before the start of the session. Both the partner and you will be much more pleasant to use the product.

Massage candle – This is a special wax that turns when heated into warm silky and aromatic oil. Do not forget to extinguish the candle before pouring oil on the skin of a partner.

Liquid vibrator. A small amount of agent is applied to genitals, enhancing blood flow to them, which leads to an increase in sensitivity in the erogenous zone. The sensations from action can be different: light tingling, vibration, heat feeling.

Lubricant and condoms. If you together decide that the massage session ends with sex, the lubricant will penetrate more smooth. And condoms are necessary to protect and protect against infections transmitted sexually.

Paper or ordinary towels will help remove excess oil from the skin.

BDSM Axuars. Mask on the eyes will help the partner relax even more and focus on the pleasure received. Puff diversify the sensations from touch. Bondage set It will also be useful – fixed arms and legs leave no other choice, except to fully surrender to pleasure from the procedure.

Vibration massager. Usage vibrator Not only adds variety to massage, but also increase blood flow to the skin, help relieve tension from the muscles (if the hands are not enough, or you are tired). Do not forget about other sex toys, for example, anal traffic or Prostate massage. They will create a feeling of internal fullness, will additionally stimulate the sensitive zone if you use a device with vibration.

How to carry out sensory massage

Conducting an erotic massage of the whole body implies that the host is undressing (partially or completely) and lies on the couch or bed. Anyone who massage can remain in comfortable clothes or also be exposed.

The first 20 minutes of erotic massage should take place as a regular. Do not immediately go to intimate zones, but let the excitement to grow gradually. And for the giver and for the host, the moment of relaxation is very important. This is especially true for the recipient – he should release all the concerns and excitement, and just let the body “swim with the flow”, trusting his partner’s hands.

First, the partner should lie on the stomach. Then giving in slow and smooth movements massages each part of the body of the receiving. Start on top and move down: neck, shoulders, arms, back, buttocks, legs, feet. Then turn the partner on your back and make sensory scalp massage, many people have a very erogenous zone, which is often forgotten about. Then move down in the same way as in the first part.

How to caress a partner with your hands

Do not forget that in the process of massage it is necessary to alternate pressure and intensity. To do this, touch the partner’s body differently-to press somewhere stronger, and in another place to touch gently and gently. Here’s how your fingers and palms can be used:

  • Fingertips – light touch, tickling.
  • Fingers’ knuckles – more intense pressing, creating patterns.
  • Thumbs: they can be pressed in the most stressful places, but be sure to check with the partner – whether such a point pressure, if the recipient is against it, is better not to insist.
  • The base of the palm is wide, deep pressure. You can add a little body weight to massage the muscles well.
  • The whole palm can be used for extensive touch to the skin.

Sensual massage: what is it, advice on preparing and conducting | Practices
After you massaged the whole body, it’s time go to the erotic component. First caress the site around the intimate area, for example, instead of touching the nipples, you can stroke the skin around them. Or gently squeeze the inside of the thigh, gradually rising higher, but without touching the genitals. So the partner will already look forward to the “main event”.

And now, when he is already trembling with excitement, you can begin the main action. Here, instead of oil, you can take lubrication for oral sex or Exciting cream.

How to caress a girl. Apply a little exciting tool to the clitoris and let it act (5-7 minutes). Then put your hand on the forehead palm down and slowly move towards the clitoris and entrance to the vagina. Let your fingers easily and smoothly glide over her labia and around them. Repeat with the other hand. Experiment with different movements and pressure. At the end (if it does not mind) you can penetrate your finger inside or start oral affection. And also use (or replace caressing with your fingers) Mini-vibrator.

How to caress a guy. Gently spread the exciting grease along the head and trunk of the penis, and wait a bit, paying attention to other erogenous zones or communication at this time. One hand slides up and down with delicate movements, and the other caresses the scrotum. With the thumbs they massage the bridle or crotch. If desired and agreement, then you can go to the blowjob.

Massage does not have to end with sexual intercourse. Otherwise, this can lead to the formation of unwanted pressure on another participant: “I made you well, now it’s your turn”. The receiving will simply refuse, although he likes the process, as he knows that he must “thank”. Therefore, present the massage as a gift to the partner so that he feels desired without a hint that there will be sex at the end.

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