Prostate massage: what is it, how to do, what gives.

Prostate massage: what is it, how to do, what gives..

Prostate massage: what is it, how to do, what gives.

There are a lot of materials on the Internet about the notorious point “G” in women, where it is and how to stimulate it. In principle, a man also has his own point “g”, although it is not customary to talk about it. In this case, we are talking about the prostate gland.


What’s happened

Prostate gland, or simply a prostate, – Prostate massage: what is it, how to do, what gives.
This is the iron of the male body of internal secretion. The prostate is located below the bladder, a part of the urethra passes through it, into which its ducts open.

What is he doing

The prostate gland produces a secret that comes out of a man during ejaculation (ejaculation). This secret contains many useful components: immunoglobulin, enzymes, vitamins, minerals. Actually, therefore, swallowing sperm is not dangerous, but rather useful. Well, what to disappear to useful substances. 🙂Of course, provided that a man does not suffer from infectious diseases.

Where is

The prostate gland is in the center of the male pelvis. Speaking in a simple, not medical language, the iron is in contact with the bladder and the back with the rectum. You can read in detail about Wikipedia or in textbooks on urology.

A visit to the andrologist

Prostate massage: what is it, how to do, what gives.
Men who at least once were at consultations with an endrologist (in other words, a male pussy specialist), they know that the prostate is precisely and palpated through the wall of the rectum. The doctor introduces a lubricated finger into the anus and checks the condition of the gland: shape, homogeneity, and so on. Ultrasound examination is carried out in a similar way, only in instead of a finger is a special tip of the study apparatus is used. The procedure itself is fast, painless.

By the way, you need to visit andrologist after 30 years regularly, at least once a year. Specialists of this industry note the high level of diseases of the genitourinary system because of men due to the fact that they see a doctor very late. But almost all diseases are easily treated in the early stages. Poet, men, it’s not scary to go to the urologist-endwall, it’s scary when you can’t go to the sprinkle at night from the fact that the prostate was swollen. By the way, prostatitis is getting younger, among patients with this diagnosis there are a lot of young guys of 20 years old. Do not think this is an old disease. 😉

Why a man needs prostate massage?

Incomparable pleasure

Prostate massage: what is it, how to do, what gives.
Like any other massage, prostate massage contributes to the flow of blood to iron, and due to the large number of nerve endings in the pelvic region, the mechanical effect on the gland can give great pleasure, including sexual.

Prevention and treatment of prostate diseases

In medical practice, prostate massage is used as a method of treatment and prevention of certain diseases of the prostate gland, as this reduces inflammation and relieves pain.

Prevention of erectile dysfunction

In addition, massage improves potency due to blood flow to the penis and is the prevention of erectile dysfunction.

Prostate massage in your bedroom.

To start using prostate massage in prelude to sex, there must be a complete trust between partners. There is nothing bad in such stimulation, but only pleasure. Nevertheless, many men do not agree to such manipulations, believing that foreign objects in the anus are poked only by representatives of sex minorities. And at the same time, remember two things: firstly, you can try, and, secondly, no one will know.

Where to start stimulation of the prostate?


Prostate massage: what is it, how to do, what gives.
First, the man needs to relax: do his back massage or erotic massage. If you have already practiced poppers in your sex, you can let the man breathe a couple of times. By the way, a man can do stimulation of a prostate on his own.


Before penetration, lubricate the anal hole with a special anal grease on the water -based lubricant. You can use the usual lubricant. Do not use petroleum jelly – smear the whole body, ruin the linen and wash it for a long time. Prostate massage: what is it, how to do, what gives.
Then grease the index or medium finger and carefully enter it into the anus. It is better that the hands are warm and lubricant too. Do not rush, periodically make pauses, pay attention to the state of the man. Give the muscles the opportunity to get used to and relax.

If in plans to stimulate only with a finger, then one thing is enough. But if you want to use special devices or toys, you will have to work to develop a sphincter. In this case, enter the second finger, having previously lubricated it with a lubricant.

Try to find a prostate. Press your fingers slightly towards the abdominal wall. You must feel a small rounded homogeneous compaction through the rectum wall. Congratulations, this is the prostate gland. With light pressure on the prostate, a man can strain a penis – this is normal.

Using stimulants and vibrators

Prostate massage: what is it, how to do, what gives.
Now you can enter a massager or stimulant. Do it slowly and accurately so as not to harm.

During prostate massage, stimulate the man’s penis. According to various statistical estimates, from 10% to 30% of men can experience an orgasm without stimulation of the penis.

Orgasm with prostate stimulation

When a man is ready to finish, the prostate becomes more dense, so to speak tenses. When stimulating a prostate, as a rule, an orgasm is longer, the sensations are brighter, and the amount of ejaculate can be more than 2-3 times more than 2-3.

Which gives prostate stimulation

Prostate massage: what is it, how to do, what gives.

When stimulating a prostate with a vibration sensation or massage

  • Prostates erects,
  • increases the number of sperm,
  • The stagnation of the secretion of the prostate gland is eliminated,
  • Improving potency,
  • A man can experience multi -organism,
  • Prevention of prostatitis occurs

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