Nura massage. What is it and how to do?

Nura massage. What is it and how to do?.

What is this?

Nuru massage is one of the varieties of intimate massage, and the peculiarity is that it is done in the complete absence of clothes in both partners and due to the contact of naked sliding bodies. It is believed that such massage helps to improve the body, and is also able to give harmony to the body and soul.

What is needed to prepare?

Special gel

Nura massage is performed only using a special gel made on the basis of nori seaweed, containing natural components, as well as moisturizers. Unique in composition, it has no taste and smell. With such massage, you cannot use any other gels and lubricants.

Sufficient space

In order to organize Nura’s massage, you need to take care in advance about the presence of sufficient space for it, since a large amount of gel will be required, and in the absence of free space you can stain all around with gel. Also, do not forget about the waterproof sheet that will help you not to stain the bed.

Massage technique

Nuru is made by the body. The peculiarity of this technique is the magic of touch. During classic sex, it is not always possible to feel the touch of intimate parts of the body to the skin in unexpected places, but during the Nuru session you can feel the heating of the perineum, for example, hips or ankles, feel the elasticity of the chest with your back, and without the opportunity to touch the spicy parts of the body, excites the excitement.

Implementation techniques

1. Let the partner fall on the stomach, you lie on top and start sliding up and down with your chest, starting from the partner’s shoulders and ending with the buttocks. Such a movement can be achieved if you bend “In a whim”, kneeling. You can carry out the same action in a different situation – when a partner lies on your back.

2. The partner should lie on the stomach, you-slide buttocks along his back up and down and left-right.

3. Sit on your partner’s back facing his feet, take your hands into his lower back and slide back and forth.

4. You can use the previous technique, and then continue, moving forward and sitting on the buttocks of a man. Lean forward and with the help of your hands knead in a circular movement of the thigh and caviar.

5. Sit on your partner’s back face to his head, stretching your legs forward (by his shoulders). Let him wrap your ankles to provide you with convenience. Lean on your hands and slide the buttocks from the lower back to the shoulders, and back.

What to do with gel? Rinse or leave?

Wash the gel after a nura massage must. It is usually washed off with ordinary water, so after an erotic action, just go into the shower.

What is the difference between the gel for Nura and massage oil?

Nuru massage gel is unique in its composition. It is worth considering that for such a massage you should not use any other gels and lubricants. Firstly, because they will need too many. Secondly, they will quickly wash, and you will not be able to get the necessary relaxation. A thick and perfectly sliding nourus massage gel is designed specifically for it and has a perfectly suitable consistency. One of his drops is enough for a large part of the body, and it is sold in large containers.

Is it possible to use this gel for anal/vaginal sex?

Most often, it is not recommended to use this gel as a lubricant, but for more confidence, carefully read the instructions for use and precautions.

Is it possible to cook it at home?

Theoretically, you can cook anything at home, if you have a great desire. But, firstly, it should be taken into account that the preparation of a Nura massage gel is a complex technological process, and you can hardly observe all the nuances. Secondly, such a gel will require a lot of ingredients in large numbers. These are ingredients such as Nori, glycerin, aloe algae extract, Indian lo (cactus, which must be cut and used by the soft part) and others.

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