Massage to the lings

Massage to the lings.

Not everyone likes to call the word "penis" literary or medical analogues. That is why this word was renamed in the lings, which sounds more harmonious. This concept was borrowed from Sanskrit and means "The rod of the light". "The rod of the light" – An important tantric symbol that makes a person create and enjoy.

Definition of the LINGs

For Indians this is not just a word, but an important symbol of the god Shiva. In India, you will find this symbol in many places. Usually it is depicted in the form of a cylinder, the top of which is rounded or made in the form of a hemisphere.

Lingamo massage

Massage to the lings

For a man, such massage is of great importance. Eastern people are serious about the sexual interaction of a man and a woman. The energy that is released has vitality. Lingam massage can contribute to healing from many diseases. All organs in our body interact with each other, so the work of others depends on the work of one organ.

There are many active points in our body, the impact on which gives a positive charge to other organs. And the penis in this case is no exception, there are also many points there. What a man is experiencing with such massage, even not to talk. This gives an incredible pleasure. And the woman who will give her man such a massage will make him very pleased. Men’s gratitude is provided to her!

Massage technique

You can learn the massage technique in specialized centers, but you can master it yourself. Such massage should occur in comfortable conditions, so you must first create the corresponding environment. It is necessary to ensure sufficient relaxation. Such a massage should occur in a convenient place and at a convenient time, so that you do not have to rush anywhere and do not think about anything. The use of massage oil will also help relax. It will help hands easily slide over the surface and provides the most tender touches. Massage oil can have a soothing or, conversely, exciting effect. Before you do massage, it will be necessary to massage the whole body within 10 minutes. This has the best effect and prepares a man for the most important. Pay attention to each part of the body, but do not touch the main organ until the main organ. A man should feel maximum relaxation, his breathing should be calm.

It is desirable that throughout the massage the man’s breathing remain calm. Therefore, if it suddenly becomes intermittent, it is necessary to achieve a calm state again. Do not strive for orgasm, this is not the main thing in this form of massage. The main goal is to accumulate energy, and not vice versa. After all, with ejaculation, the energy emission is just taking place. You need to feel this moment and, when the ejaculation approaches, do everything to avoid it. In the process of massage, it is necessary to reach the end of the ending several times and avoid it. In the end, this will lead to an unusually bright discharge that will give a man incredible pleasure. Such actions will also help maintain energy, because the ejaculation will occur only once. Orgasm and ejaculation are actually two different actions, so a man needs to learn how to distinguish them.

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