Lingam massage: what is it for men and how to do

Lingam-massage for the pleasure of a man.

Lingam massage: what is it for men and how to do

Many have heard about tantric sex. This Indian practice helps to pump not only the physical side of the intimate life, but also the spiritual. Followers of the exercise believe that energy management helps to receive powerful orgasms and not exhale during copulation. There are applied methods that can be used to stimulate the genitals of a man. And this is not a simple handjob, but much more interesting.

What is it for men

Lingam massage: what is it for men and how to do

Lingam massage – exposure to a penis using hands using tantric techniques. The word “lingam” came to us from Sanskrit – the ancient Indian language. You can translate as a “sign” or “label”. This is the male genital organ – a symbol of fertility and productive nature forces.

Lingam massage differs from traditional handjoba. There the only goal of the girl is to bring the guy to ejaculation. Tantra technique goes on. She offers to concentrate on sensations and restrain the ejaculation as long as possible. According to practices, after several sessions, a man can experience a multiple orgasm, and not one, as is usually the case.

The origins of the massage

For European culture, the Lingam is simply a designation of a member associated with Hinduism. In fact, this word symbolizes the god Shiva, the sacred ancestor. Therefore, orthodox Indians consider the expression vulgar and indecent. And not in vain.

Lingam massage did not appear in ancient times. His technique was developed by the German Andreas Rot. In the 1970s, he opened in Berlin the Tantra School “Diamond Lotus”. Then, the idea of German was picked up by Joseph Kramer, aka Mantac Chia – a master of Tao and an erotic massage teacher.

According to some reports, Kramer finished forming the technique of lingam massage in 1982, after which he switched to work with feminist Annie Sprinkl. By her order, the Taoist created the concept of yoni massage for women.

Over time, practice became popular and in the nineties reached the territory of the CIS countries.

Anatomy of Lingam

Lingam massage: what is it for men and how to do

Before moving on to the description of the massage, consider the anatomy of the penis. The penis consists of the following parts:

  • Base.
  • Trunk.
  • Head.
  • Foreskin.

At the end of the head there is a hole of the urethra through which the urination and ejaculation process occurs. The scrotum consists of two testicles. And this part of the body is also involved in stimulation.

The most sensitive place is the head. It has thousands of nerve endings on it. Therefore, men like even those girls who have not mastered the “deep sip” technique. To achieve orgasm, it is enough to drive your lips on the head.

There is a place that is more susceptible to caresses. This is a bridle. If the guy has the extreme flesh, the head is less sensitive. Thin skin rubs against the fabric of underwear and gradually becomes rough.

Between the anus and the testicles is the crotch. Through it you can massage the prostate without penetration into the anus. If you press on this point during ejaculation, sperm will be directed to the bladder. There is a chance to get a dry orgasm.

Preparation for stimulation

Lingam massage: what is it for men and how to do

Before the massage of Lingam, you need to create a romantic, relaxing atmosphere. Entourage affects the emotional state no less than active actions. All channels of perception should be used: auditory, visual, olfactory, tactile.


Calm compositions without high bass are suitable. A delicate, soothing track will create the right mood. You can use traditional Chinese or Indian motifs. Or turn on the background plain noise that dramatizes extraneous sounds and helps to focus on sexual practices.

Eastern meditative tunes switch the mind to the desired wave. Men are as susceptible to sound as women. Therefore, it is easy to fill the auditory channel.


Ordinary daylight lights are not suitable. They set up the body on active actions, do not let them relax. If there is only electric lighting, it is better to choose warm yellow shades. Tonality in Kelvins should not exceed 3,000 units.

There is a classic option – candles. Fire gives a meditative effect. It’s good if the candles are aromatic. Some of them in molten form can be used as massage oil.


Here the variability is unusually great. From sandalwood sticks and incense to spirits with pheromones in the composition. The choice must be made in accordance with the preferences of the guy. If he cannot stand the smell of roses, then it is better to refuse such incense. It is better to choose light, refreshing bouquets with citrus notes.

Tobacco smells are more likely to make the body produce adrenaline. It is not needed in rest and relaxation conditions.


Parts should be thought out. Some men like silk sheets. Others consider smooth fabric something feminine and prefer ordinary cotton. The only thing that you do not need to cover a bed or couch is synthetics. Plastic does not give the desired oxygen access to the skin. Sweat during a session is not the best result.

Masseuse is better to choose an outfit in the eastern style. Stockings and underwear will clearly be superfluous. Even a robe with Japanese or Chinese motives will look much more advantageous. Take care of the silence. The crying of neighboring children behind the wall is unlikely to help create the desired atmosphere.

The choice of lubrication

It is clear that without a lubricant, stimulation will turn into an unpleasant and painful procedure. No matter what kind of tenderness the masseuse acts, sensitive skin can suffer. Here are a couple of possible compositions:

  1. Oil -based cream. Synthetic and natural oils destroy latex condoms. If you want to have sex after the procedure, give up this option.
  2. Silicone Grease. Perfect liquid. Has neutral acidity, does not corrode the material of contraceptive means. Does not dry out during stimulation.

In traditional massage, it is customary to use coconut oil. It negatively affects condoms. Like massage candles, warming creams. If there is no silicone lubrication at hand, use what is. Only after the session, ask the man to take a shower to wash off the traces of lubricants from the skin.

Technique of execution

Lingam massage: what is it for men and how to do

We talked a lot about preparation and anatomy. It’s time to move on to active practice. Remember that the maximum attention of the stimulation of the penis should be paid. But do not forget about the rest of the body. It also has erogenous zones.

Take a pose

The most logical option is when a man lies on his back with her legs spread, and a woman stands on her knees next to the scrotum. Here the maximum scope for manipulations opens. You can stroke the hips, then go to the stomach, pubis and lower your hands to the penis. In the intervals between the stimulation of the genitals, the guy’s nipples should be caressed, his earlobes.

But nothing prevents you from choosing a more convenient position. For example, a great position – to sit on the side, on the edge of the bed.

Apply grease

Squeeze a little grease in the palm. It is important to check that the composition is not cold. If the temperature is lower than 36 °, it is better to rub the lubricant between the palms, blow on it with warm air.

First of all, touch with lubricated hands to his head, then slide along the barrel so that the liquid is evenly distributed on the skin. Process the pubis, and then the crotch.

Start stimulation

Hold the penis with both hands. Fingers should be on the upper part of the penis, while the thumbs are gently pressed to the lower part. Raise it slightly, stroking with the index and thumb of the base to the head. Raise one hand up, then the other.

With one hand, take the base. Another slide up to the head. Keep the thumb of the second hand directed upward, pressing to its barrel when you move.

Massage the bridle that is located right under the head of the penis, with the thumbs. Slowly draw in a circular movement around the bridle and the head of the penis.

Cover the fingers of both hands, as if praying. Place its penis between the inside of your fingers and the thumbs, which will be placed on the bottom of Lingam. Pass the barrel with both hands. You can change this technique by squeezing and unclenching your fingers.

Press your fingers into its crotch, the area between the testicles and the anus. This can give pleasure to a man because you get access to his prostate. Make sure your nails are short and smooth. Or perform stimulation with fingertips.

You also can:

  • Stroke with one hand from the base to the head, and then with the other hand.
  • Change direction, moving from the head of the penis to the base.
  • Massage the head of Lingam, as if squeezing juice from an orange.
  • Turn your hand from side to side, stroking a man.
  • Add to massage men’s sex toys, for example, Tenga eggs.
  • Pass through the penis with a soft or fur cloth.

Experiment with hot or cold temperatures – warming or cooling massage oils are great for this.

The main goal is not to cause an erection and allow you to end as soon as possible. You need to create the maximum degree of excitement and keep it for a long time. Only after 20-30 minutes can ejaculation be provoked.

Focus on breathing

If a man feels too close to the finale, you can soften the touch. Recommend him to focus on his breath. This will help delay the ejaculation. Breathe synchronously or vice versa: when it inhales, you exhale. This technique shifts the focus of attention from sensory sensations. A degree of excitement falls.

There is another way. You need to squeeze the barrel hard with your fingers. But there is a risk of overdoing. Strong pain can cause panic. This completely kills an erection. Everything will have to start again.

Read more about video techniques:

Dry orgasm

Everyone heard about multiox. But it is believed that only girls can achieve such a state. This is wrong. Guys can also have pleasure several times in a row. But for this you will have to master the technique of orgasm without ejaculation.

At the same time, sperm still comes out of the testicles, but is blocked and entered in the opposite direction – towards the bladder. This is the reason that is called regressive ejaculation. After it, the erection remains, and the head does not become too sensitive, as after tickling. Therefore, repeated stimulation can cause a new orgasm.

Here are ways to cause regressive ejaculation:

  • Kegel exercises. Strengthening the pubic and cope muscle. The easiest way is to stop urination several times.
  • Cleaning of the perineum. If you squeeze the point between the scrotum and the anus in time, the urethra will be overlapped and the sperm will go back.
  • Pull his testicles down. The main thing is to do it gently. It is necessary to ensure that the nails are not sharp.

You can apply the last two options. Because Kegel’s exercises remain completely on the conscience of the guy. The first time it may not work. But after regular practice, you will definitely learn this technique.

We talked about Lingam massage. Explained what it is for men. Gave information on the methods of preparation and the technique of execution. It remains to master the practice and work it out on your guy.

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