How to do prostate massage

How to do prostate massage?.

How to do prostate massageProstate gland An important male organ. She produces sex and not only hormones. Participates in the process of ejaculation and orgasm. Most of the urologists believe that a prostate massage is necessary for every man. How to do prostate massage correctly to get the maximum result.

Why do you need prostate massage

The properly done procedure is the prevention and treatment of prostatitis and adenoma. With the help of massage, you can increase libido and get rid of erectile dysfunction. And also a way to obtain a bright, unforgettable anal orgasm.

If you do not monitor the health of the prostate gland, various ailments say about themselves early. Sexual attraction is reduced, the time of intercourse is reduced. By 40 – 50, each 3 men develop prostatitis. Further worse – erectile dysfunction and urination disorders.

To solve all these problems, there is a universal tool – massage.

Given the fact that the process is quite intimate. You can perform it at home on your own or with a partner.

How to do prostate massage correctly


  • Before starting, the intestines should be empty. Wash the entire crotch with soap. Spread a clean sheet and determine the pose.
  • The partner should cut his legs briefly, wash his hands thoroughly. Remove jewelry from hand, in order to avoid injuries. Use gloves or condom.
  • Use a lubricant-lubricant on a water or silicone basis.


With a partner. Masosseur or partner has a hand so that there are testicles in the palms, and the index finger in the rectum.

Firmly but gently, put your finger along the wall of the rectum. Tentatively at a distance of 5 cm from the entrance, feel the seal. The size of a walnut. This is a prostate.

Begin with delicate massaging movements from periphery to edges. Paying attention to each centimeter of the organ. Gradually increasing intensity. Massage about 2 minutes. Then along the central groove towards the scrotum. At this stage, prostatic juice stands out from the urethra. Pull the finger out of the anus. Be sure after everything you need to urinate.

If you want to massage the prostate pleasure to your husband, then start with a mcassion of a penis so that a man can relax, then gently massage the anal region and only then slowly move on to penetrate, without stopping moving on a member, then the man will be able to get the brightest orgasm into hislife. The main thing is to do everything smoothly and when it is completely relaxed.

Independent massage of the prostate with a finger.

The technique is also performed in a position convenient for this. Lying on the right side with knees pulled to the chest.

In the bathroom. Put your legs on the sides of the bathroom, a lubricated finger on the anus.

Standing by the table. Suitable for steam. Support on the table. Need to lean to the table. It is important to keep your legs straight.

Indirect massage. Without penetration. Performed in the area between testicles and anus. Circular movements with moderate pressing. Direction from the anus to the scrotum. It is considered the least effective.

With the help of vibration massagers.

Now you can find a large number of different anal vibration massagers. They contribute to massage and pleasure. Use them both alone and together.

A good example is Pipedream anal vibro -massager. Made of silicone. The length of the working surface is 9 cm. Has 3 speeds and 6 modes. Limiter.

Management from the remote control. You can find this device and others on This device will help to perform the procedure on your own and comfortable. No need to stretch and look for a convenient position.

Prostate massage is an important and necessary procedure.

How to do prostate massage

No need to be shy. Feel free to ask for help from your second half. With regular practice, you will have excellent physical health and magnificent sexual mood. Massage eliminates the stagnation of a prostatic secret. The amount of sperm increases. The production of male hormones is normalized.

Nice bonus. With the help of prostate stimulation, anal orgasm can be obtained. The prostate is compared by sensitivity with the female point g. Such orgasms are characterized by abundant ejaculation.

Be healthy. Take care of the prostate from the young.

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