Gright prostate massage: how to make a finger yourself

Gright prostate massage: how to make a finger yourself.

Gright prostate massage: how to make a finger yourself

Where is the buzz in the prostate?

Prostate massage is the best way to strengthen potency, strengthen erection, extend sexual intercourse in any, especially adulthood.

Orgasm can be obtained without even touching a penis – cum without hands.

The buzz for prostate massage occurs when, after strong tension, the secretion of the prostate gland occurs.  This is a very specific, deep euphoria, different from simple masturbation or sex. According to the reviews of men practicing anal stimulation, the sensations are very pleasant, and after orgasm from the massage of the prostate, relaxation and serenity come.

Preparation for prostate massage

2 hours before anal stimulation do not eat, go to the toilet, or put a cleaning enema of warm boiled water with the addition of a pair of vegetable drops. The full intestine will interfere with the receipt.

Drink 2 cups of water in 30-40 minutes so that the bladder is complete. The prostate on the one hand adjoins the bladder, so if it is complete, it will be easier to determine and the sensations will be more pleasant.

Step -by -step technique of independent massage prostate for pleasure

Choose a convenient pose.

The following are suitable:

Lying on the back in the bathroom, the legs are spread to the sides and raised up.

Gright prostate massage: how to make a finger yourself
Photo: independently make prostate massage for pleasure in the bathroom

Sitting on the toilet, legs are divorced to the sides.

Gright prostate massage: how to make a finger yourself
Photo: prostate massage for a high man

Perfectly lie in the bathroom, legs throw on the side walls.

Lubricate abundantly with grease (lubricant, cosmetic oil, petroleum jelly or vegetable oil without smell) anus.

Put on a glove, or a condom on the index finger, also lubricate abundantly with grease. There should be no dry friction, t.To. The mucous membrane of the anus and rectum is very tender, abrasions can form from dry finger introduction and inflammation will appear.

You can introduce your finger into the anus with soft jerky movements for no more than 5 cm, you can introduce, as during sex, in small fritzi – enter by 0.5 cm, then take out 1 cm, take out and so on until it is completely penetrated. This will not only relax the sphincter, but also cause excitement.

If you feel discomfort – do not rush, loosen and weaken the pressure.

As soon as your finger penetrates the anal passage over the entire length and you feel comfortable, gently and slowly, draw it along the back wall of the rectum.

Next, you need to feel the prostate with your finger

It is quite easy to find a prostate in your anus on your own. You need to enter the index finger into the ass and draw on the back surface of the rectum. The prostate gland will be felt like a dense, elastic tubercle with an uneven surface. Located approximately 6-7 cm from the anus.

Normally, when feeling the prostate with your finger, you must experience a slight excitement.

Gently move your finger along the prostate from the edge to the center, squeezing the secret towards the urethra, which it covers.

At first the iron should be soft, strok it slowly and carefully.

Then the excitement occurs, the member rises, and the iron hardens, you can enhance the strength of the pressure of the finger.

Next, from the edges of the prostate, “drive” its contents to the groove before ejaculation.


Independent prostate massage can only be carried out for pleasure. If you experience pain, discomfort during anal stimulation, and the released liquid is not transparent. And with impurities of yellow or blood – urgently consult a doctor.

Immediately after the massage, you need to pee to loosen the pressure of the bladder.

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