Erotic massage for men: erogenous zones and basic techniques

Erotic massage for men: erogenous zones and basic techniques.

Erotic massage for men: erogenous zones and basic techniques

Erotic massage — This is an interesting and exciting game that relaxes and excites. Here, sensual touches and affectionate touches alternate with delicate forceps, and kisses — With light biting. A good massage can bring almost the same pleasure as beautiful sex. Do you know where your beloved is erogenous? There are much more of them than you think. At first glance, it seems that nature created a man in the style of minimalism, but this is far from the case. Try to carefully study his body, and you will learn a lot of surprisingly new for yourself.

There is a very easy landmark: the situation is that men and women have primary erogenous zones, it follows that enjoying you, it will probably be pleasant for your partner.

Neck and head

The most sensitive to the gentle touches of the back of the head. In order to dump the tension, it is enough for a few minutes to knead the muscles of the neck, alternating with light touches and compressing the fingertips. You can also do your head massage, which is perfectly relaxing. Do not forget about the earlobe — it should be bitten a little, tickle with tongue and catch lips.

Arms and legs

There are a huge amount of active points on the legs and hands. The light massage of the feet and palms will increase the blood flow, relieve tension and relax your man. The most sensitive places between the fingers are. They should stimulate them with the tongue and lips, and the fingertips need to bite and suck them a little. Sensitive to such caresses and popliteal dimples.


Spend your fingers from the abdomen to the middle of the chest, then do equal to the left or right — It all depends on which nipple you want to caress the first. Slowly, the tip of the tongue, draw along the halo, then pull the nipple into the mouth and touch it with the tip of the tongue. If you notice that all this starts your partner, strengthen stimulation, squeezing the nipple with lips.

Erotic massage for men: erogenous zones and basic techniques


Perhaps this is the most captivating place, to squeeze and squeeze which you want to constantly. This will give your chosen one no less pleasure than you. The main thing is to do it rhythmically.


Or rather — underbelly. Only very tender touches are acceptable here. The most sensitive place on the stomach — This is an area of the navel. It can be caressed by chest or tongue. If you go down a little lower, then between the umbilical cavity and the pubic bone, you will find another very sweet place, its stroking will increase the excitation of the partner. You have already guessed what he is counting on? Right. The fact that, finally, they will pay attention to his member, which has long been breaking and exhausted by hunger. But do not rush — Ask a man to turn over on his tummy.


You can caress your back with your fingers, lips and naked breasts. Coccyx — the focus of the nerve endings, here it is possible to stimulate coarser.


If you want sex to follow the massage, you need to avoid stimulation of the head of the penis. Better focus on the crotch. Many men are quite sensitive to tender stroking the perineum. Many people really like it when they hold a member at the very base with one hand, and the other has a little testing testicles down. This technique is well suited to alienate the ejaculation and avoid orgasm.

Erotic massage should not end with sex without fail. Having finished with a massage, you can just give a fairly a man to relax, and he will still have time to thank you!

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