Who needs Ben Wa Balls? | Ben Wa Balls

Who needs Ben Wa Balls?.

Who needs Ben Wa Balls? | Ben Wa Balls
The vaginal muscle simulator returns tone, prevents dozens of female diseases. Most often it is recommended to use women after childbirth to restore. But it can come in handy at any age. Regular training will be useful to enhance sensitivity. Who needs Ben Wa Balls? What women are simply necessary?

What are Ben Wa Balls for?

Ben Wa Balls is sometimes called Kegel simulators. This is the simplest mechanism that allows strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Studies of the effectiveness of training have been held since the 50s of the last century. But even in ancient India, in the Ottoman Empire, round balls were used in teaching sexual skills to make girls ideal mistresses.

Ben Wa Balls allow you to learn Manage vaginal muscles. There are several muscle groups inside the bosom, and it is their abbreviations that help both the woman and her lover during sex. A special massage by the vagina can perform those who have been training with balls for a long time.

During regular training for the genitals, a large amount of blood flows. As a result, the nerve endings are activated, which leads to increased sensitivity. The woman starts To experience orgasms more often During masturbation and sex with a partner.

The tone of the vaginal muscles is useful for young women who have to become mothers. Elastic walls are not torn at the time of birth. The probability of injuries is reduced several times. And also The likelihood of bearing problems is reduced, less often there are threats of miscarriage.

But the main purpose of Ben Wa Balls – Prevention of urinary incontinence any age. And reducing the risks of omission of the pelvic organs.

What women Ben Wa Balls will be useful?

To the question – who needs Ben Wa Balls, sexopathologists and gynecologists answer. They claim that the simulator is useful to all women who lead sexual life. Immediately after the deprivation of virginity, you can begin to engage in Kegel simulators, and do this until old age. Ben Wa Balls will be especially useful for the following people:

  • Girls who rarely experience orgasms or do not feel them at all. Intimate field training increase the likelihood of enjoyment. Regular stimulation of internal erogenous zones contributes to their activation. Orgasms will be brighter if you study for several months in a row. To obtain the first orgasm, it is recommended to choose Ben Wa Balls with vibration, they make use more pleasant and interesting. They can still be used for masturbation.
  • Women who want to achieve multiple orgasms. The intensity of pleasure depends on the tone of the internal muscles. Their management helps to finish several times in a row. More than 60% of women engaged in wumbling began to experience during sex 2 or more orgasm.

Who needs Ben Wa Balls? | Ben Wa Balls

  • All representatives of the fair sex, who at least once encountered urine incontinence. This unpleasant symptom can manifest itself for various reasons: with a cold, after childbirth, as a complication of many diseases. It is treated, but can return again at any moment. So that this does not happen, you need to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Frequent classes with Ben Wa Balls will forever forget about incontinence, and even in adulthood the problem will not appear again and again.
  • Planning pregnancy. The stronger the muscles of the vagina, the easier the birth passes. The probability of tears after training is significantly reduced. And recovery after the appearance of the baby takes less time if the muscles are trained. But it is important to start classes before pregnancy. Training during gestation by doctors is not recommended.
  • Women who dream of becoming ideal mistresses. The narrow vagina really likes men. And if a lady can make a massage to the penis when he is inside, it is valued very much. Units are capable of such skill, and if you want to be among them, you will have to deal with. First you need large balls, then less, but it is perfect to use heavy and small. It is worth learning to move them in the body, and then there will be no problems with larger objects. Achieving skill takes at least 6 months, but the result of this is worth.
  • Young mothers who want to restore tone and regain pleasure from intimacy. After childbirth, you can restore the tone of the body in a short time. Already 60 days after the birth of a child, you can begin to strengthen the vaginal muscles. But it is recommended to consult a doctor before starting. Training will help the muscles return the shape, enhance the sensations from sex and activate libido. The desire for sex will appear precisely thanks to the simulator.
  • Women who want to feel youth as long as possible. To feel power in the muscles, it is easy to control them and enjoy sex in adulthood. Training gives self -confidence, help maintain sexual desire and conduct an active sex life. You can start doing after 50 years, and this will become a prevention and a step towards new erotic discoveries.

At what age do Ben Wa Balls need?

Kegel simulators buy at different ages. They allow you to achieve different goals, therefore they are relevant for all women. But why and who needs Ben Wa Balls in different periods?

  • 18 – 25 years. Young girls with the help of a vaginal simulator learn to control their body. Ben Wa Balls allow you to study your body, open many sensitive areas, understand the best ways to stimulate them. Plus, during this period, the balls prepare a lady for the birth of children, strengthen her muscles, which helps to bear and born a child without injuries and complications.
  • 26 – 45 years. When a woman has children, it is important for her to restore and maintain a pelvic bottom muscles in tone. Buy Ben Wa Balls is worth it to strengthen the intimate area. During this period, women often reveal their sexual potential: they already know their body, understand their desires and look for the opportunity to get maximum pleasure. This is the time of experiments, the disclosure of unrealized opportunities, and you will not work without strengthening the muscles without strengthening. It is they who help to enhance emotions from intimacy.
  • 46 – 65 years. In adulthood, health is important. It is the prevention of diseases that becomes relevant. The desire to preserve youth for a long time, to support themselves in shape and feel more confident for making Kegel simulators. And such training give results. The probability of prolapse of organs, incontinence is reduced and negative sensations are reduced during menopause.

Classes with Kegel simulators are possible after 65 years, age frames do not exist. But in any period, it is important to consult a doctor if there are some kind of genital disease.

Contraindications of the use of Ben Wa Balls

We figured out who needs Ben Wa Balls. But when they are prohibited? There are several situations when you need to refuse training:

  • With inflammatory diseases of the urine system. Experiments are especially dangerous during exacerbation. A mandatory consultation with a urologist or gynecologist is needed before choosing a simulator.
  • With female diseases. Even harmless thrush is a contraindication for training. An extraneous object in the body can worsen the course of the disease, so a complete cure is necessary before the start of classes.
  • When lowered the pelvic organs. Doctors prohibit the use of the simulator if the problem has already appeared. Treatment occurs with drug methods, and from Ben Wa Balls there will be no benefit.
  • With hemorrhoids. If it manifests itself, it is necessary to discuss with the proctologist the possibility of using the simulator. Only a doctor can say whether it is worth performing exercises if they will harm a state of health.
  • With allergies to Ben Wa Balls material. If irritation arose in the process of use, it appears to see or burning, it is necessary to stop using. Reaction is possible to balls themselves or lubricant.

Who needs Ben Wa Balls? It turns out that they will be useful to all women at different ages. You can choose a simulator for any level of preparation.

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