Vagina size matters? | Ben Wa Balls

Vagina size matters?.

Vagina size matters? | Ben Wa Balls
When we are talking about the size in sex, it usually concerns the size of the penis of the man. For some, this carries some sense, and someone confidently believes that “the size does not matter”, because the main thing is how you use the tool.

Between business, complexes about the size of their dignity are not only men. Many women are puzzled by this. On the Internet, millions of forums and blogs are full of topics about what to do if your vagina is too large, or even on the contrary, too small.

You are not too big or too small – you are perfect. And this is not just a comforting lie or pleasant flattery, but actual scientific evidence. Why? Today we will talk about this.

The size of the vagina

Firstly, let’s step back a little: what do we mean when we pronounce the word vagina?
In a normal conversation, people often use the term “vagina / vagina” even when they mean the external genitalia and erogenous zones. However, the vagina is just a channel designed to copulate with a man and the future birth of a child. And the outer part of the genitals of the woman, which includes the clitoris and labia, is called “Vulva”.
If you are worried that the small labia is visible from under the large, then welcome to the club! Vulva in approximately 50% of the female population of the Earth is arranged just like that.
So. This channel – like a male penis, like hands or nose – has sizes that vary from person to person, and usually it is from 6 to 9 centimeters in length, but, like the penis, the channel grows (lengthens) during life).

The principle of an umbrella
If you do not think about the vagina as a pipe, then it is best to imagine it as an umbrella: it usually develops on its own, but when the penis is introduced, it is able to open by as much as 200%.
Therefore, the real size of the vagina is much smaller than we think. It simply adapts to the size of a member of a sexual partner or to the size of the toy.
Female physiology is built so that vaginal penetration of any kind should not cause pain (with the exception of some diseases).
If it hurts you to have sex with a man with a large size of a member, or the pain comes because you and your partner are the first time, then this is most likely due to a lack of good prelude.
The prelude guarantees you that the vagina will be quite increased to penetrate the penis, well, well lubricated with natural lubricant. But if all the same natural lubricant is not enough, then you can always use lubricants. They will not only ensure a slight introduction of the penis, but can also bring a bunch of new sensations to sexual intercourse. Lubricants are Cooling, Warming, With different tastes, There is even Extending sex time.Little training

Now you know that the vagina is a professional in reduction and expansion for sex – not to mention the fact that it increases for the birth of children. But this does not mean at all that you cannot train vaginal muscles for more sensual sex, and for your health in general.
I think everyone heard about Kegel exercises. Silents of intimate muscles are known for many millennia. But only in the middle of the 20th century Arnold Kegel began to study their study. With Ben Wa Balls, he began to treat urine incontinence in women. It turned out that this is an excellent tool that can be used not only to get rid of the disease, but also for the prevention. And after regular training, the subjects increase the sensitivity and the number of orgasms obtained during sex grows.

Women’s vagina is a muscle organ. There are 4 muscle groups. Ring at the entrance to the bosom and to the anus. Rectus muscles inside the organ. And another muscle group in the cervix area. Each of these parts can be strengthened, but only for this you will not need ordinary training in the gym, but special, with special simulators.
Kegel exercises Absolutely every woman can do to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic bottom. Muscles can weaken not only after childbirth, but in principle, during pregnancy itself, or if a woman has a small sexual activity.

Maintaining the shape of the vaginal muscles is not a way to reduce or increase its size, it is a way to increase sensitivity, get rid of urination problems, and just a way to self -confidence and a healthy life.
All classes p Ben Wa Balls based on tension and relaxation of vaginal muscles. With their help, you first need to squeeze the balls, then move up and down or hold inside when they strive to jump out. The level of load depends on the accepted pose. Part of the exercises are done lying down, part standing.Vagina size matters? | Ben Wa Balls
To get a good result, it is recommended to find a special complexing complex, and follow the recommendations of the coach. Video about use Ben Wa Balls In large numbers presented on the network. And say that some system is more effective, so far it is impossible.
But in order to get results, you will have to deal with at least 3 times a week. And the duration of each workout is at least 30 minutes. Additionally, you can still wear balls inside the body to keep the muscles in good shape. This will help strengthen them faster. But it is important not just to forget about them, but to regularly “squeeze” the pelvic region.Ben Wa Balls Nowadays, an innumerable set is produced. What to pay attention to when you choose a toy for yourself?
Firstly, it must be borne in mind that the hitch and a loop can be from another material than the balls themselves. In cheap models they are sometimes made from a regular cord. Such material is very difficult to wash, such balls need to be disinfected each time, and then dry for a long time. The coupling should be easily cleaned. Ideally, if it is covered with rubber, silicone, like the main toy.
A variety of protrusions on balls – this is also an extra detail. If they are created from materials of two colors, bacteria can accumulate between the constituent elements. This is found in options with a low price.Vagina size matters? | Ben Wa Balls
A good option is Nova Balls from Svakom. A whole set of balls with a displaced center of gravity, especially for training vaginal muscles. Toys of pleasant color and design, made of safe material – medical silicone.
A single ball has a maximum diameter and minimum weight, it for initial exercises.
A large pair of balls is suitable for complicating the exercises, but the small pair is the hardest, only a person with already fortified muscles can control them.
For beginners it is perfect Smartball UNO from FunFactory. Dispensed center of gravity, silicone shell, comfortable handle for extraction. Great selection for the first training. You can not allocate even a separate time for training, you can use balls doing everyday matters: when walking or climbing the stairs – slight efforts, and the effect is colossal.
Or there is another cool thing Kegel Master from Magic Motion. Balls created for training and pleasure at the same time. The simulator is controlled from the smartphone, a special application helps to choose the desired mode of classes and controls their implementation.
This model can determine the level of muscle development and the progress of improvement after training.
Use Kegel Master It is possible for pleasure: it is equipped with a powerful motor vibrating in different modes, this is easy to use for masturbation.Final part
You still believe in unreasonable fears about the vagina: that a big cock or vibrator will increase it, the birth of the child will stretch the muscles, and that all this is irreversible?

These fears are absolutely groundless: the vagina is an elastic organ that is able to return to its original form a few hours after sex, and a few months after birth.
But training of the pelvic floor muscles can accelerate the recovery process at times, so if something bothers you all the same, then just train more, it’s not so difficult!

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