How to use Ben Wa Balls, what are you needed for, how to choose. TOP-5 best models

How to use Ben Wa Balls, what are you needed for, how to choose. TOP-5 best models.

How to use Ben Wa Balls, what are you needed for, how to choose. TOP-5 best models

Since ancient times, women have been trying to preserve the narrowness of the vagina even after childbirth, because for men this is a very important factor in sexual contact: the already there, the better the penis head is stimulated, therefore, tactile pleasure is much higher, and the orgasm is more beautiful. Many centuries ago, bed arties came up with Ben Wa Balls to train vagina muscles. The acquired skills of the mistresses of past centuries were used with the most valuable and status men – emperors, kings, kings.Now they are called the balls of Kegel or beads, their Frenchmen more recently called the “apple of love”. Such sex toys made of stone, marble, precious metals and wood were made.

Now you can buy Ben Wa Balls in any sex shop, and very inexpensive, since they are available from plastic, metal, silicone and other available materials. Let’s look in detail, How to use Ben Wa Balls, And what they give to a woman if she regularly does exercises with them! At the end you will find a small review on the top 5 best vaginal beads.

How to use Ben Wa Balls, what are you needed for, how to choose. TOP-5 best models

What are Ben Wa Balls for

The muscles of the pelvis lose their tone after childbirth or with age, and their elasticity is also affected by hormonal malfunctions, diseases of the female reproductive system, excess weight, a large number of sexual partners. And an indifferent attitude to this leads to unpleasant consequences: the uterine venation, the disease of the bladder, including urinary incontinence, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and congestive phenomena, in the end, problems with sex and an orgasm, since the sensitivity is lost,.

Kegel balls are needed to train intimate muscles and prevent further deterioration or as prevention. With their help:

  • The muscles of the pelvic floor are strengthened;
  • You can adjust the volume of the vagina due to the training of internal muscles;
  • urine incontinence is treated;
  • The issue of anorgazmia is being resolved;
  • a woman learns to reveal her sexuality and cause the necessary emotions when exposed to different areas of vagina;
  • You can find a point g;
  • The man is given vivid sensations from intimacy thanks to a denser girth.

Only a few months of regular training give amazing results even in more than one child who gave birth and in completely neglected cases. Girls who want to just learn how to manage a vagina during sex will be enough for 1 month to understand which side and at what point should a partner’s member should be captured more tightly, and in which they are forcibly pushed out of the bosom. It is convenient to use them: insert and go to the store, to work, do household chores. Classes with them do not require a separate time and place! Remember the film “Fifty Shades of Gray”, because the main character led the usual lifestyle during the day and at the same time experienced crazy excitement!

Vaginal beads are used not only in private. There are models that are introduced into the vagina directly a couple of minutes before sexual intercourse and are there during frictions, which gives unforgettable stimulations to both lovers. Of course, anal sex acquires completely different shades of passion if the girl’s bosom is filled with such embossed toys.

From the point of view of medicine, this device for adults helps to accelerate blood and has the prophylactic effect of congestion in the pelvic organs, and these are not only the best sensations when excited, but also protection against gynecological pathological processes. Also, women who often throw away pregnancy in the early stages can try their luck with Ben Wa Balls and do training. Many fair sex noted that they were able to almost completely get rid of the pronounced PMS and soreness during critical days.

And no matter how funny it may sound, the use of balls helps to lose weight, since not only the muscles of the pelvic floor, but also the muscles of the buttocks, hips, press and legs are involved in the work.

How to use Ben Wa Balls, what are you needed for, how to choose. TOP-5 best models

What Ben Wa Balls are there, how to choose a suitable model

What Ben Wa Balls looks like? The standard device involves 2-3 spheres linked by an elastic cable. Sometimes the connecting element is absent: in this performance, the balls are connected by bodies and look like streamlined sand clocks.

If we talk about the form, then the balls can be not only round and on the thread. Hemispheres, ovals, cylinders – there are many options, but not the fact that the complex device will benefit, especially beginners, because such models are unlikely to provide normal sliding, which is primarily necessary for the balls and we need. Some are equipped with an additional relief in the form of spikes or bulges – manufacturers of such goods are more aimed at increasing the excitation of the user than to muscle training.

The size of the balls is also different: the smallest ones have a diameter of only 1 cm – they are most difficult to hold, and the largest reaches 3.5 cm – for completely “big girls”. The material is not so intricate: plastic, metal, silicone, latex, medical tires. Professional lovers can order expensive jade products for themselves, produced mainly in the form of an egg. Stainless steel is considered the most hygienic and convenient material – it is optimal for health in its properties, since it is not subject to oxidation processes. As a rule, the surface has different colors that attract the buyer’s eyes.

For the most advanced users, balls with a displaced center of gravity are made. They are much heavier than their brothers and make the lady actively work with muscles to keep them inside. Well, gadgets with vibration, of course, are also present on the market – additional incentives will not be superfluous!

Try not to buy collapsible vaginal beads. These are cheap models that do not always meet the requirements of hygiene. Bacteria in them remain even with good treatment. You don’t need gynecology problems.

How to choose Ben Wa Balls

Beginners should pay attention to balls with a long lace for pulling out, which looks like a tampon applicator. If the muscles are very weakened or you have never engaged in such training, take larger models or those in the form of a dumbbell (sand clock), but hollow inside. You can with a ribbed or rough surface – you will feel it better and hold them in yourself.

Sometimes girls buy just such models, but still do not feel anything. Then it is worth buying Ben Wa Balls with a displaced center of gravity – they are hollow, but with a weight. For ladies who are already dealing with similar sex toys, you can advise smooth heavy metal products that make the muscles more often, stronger, more concentrate on the process.

In the form of an egg, the simulator is suitable for those who are completely pro. Heytek balls with vibration and a remote control will be at the very end of the path when all the stages have been passed, and the muscles of the pelvic floor in excellent condition. The manufacturer of such inventions always offers an individual training system, depending on the required result.

How to use Ben Wa Balls, what are you needed for, how to choose. TOP-5 best models

The best Ben Wa Balls of any form and manufacturers are collected in the collection of our sex shop! It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer or an advanced user, the main thing is that in the proposed assortment you will find your female accessory for intimate training. Come in, buy and be healthy, desirable, exciting at any age!

How to use Ben Wa Balls correctly

We give you a brief instruction on how to use Ben Wa Balls, but do not forget to read the information on the insert attached to the product!

  • Before each use, be sure to wash the balls with warm water and soap.
  • Go to the toilet in a small way to avoid excess pressure on the bladder.
  • Process the toy with an intimate lubricant to facilitate its input.
  • Take a horizontal position and spread your legs wide, or become straight and lift one leg, taking it to the side. You can take a half -blue position.
  • Slowly immerse the balls in the vagina with the index and middle fingers, pushing each with a little effort.
  • You will feel easy resistance, do not stop at the same time. The thread remains outside.
  • When all the parts are inside, listen to your feelings, go around the apartment.
  • Stand straight and try to keep them at least 1-2 minutes with a dense compression of the muscles, as if drawing them into yourself. Alternate abbreviations and relaxations in a ratio of 1: 1.
  • Be sure to make pushing movements as if you are strong. Also alternate from holiday moments.
  • You can pull the cord a little and at the same time squeeze the balls.
  • Go with them for a walk, to the store, to work, just do not forget to get out before training, sex and sleep.
  • Rinse them with soap and wipe them with an antibacterial solution, then remove it in the case.

Do not use Ben Wa Balls during menstruation and inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs! Gradually increase the interval of exposure to exercises: start with several minutes and bring to 30-40 minutes of intense compression and pushing with small breaks. If in your arsenal an egg -shaped simulator, enter it inside the wide side.

Exercises with Ben Wa Balls

Learn to control the muscles of the vagina and become the goddess of sex. When the balls successfully settled on the spot, mentally divide the vagina into 3 parts: entrance, middle, department closer to the neck of the uterus. The first to manage the most easily, the second requires concentration and control, the third will be manipulated after these two. Hold the ball first with the first zone (at the entrance), blocking him the way out. Then try to roll it a little higher – it works the vagina itself. Then try to move the ball up and down and a little to the sides-there is a study of all muscle fibers.

“Tealemes” need to take balls with one area – it will be easier to feel the muscles!

Be sure to rest in the intervals, otherwise overload your “girlfriend”, and it will only be worse. One training consists of 10-15 approaches, the time of each of which increases gradually. You can engage in vaginal gymnastics from 1 to 3 times a day.

TOP-5 Ben Wa Balls for women

We offer the best models of vaginal beads for intimate training that will help strengthen muscles and will not hit the wallet much! Choose to your taste!

Innovative Ben Wa Balls Gballs2 App – Gvibe (Ex. FUN TOYS)

Smooth silicone beads on the battery made in the form of a sand clock. There is an individual training system, management using a free application, Bluetooth 4.0 and many, many other lotions! You can use them anywhere as many as 4 hours without recharging, and even wet rooms will not be an obstacle, because the device is waterproof. Not the cheapest, but serve excellent!

How to use Ben Wa Balls, what are you needed for, how to choose. TOP-5 best models

Balls Luna Beads (Lelo)

Another unique adult toys manufacturer who created another bestseller in the field of sexual games with his body. What does he offer this time? Well, of course, mother-of-pearl wa Balls from ABS plastic on the lace! Each bead has its own weight, which is very suitable for those who have learned to feel the vagina a little, while they are removable – you can remove any element. They easily slip inward due to a water -based lubricant attached in the kit. Train muscles and please your man with a narrow pussy!

How to use Ben Wa Balls, what are you needed for, how to choose. TOP-5 best models

Ben Wa Balls from Fun Factory Smartballs Duo, 10 cm.

The silicone intimate simulator from the German manufacturer will become the best friend of those who have weakened the muscles of the vagina, but there is already experience in wearing beads. The quality begins with the packaging and pleasant sensations in the palm of your hand when these balls fall into your hand. Smartballs Duo are unique in that there is a filling inside – another balls, but metal ones that are pleasantly vibrate when moving, which helps to work out almost “dead” zones of your bosom. Here is a very comfortable loop, with which you can easily extract them after training. Inexpensive, but with excellent prospects.

How to use Ben Wa Balls, what are you needed for, how to choose. TOP-5 best models

Metal love balls – FSOG Metal Ben Wa Balls

Smooth metal balls with silver spraying and a small diameter are perfect for experienced “athletes” and increase sensations during masturbation. They are quite heavy, which gives the maximum effect of exercises. The ligament is light and flexible, to insert it and extract it very simple. It is also safe to solve problems with the vaginal tone with their help, because the metal is considered the most hygienic material for such products.

How to use Ben Wa Balls, what are you needed for, how to choose. TOP-5 best models

Vaginal ball Pleasure Ball Deluxe, 3.7 cm.

But the Dutch model for beginners, who will find out what the training of intimate muscles is! The silicone friend on the lace, easily inserted into the vagina, carefully stimulates the right areas at the initial stage and will help to properly use their genitals in bed with a man even with modest penis size!

If you want to be the very rare girl, whose sexuality simply blows the roof to all men on the spot? Do daily with any set of Ben Wa Balls according to the rules described above, and you will be for your partner the most welcome and unsurpassed skill!

How to use Ben Wa Balls, what are you needed for, how to choose. TOP-5 best models

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