How much you need to walk with Ben Wa Balls?

How much you need to walk with Ben Wa Balls?.

Ben Wa Balls is the main tool for a skilled mistress. In sex, everything is just at first glance – if participants in the process want to achieve maximum skill, they will have to train and use various secrets.

One of these secrets for the home is wumbling or just working with intimate muscles. If you learn to manage them perfectly, you can forget about a number of female problems, learn to enjoy sexual intercourse and give a man incredible feelings.

Such classes were practiced even in the imperial courtyards – the craftswomen who knew how to wrap the penis with the vagina during intercourse, were welcome lovers and wives. You can train just like that by doing simple exercises, or using special Ben Wa Balls. About what they are as used – then.

Why is it necessary

Balls-a simple and effective mini-trainer for female intimate muscles. It is used to get sexual pleasure and training the vaginal muscles. It’s also possible to perform Kegel’s exercises, but balls allow you to achieve higher results. The cost of such “toys” can be very different – it all depends on the manufacturer, manufacturing materials.

On sale quite affordable in price and at the same time effective simulators that will be useful to you. Ben Wa Balls are intended strictly for individual use. After the purchase, be sure to treat them using an antiseptic solution, and then rinse with warm soap water.

General application scheme

You can use balls in different ways, but in general, the scheme looks as follows:

  1. Processing of balls using an antiseptic, lubrication.
  2. Introduction to the vagina in a lying position. The thread should remain outside.
  3. Now get up and try to keep the balls inside for at least one minute-over time you can bring the interval to 30-60 minutes.
  4. Start walking with balls in the vagina, doing household chores. This will achieve the effect of massage and cause pleasant sexual sensations (someone has just a slight excitement, someone has real ecstasy).
  5. Remove the balls and clean them with warm water and ordinary soap.

It is not recommended to use the simulator directly during intimacy, but this moment each pair also decides for itself.

How much you need to walk with Ben Wa Balls?

It all depends on your goals and the current level of skill. If we talk about the duration of training in principle, then they are optimal to do it for life-make a schedule of classes (2-3 per week will be enough) and train your muscles.

As a result, you will always be in good shape, learn to receive maximum satisfaction from intimacy, you can solve problems with urinary incontinence, the fall of the uterus that women face after childbirth or with age.

The woman determines the time of each individual workout on her own. With a minimum level of preparation, it can be problematic to keep the balls inside even for one minute. Do not be discouraged – start small, and over time you can easily increase this interval to half an hour or even more (the longer you can walk with products, the better).

Also note that there are more and less light balls – it is more difficult to work with difficult, so beginners do not recommend them. By the way, it is much more useful and efficient not to keep the muscles in tension constantly, but to alternate their compression and relaxation. We wish you successful classes and excellent results

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