Balls in the penis: why and how such an operation is performed

Balls in the penis: why and how such an operation is performed.

Today, more and more men decide to install balls in the penis in order to increase the children’s organ in size and it is better to satisfy their partners. Balls “drive” directly under the skin – they allow you to increase the penis in a particular place or along the entire length.

Thanks to this, a more effective stimulation of a woman’s vagina walls is ensured – and sex is bright and saturated. A man can install any balls. Usually use 2-3 balls, which are installed in the shape of a ring around the head of the penis. But there are men who want to install more than ten balls along the entire length of the organ.

The implantation of balls into the genitals are very often carried away by those who are sitting in the zone. The relevant operations are usually carried out here. The latter, as a rule, are carried out in conditions of complete unsanitary conditions and without anesthesia.

Also, similar operations are carried out by home craftsmen with a artisanal method. Elementary safety standards in such cases are respected, but still they do not reach professional clinical conditions.

Recently, private clinics began to offer operations to implant balls into the penis, however, for a lot of money. Under clinical conditions, professionals fully comply with all sanitary standards, the operation is safe and painless. In this article we will consider all three methods of carrying out the procedure: in the zone, at home and in clinics.

What are balls and what are the advantages of such an operation

The balls that are implanted under the skin of the penis will be more correctly called “implants”. They are usually made from the following materials:

  • glass. Usually use thick and very solid varieties;
  • plastic. The most affordable material. Some craftsmen who carry out operations at home (artisanal) or directly in the zone themselves make balls of plastic;
  • Special prosthetic material. Such balls are used in operations in the clinic;
  • silicone;
  • natural pearls. Such balls are a real rarity. They are usually used only in expensive clinics.

The surface of the balls should be perfectly even and smooth. The size of the implant does not exceed a standard pea. If the client turned to the clinic for the operation, then he is already provided with ready -made implants made by professional methods.

But at the zone and at home, balls are made by artisanal. Typically, for this they use thick and very dense plastic, ideal candidates for this role are the handles of toothbrushes. The surface should be perfectly even and smooth – for this, pieces of plastic are thoroughly polished. Some even wear a ball in the mouth, constantly moving his tongue.

If there were no toothbrushes at hand, then a different method of manufacturing implants is usually used. A small recess is made on a piece of soap, where molten plastic is poured. To do this, they melt the huts of the founters or ordinary plastic bags.

What are the advantages of balls in a member

Today, more and more men decide to conduct an operation and install balls in the penis. Here are the advantages of such a “tuning” of a member:

If the implants are tired or the partner asks to remove them, then everything can be easily returned to the previous state – that is, the balls can be removed. Such an operation is carried out much faster than the installation of implants;

The installation of balls usually has no effect on the reproductive system of a man. There are some exceptions – more on this at the end of the article;

Thanks to the balls under the skin of the penis of the man, the sex partner will receive guaranteed stimulation of the erogenous vaginal zones. Moreover, which areas will be stimulated depends on the installation site and the number of balls in the member;

The operation of the installation of balls is carried out quickly, the degree of invasiveness is small. The procedure is also safe (if we are talking about operations in the clinic);

There are many other ways to increase the thickness of the penis. But the installation of balls is the most affordable method of all existing today.

In general, the results of this operation are as follows:

  • The man becomes more confident, he behaves accordingly during sex. And this only favorably affects sexual intercourse;
  • A woman receives a very vivid sensation from having sex, because the male genital organ becomes thicker. As a result – the family connection is strengthened.

How the procedure for installing balls in the penis is carried out

As we have already said, such an operation is carried out directly in the zone, at home and in professional clinics. Consider all three options.

In the zone

No stepping methods are used here, and the whole procedure is carried out in the conditions of unsanitary conditions, and even without anesthesia.

As an operating table, in such conditions, a stack of books or some kind of hard and flat surface serves. A man puts his dignity on this surface and pulls a piece of skin in the place where he wants to see the ball.

Another person takes a punch (the remainder of a sharply sharpened toothbrush, which was used for the manufacture of balls), puts it with a tip on the pulled part of the skin and greatly strikes with some heavy object.

As a result, the punch perfumes the skin and even breaks through the “operating table”. It is quickly pulled out, and a hole remains on the skin. There and drive a pre -prepared ball. The penis is usually tied with a bandage for several days.

An operation that is carried out in this way in the zone is very painful and dangerous. There are even reports that the “patients” lost consciousness from pain.

At home with a artisanal way

This procedure is also carried out at home. The elementary rules of sanitation are respected here, but still at a level as this happens in professional institutions. Also, home craftsmen use painkillers – usually novocaine.

The implant implant process itself is standard:

  1. Closer to the pubic zone of the penis, an injection is made and the dose of analgesic drug is injected.
  2. At the place where the implant is needed, they make an incision. The latter is placed a little antibiotics.
  3. In the resulting incision “drive a pre -definished” ball.
  4. Another portion of antibiotics is placed on top of it. The cut is dressed with a sterile bandage, and removed only two days later.

In a private clinic

Such an operation in professional clinics began to be provided relatively recently, but in a short period of time the service managed to gain very much popularity.

Operation in the clinic is the most preferred option. Here are the main advantages of the procedure in clinics:

  • First, a consultation is necessarily held, during which the doctor talks about all the nuances of the procedure, side effects and features;
  • The operation is carried out by professionals who have extensive experience in conducting such procedures;
  • the operation is carried out in conditions of full compliance with sanitary standards.

The entire implant implantation process can be described as follows:

  1. After preliminary consultation and preparation, the doctor makes local anesthesia.
  2. In the area where the balls need to be installed, the doctor makes a small incision.
  3. Implants are carefully installed in a co -operated place, after which they are sewn up with a surgical thread.

Can there be complications

Any implantation of foreign bodies can cause certain complications. The installation of balls in the penis is no exception:

  • There may be problems with an erection;
  • Infectious infection. This happens only if the operation was carried out in improper conditions. If the operation is carried out in the clinic, then no infectious infections will accuse;
  • Office of implants. In this case, the man will experience severe pain in the penis area. You must immediately consult a doctor.

In addition, there are certain contraindications to such an operation:

  • Diseases of the genitourinary system were detected;
  • blood has low coagulation, for example, due to diabetes;
  • The patient has high temperature, colds;
  • sexually transmitted diseases were found;
  • There are mental disorders.

Installing balls in the penis – a painless procedure that allows you to increase the thickness of the organ. Thanks to this, the erogenous zones of the partner’s vagina during sex are better stimulated – which means that every sexual intercourse will bring vivid sensations to both partners. The main thing is that the operation to implant implants should be carried out in clinical conditions. This is the only way to protect yourself from possible serious complications and infections.

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