Why do women like anal sex

Why do women like anal sex.

Despite the fact that no more than 7% of married couples regularly practice anal sex, in the world many women are crazy about this method of intimacy. With all the risks, fears and fears are those who are not only ready, but also passionately want to do it regularly. Want to know why women like anal sex?

Before that we want to tell that this practice most often appears to young girls aged 20-24 years. There are representatives of the delicate sex who do not against anal in the age group 70+, these are the results of research conducted by the American University in Kinsey. But in general, 47% of girls, at least the development of life, tried anal. The majority did not like, some remained neutral, and only units fell in love.

Why not all women like anal sex

The main reason why the girl did not like anal sex, this is of course pain and lack of orgasm. The first arises due to the absence or insufficient amount of lubrication, rudeness of the partner, fear that provoked compression and stress.

The second happens due to the lack of experience and incorrect technology. Too fast or in an uncomfortable position, again, the refusal of lubrication or its wrong choice, as well as insufficient development of anal sphincter. All this usually ends with unpleasant sensations, and in the best case simply the lack of pleasant. No orgasm – it makes no sense to do this.

Why do women like anal sex

Now let’s talk about those girls who like this practice. Firstly, it is worth separating the so-called “anal virgins” from experienced ladies. The former want to try mainly out of curiosity or for the sake of a partner. They heard somewhere that it is unusual, interesting, impressive in terms of emotions.

I just want to make and put an imaginary checkmark that it was, I did it, I understand this. Unfortunately, this attitude often leads to ignoring preparation and improper implementation. As a result, the lack of orgasm and many difficulties, so such a girl will remain displeased and will not practice anal in the future.

The rest is different. They carefully studied, read, visited sex shop, prepared, talked with a partner, did everything as it should, and after that they had a number of reasons to practice this regularly.

The clitoris is not only a small pea on the external genital organs of a woman, it is a whole network of nerve endings that are distributed throughout the vagina and directly contact with the nerve endings around it. Consequently, an orgasm with anal sex is to some extent associated with the clitoris, in terms of paradise the pleasure is the same as strong, but a little different in sensations.

The sphincter and the area around the anus are also endowed with nerve endings and when ensuring high -quality sliding using a lubricant, the effect brings pleasure.

Almost 60% of the girls admitted that dreams of double penetration appeared in their mind at least several times in their life. This idea can be realized not only with two men, but also with a man and dardymitator. Thus, love for anal sex expands the horizons of intimate life.

Other reasons

For many women, subordination in sex is a separate fetish. Anal sex is sometimes perceived as male dominance, its power over it. Orgasm in the head and women often get high from one thought that a man takes it anally.

And even these are not all the reasons explaining why women like anal sex. On the forums, women claim that they enjoy the fact that their partner is happy. And men really like anal sex. That is, they do this not directly for the sake of a man, but on the contrary, for the sake of themselves, because they give a high the idea that they gave pleasure to the partner. Something like this.

It doesn’t matter for what reasons a woman does this. It is important that she does this of her own free will, for herself and her partner, as it is supposed to do and uses mandatory means of protection and hygiene. Everything that is not to harm is beneficial, as they say.

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