Who can have anal sex? | Questions about anal sex

Who can have anal sex?.

Who can have anal sex? | Questions about anal sex
Despite the availability of information about anal for everyone, today there are many questions about this type of caress. And one of them – who can have anal sex, and who can’t. And although there is still a myth that anal affection is associated with pain, discomfort, something shameful and dirty, much has changed. And now, as in the days of ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome, anal is becoming another way to give pleasure to himself and the partner.

Who can have anal sex

In fact, anal sex, provided that the rules for preparing for it can be engaged in absolutely everyone with rare exceptions. Of course, it is advisable to start conducting such experiments on your body only after reaching adulthood. And although the anus and the rectum are not intended for such pleasures, the correct approach and the lack of too frequent contacts will not bring much harm to your health.

For many couples, anal sex is just a variety. For them, it is not a full -fledged alternative to vaginal contact. Although, according to statistics, many women to one degree or another enjoy the affection of the anus. And men, due to the features of anatomy, love such contacts even more than ordinary sex. Moreover, they want to penetrate the anus of a woman, and also massage their prostate themselves through the anus or enjoy the massage that makes them a partner.

But in some cases, anal sex becomes a real replacement for vaginal. All these people can be conditionally divided into several groups:

  • bisexuals and homosexuals;
  • women who do not want to lose virginity due to religious beliefs or for other reasons;
  • During pregnancy, if ordinary contact is impossible or does not bring pleasant sensations, is prohibited by a doctor;
  • as a way not to get pregnant in cases where the couple likes to have sex without a condom, and the man ends up in a partner;
  • with various diseases of the female genital organs, for example, thrush;
  • Fans of porn and experiments that only affection of anus start.

Is it possible to have anal sex in one case or another depends only on the individual characteristics, state of health and beliefs of both partners. And if you doubt something, it is better to consult an experienced doctor and ask him this question.

Anal sex for virgins

Anal sex is an excellent way out for women who want to maintain their virginity for the very one whom they consider worthy and only. Also in some cultures, getting married without virgin rods is a serious problem, after which a seal of shame lies on a woman and her family.

Anal sex, coupled with good petting, can become excellent replacement for vaginal sex, will help to achieve vivid orgasms and maintain virginity before the wedding. It is only worth noting that with anal even with a virgin without using a condom, pregnancy and infection with diseases transmitted sexually.Who can have anal sex? | Questions about anal sex

Is it possible to have sex during pregnancy

Many couples who have previously used anal continue to engage in it during pregnancy. Of course, the question arises about the safety of such sex for a child. There is no unequivocal answer to this question: only your attending physician can give it after examining and studying the results of your tests.

But basically, if there is no threat of termination of pregnancy, allows the arrangement of the fetus in the uterus, Anal sex during this period can be engaged in. But here it is very important to follow the following rules:

  • Be sure to thoroughly wash the genitals and use a condom;
  • apply grease and prepare properly for anal sex;
  • With any discomfort, immediately complete the contact;
  • avoid too harsh movements.

It is also important especially in the II and III trimester to think through a pose in which a woman will be convenient. It is perfect that a partner has a good body support, but there is no compression of the abdomen. Typically, couples stop at a position where a man and a woman lie on his side, and he hugs her and penetrates the anus from behind.

And one moment. If in all other cases during anal sex to get maximum pleasure it is recommended to use various sex toys, then during the period of bearing a child from devices with vibration will have to be refused.

Anal sex as a way not to get pregnant

Some couples specially choose anal sex to avoid the risk of unwanted pregnancy. And although it is impossible to physiologically conceive a child without a seed in the vagina, everything is not as simple here as it seems at first glance.

The vagina and the rear passage are anatomically located very close to each other. Inside they have one muscle wall, and outside them shares only a small distance. With anal sex without a condom, sperm fall into the rectum. But pregnancy is still possible in the following cases:

  • if sperm from the penis during ejaculation enters the vagina, for example, when the partner decided to pull out a member from the anus shortly before orgasm;
  • when sperm flows from the anus and enters the vagina (most often this occurs when a woman changes a pose);
  • during hygienic procedures after the completion of sexual intercourse;
  • with repeated unprotected sexual intercourse immediately after anal sex or some time after it.

.Who can have anal sex? | Questions about anal sex
Do not forget that the rectum microflora is significantly different from the vagina. Anal sex without a condom is able to not only cause pregnancy, but also lead to the development of inflammatory processes, infections and other health problems. And sperm can cause irritation of the mucosa and other negative consequences. Therefore, it is advisable to always use a condom during anal.

Anal sex for various female diseases

There are cases when vaginal sex can bring disappointment and pain or will be dangerous for a man. For example, with thrush and some other diseases. And on such days, couples can resort to pleasure to the oral caresses of the penis or to anal.

But here it all depends on the reason for the rejection of vaginal sex. There are cases when a woman needs sexual peace, for example, after various medical manipulations or if the pregnancy is threatened. Here the anal is contraindicated, like vaginal sex. With candidiasis and infections, the risk of partner infection is great.

In addition, due to such diseases, the mucous membrane is easier to damage: it becomes thinner. Microstings are easily formed from frictions through which the infection can penetrate. Therefore, even with a condom, anal sex can lead to unpleasant consequences among both partners.
Often women and men ask a question whether you can have sex during menstruation. Experts say that these days you can have anal sex, but subject to observation of hygiene rules, preparation for contact and the use of a condom. The woman has a strong sensitivity during this period. Therefore, it is very important to do everything slowly and listen to the wishes of the partner.

On the other hand, while some women increase libido during menstruation, others experience pain, weakness, dizziness and are absolutely not located not only for anal, but also to other types of caresses. In this case, you need to wait for the end of menstruation and improving your partner’s well -being.

Is it possible to have anal sex to heterosexual men

Is it possible to have anal sex of heterosexual men and whether it will make them gay – this is one of the most frequently asked questions on the Internet. But in fact, the connection of homosexuality and anal is just a myth. Psychologists and sexologists note that the roots of homosexuality lie in a completely different plane. The formation of addictions to its floor is influenced by genetics, characteristics of the body, education and many other factors.

Why heterosexual men, although they often do not admit this, have such strong pleasant sensations from stimulating the anus, rectum and prostate? This is due to the features of the anatomical structure. During the massage of the prostate gland, a man experiences nothing incomparable in his strength. And anal stimulation, even if it occurs often, does not make it a homosexual.

A completely different thing if a man loves to have anal sex only with representatives of his gender. And at the same time he is excited by the body of another man, not women. If a man likes sex with a woman and another man, then he is not a homosexual, but a bisexual.Who can have anal sex? | Questions about anal sex

To whom anal sex is contraindicated

Although the anus and the rectum are absolutely not intended for the commission of frictions and other types of stimulation in order to obtain pleasure, except for the natural release of the intestines, the anal has not many contraindications. These are mainly the following cases:

  • various traumatic damage to the anus and rectum;
  • bleeding from an anus of various nature;
  • hemorrhoids and related complications and symptoms;
  • diseases transmitted sexually;
  • Pregnancy period (in some cases).

It is not recommended for people who have too different genital sizes that have too different. For example, if a man has a big cock, and a woman has not yet developed and weakly stretched anus. This contraindication can be bypassed by lubrication, correct and prolonged preparation for contact, including using various sex toys. It is also not recommended to engage in anal and anilingus to those who are prone to diarrhea or constipation, suffer from digestive problems.

Questions about anal sex

If we mean by deprivation of virginity only defloration, that is, the rupture of the virgin rod, then you are a virgin. But for some people, especially those who have certain religious beliefs, virginity is understood not only the presence of virgin rods, but also chastity, the moral purity of a woman, the lack of any sexual contacts with a man. From this point of view, it is impossible to give an unequivocal answer to your question, because everyone has their own ideas about moral standards.It is almost impossible to determine anal virginity if, due to extreme loads on the anus and rectum, no deformation of tissues occurred. So, in people who practice fisting and games with large objects, the anus cannot over time restore their natural size. Only in this case we can say for sure that a man or woman had anal sex. If deformation is not observed, then judging anal virginity is problematic. It is sometimes possible to determine this in relation to the woman to the touch and caresses of the anus region. But the exact data will not work if the partner does not tell you the truth herself.A homosexual is a person who is attracting only to the faces of his gender. In your case, this is not observed. Anal sex, like other anus caresses, will not make homosexuals out of a man. And he gets pleasure from the fact that the stimulation of erogenous zones occurs – prostate, crotch, anus. Therefore, if you like to engage in this kind of sex, while you observe the rules of hygiene and protection, do not use in the process of extremely large objects, you can enjoy this type of proximity without fear of negative consequences.In fact, the occurrence of pregnancy when sperm gets into the rectum is impossible. But there are cases when the ejaculation flowed out of the anus, the seed fell into the vagina, which led to the conception of the child. Pregnancy is also possible when sperm gets into the vagina when performing hygienic measures after sex. Therefore, you need to be more careful and accurate if you have anal sex without a condom.

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