What will happen if you finish in anal: consequences for heterosexuals and gays

The consequences of ejaculation in the anus.

What will happen if you finish in anal: consequences for heterosexuals and gays

The theme of sex with penetration into the anus of the partner still remains the territory of errors. Although intimate becomes more diverse every year. The main fear is the imaginary danger and ephemeral diseases that can develop when traumatizing the rectum. Adequate scientists believe that nothing terrible will happen if you finish in anal. Let’s try to understand this issue.


What will happen if you finish in anal: consequences for heterosexuals and gays

Despite access to the vagina, heterosexual guys do not mind going to their mistresses from the backyard. It’s all about the highlight that I want to bring to traditional sexual intercourse. The first in line will be anal. After all, thanks to porno -clips, this practice has firmly entered our lives. Although there are danger. But they are easy to prevent.

Infection of STD

What a strange abbreviation? Everything is simple. SPPP – sexually transmitted diseases. The list of potentially dangerous includes: hepatitis virus, thrush and HIV. During the caress of the anus, microtraumas appear on the walls of the rectum. These are abrasions that are hard to notice. The head of the penis is also subject to the appearance of such sores.

Through blood, you can easily pick up the infection. But this is not the only pitfall. Fecal bacteria live in the anus. They can easily penetrate the men’s uric canal and cause inflammation. And when guests get into the vagina, you should not expect an improvement in health.

When the guy ends, seed fluid enters the mucous membrane. It also contains harmful microorganisms. When “sowing” into a favorable environment, they provoke the development of sexually transmitted diseases.

How to prevent infection? There are not many options:

  • Help from the hospital with test results. For new partners – before sex. Verified couples can visit doctors every 12 months.
  • Condom. Yes, it will not work out to ejaculate in anal, but the level of security will increase significantly. Pleasant sensations can be sacrificed.

You should not hope for random. In a fit of passion, it is easy to succumb to a temptation and sleep with a random person. This carelessness can cost several months of continuous treatment with a venereologist. It’s better not to take risks.

The development of oncology

How often on the forums you can read this terrible phrase. Rectum cancer – the traditional horror story of moralists and fundamental opponents of anal. Say, a fatal ailment appears due to constant injury of the mucosa.

Scientists think differently. They have long established that the development of oncology launches a harmless HPV – a human papilloma virus. The one because of which warts appear. Not all microorganisms are equally harmful. Most strains live peacefully in the body. Their action is not expressed. The following options are represented by carcinogenic risk: 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 52, 58, 59, 67.

What to do with this information? The risk of infection can be reduced. And if you finish inside, nothing terrible will happen. You need to do it:

  1. Check for the concentration of oncogenic HPV strains.
  2. Timely to vaccinate from the papilloma virus.

With the first option, everything is clear. Laboratory assistants will take samples, conduct research and announce the results. If there are harmful strains, besides there are a lot of them, it is better to forget about sex without a condom.

The second option is some complexity. It is possible to inject the vaccine from HPV only in adolescence. Therefore, the way is not suitable for adults living sexual life.

Unwanted pregnancy

Although the uterus is in another hole, sperm are sometimes too mobile. They make their way where lovers did not plan at all.

The risk of getting pregnant with anal sex is 10 %.

Where such frantic numbers come from? The situation can develop according to two scenarios:

  • Sperm leaked out of the anus and hit the vagina. Often happens in poses when a girl lies on her stomach or stands on her knees back to her partner. Sphincters relax, the contents of force rushing down.
  • The guy pulled a member from the ass, and then put him in the vagina. Naturally, sperm remains on the head. After getting into the natural environment, the ducks rush towards the egg.

How to negate an unwanted pregnancy risk? After the man ended in anal, a woman needs to take a shower. Preferably half -sitting so that flowing water does not fall on the vagina. Ladies need to follow a partner. Discuss the details before every sex. Explain that it is impossible to stick the phallus in the vagina after the anus.

We reduce the risks

What will happen if you finish in anal: consequences for heterosexuals and gays

The female cycle lasts an average of 30 days. Many people know or heard that there are favorable days for conception. So that anal sex does not lead to an unwanted pregnancy, you need to choose a safe period. We make a table:

Day Description The risk of conception
1-7 Menstruation, discharge Average
8-19 Dry days, ovulation Maximum
20-30 The mucous membrane of the uterus thickens Minimum

There are rumors that during menstruation it is impossible to suddenly become happy parents. But this is a lie. Girls are quite successfully pregnant on these days. The only time you can reduce the degree of tension: from 20 to 30 days of the cycle. It must be remembered that there is no one hundred percent guarantee.


Another horror story that opponents of anal pleasures spread. According to “experts”, sperm after getting into the intestines completely kills the microflora there. Useful bacteria die. Dysbiosis begins.

Today it is not known about such studies. Scientists went around such a delicate question by the side. But if you reason logically, then the number of male ejaculate is too little to break the order in the rectum.

Even if someone believes in the dangerous effect of seed fluid, ephemeral danger can be prevented. It is enough to perform simple actions:

  • Use sprint after each sex.
  • Go to the toilet when anal ends.

So the “alien fluid” will leave the body as quickly as possible. Useful bacteria will not have time to die.

Psychological problems

In the post -Soviet space, they have been used to the new for decades. Anal sex penetrated the public consciousness for a long time. Only now the practice begins to adopt most heterosexual couples. But the moral side of the issue remains in question. Perhaps because Soviet society was too closed. Consider the main myths.

Yes, he is a homosexual!

Moralists left the labels to the left and right. Say, if the guy likes the penetration into a female ass, then it means to the male nearby. What is this assumption based on? On the conclusions obtained thanks to erroneous logic. Let us give an example:

  1. Gays have anal sex. → Everyone who has anal sex is gay.
  2. The Chinese use cell phones. → Everyone who uses a cell phone – Chinese.

The second statement seems absurd. But it appeared in the same way as the first. Conclusions about belonging to the group are made on the basis of just one similarity. So you can continue to infinity:

  • The elephant has two ear. → Everyone who has two ears is an elephant.

Believe it? Look in the mirror! You are unlikely to notice the trunk in reflection. The same story with linden homosexuals.

The accusation for heterosexual sounds menacing. Indeed, until 1993, there was a criminal article in the USSR 121 for sodist. For ordinary sex could give up to 5 years in prison. If sexual intercourse “seasoned” violence, the term increased to 8 years.

This is some kind of pervert!

The argument is from about the same opera as the first. According to some people, you can make love only at night under the blanket. Exclusively for conception of children. We will not even mention that only a member and vagina are required to participate in the process. The mouth is designed to eat food, and the anus for dumping ballast. With your hands you can take objects, and walk with your feet.

So handjob and footjob are also perversions. It’s even scary to think about oral sex. It is clear that the opinions of others do not need to pay attention. Otherwise, intimate pleasure will turn into fear of persecution.

Everyone in his bedroom is free to do everything that he wants. The main condition is that it is safe and does not violate the legal rights of a partner. The rest is speculation and Beliberd.


What will happen if you finish in anal: consequences for heterosexuals and gays

Single -sex partners have the same risks as the heterogeneous. In addition to the likelihood, get pregnant. But factors are also added that affect health due to the features of anatomy. It turned out that over the millennia of evolution, women were constantly in contact with male sperm. As a result, the body learned to dispose of it without consequences. The guys have no such advantage. Therefore, difficulties may arise.

Irritation of the rectum

If you cum in anal man, he will have unpleasant sensations in the anus. Some components of seed fluid have irritating properties. Therefore, after intercourse, there is a constant feeling that I want to go to the toilet. This can be prevented in the following ways:

  • Syringe. It is enough to put a narrow edge of the rubber pear into the anus, rinse the intestines well.
  • Enema. Advanced option if the first does not help. A large amount of water copes with the task better.

If partners care about each other, in the interests of the asset – use a condom. The elastic band does not greatly reduce tactile sensations, but it saves the liability of unpleasant sensations, saves time. Plus protects against infections.

Reducing immunity

Sperm contains prostaglandins. They have a rather unpleasant property. Hormones when entering the rectum inhibit immunity. As a result, a man becomes susceptible to infection with fungi, bacteria and viruses. This does not add health.

There is evidence that prostaglandins are able to create carcinogenic substances when decaying in the rectum. Healthy cells are injured. A bridgehead is created for the development of oncology, which is launched by human papilloma viruses.

How to get rid of the harmful effects of hormones from sperm? The recommendations are all the same:

  • Use a sprint or enema.
  • Put on a condom.

Most negative factors can be prevented using an elastic band. But then you can’t see the sensations that are obtained when the member moves without “equipment”. But there is a way out of the situation.

How to get rid of a condom

Seed fluid negatively affects the sensations of homosexual steam. Heterosexuals receive the risk of unplanned conception. What to do in this situation? It is possible to cum in anal without sperm highlighting. Sounds good. But how to crank a similar focus? You need to train for this.

In a normal situation, the ejaculate strates out through the urethra. We need to achieve regressive ejaculation. This is when the liquid goes into the bladder. There is nothing fantastic in technology. The main thing is to pump the coccygeal-lobe muscle. At the time of orgasm, she will block the urethra.

Exercises do this:

  • Delay the stream at the time of urination 5-10 times.
  • Strain and relax the muscle so that the member shudder.

Within a couple of weeks after the start of classes, a man will have the opportunity to delay the ejaculation during orgasm. The result can be achieved faster if you regularly perform Kegel’s exercises:

What will happen if you finish in anal: consequences for heterosexuals and gays

  1. Lie on a solid surface and bend your knees.
  2. Raise and lower the pelvis, shoulder blades, neck do not move.

After pumping it will be enough at the right moment to strain the muscle. It should be remembered that this method is not able to protect this method from ZPPP infection.

Preparation for anal

Hygiene and other preliminary measures help to avoid negative consequences. Imagine the situation: the couple in the heat of passion forgot about grease. As a result, microtrauma on the mucosa, blood and a favorable environment for the propagation and transfer of microbes. Therefore, one should not forget about the elementary rules:

  • Take a shower. Water with gel will remove harmful microorganisms from the skin, improve sensory perception.
  • Bring your hair. The jungle does not look too aesthetically pleasing. Plus in the thickets a lot of unnecessary.
  • Make an enema. This will help get rid of the contents of the intestine, reduce the concentration of fecal bacteria.
  • Use grease. The lubricant will zero the friction force. So there will be less microtraumas and abrasions.

If there are doubts about the partner – use a condom without hesitation. The fear of refusal cannot be compared with the negative sensations that will arise when going to the venereologist.

If you finish the anal, nothing bad will happen. The risk of infection, unwanted pregnancy, reduction of immunity can be reduced to naught. It is enough to use our recommendations.

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