What lubricant is needed for anal sex? | Questions about lubricants

What lubricant is needed for anal sex?.

What lubricant is needed for anal sex? | Questions about lubricants
Anal sex without lubrication is impossible. It protects the fabric from damage, improves movement, prevents tears. But what lubricant to buy for anal? What properties should it have? There are several characteristics to which it should correspond.

Anal lubricant – what is it

Lubrication for anal sex or anal lubricant is a special composition designed for sex. It has passed clinical trials and is safe for humans. Even when it enters inside, it does not cause negative consequences. At the same time often has wound healing properties.

For anal sex, water -based lubricants are most often used. Since such sexual intercourse most often occurs with a condom. And the lubricant should not violate the integrity of the latex product, should not make it fragile.

Sell anal lubricants in sex shops and pharmacies. But in adult stores, the choice of lubricants is several times larger, and the prices are lower. That is why we recommend making purchases In Intimshop.ru, to choose the optimal thing at a pleasant price.

Properties of anal lubricants

Lubrication for anal should have several qualities. It is they who make it comfortable for use:

  • Density. There are liquid and thick lubricants. The consumption depends on the viscosity, the more the current basis, the faster it is consumed. The texture is in the form of oil, gel or cream.
  • Long sliding. Such a composition should not evaporate quickly or absorb. Anal is a leisurely process, so good lubricants are at least 15 minutes. But you can always add funds.
  • Pleasant aroma. Separate lubricants have a pleasant aroma. This masks the natural smell that may confuse the participants in the process. The aroma is very intense or light.
  • Relaxing effect. The components included in the composition cause a rush of blood to the tissues, and this allows you to tune in quickly and not feel compressions. Relaxation and anesthesia are different effects. But the easier it is for a person to relieve stress, the less likely that it will hurt.

Each specific lubrication has its own characteristics. It is these that you need to pay more attention before buying.What lubricant is needed for anal sex? | Questions about lubricants

Packaging anal lubricants

Today they produce lubricants in a variety of packages. From small bags to large cans containing up to 1.5 liters. The following options are more common:

  • Tube. Soft packaging option, the tool is easy to squeeze and apply to the body. But it is important to ensure that the lid is closed, the contents do not spill.
  • Pack. This is most often a probe in which from 3 to 15 mg of the product. This is enough for only one application. But you can understand whether you like the texture or not.
  • Bottle. It can stand vertically. The cover is opened by pressing a certain part. A convenient option that can be taken even on travels does not spill during transportation.
  • A bottle with a dispenser. Allows you to get a certain portion of grease, which is very convenient. Usually, when used quickly it becomes clear how many times you need to press on the dispenser in order to get an accurately verified amount of lubricant.
  • Spray. Inside the liquid mass, it is easily sprayed onto the body, you do not need to “smear” anything to go to sex.

You can choose any option. All of them are convenient to use. And the appearance of the packaging is not related to the quality.

All anal lubricants are still divided by volume. And this parameter is very important, because the open bottle is not recommended to store for a long time. After 6 months it is thrown away, even if there is still a means left inside.

  • Sample. Disposable packaging for evaluating the quality of the product. Sometimes suitable for travel. It is placed even in a pants pocket.
  • Mini-Flakon up to 30 ml. Designed for a small number of applications. Also compact and convenient, you can carry with you in case of unexpected sex.
  • Small packaging up to 50 ml. It occurs often, practical. For those who have anal sex not every day.
  • Average packaging 100-200 ml. For connoisseurs of games with an anus. For several dozen use.
  • Large packaging – more than 300 ml. There may be several liters. Ideal for anal fisting. Buy those who almost daily practice experiments with the anus.

Open packaging should not be stored for a long time, the exact dates are always indicated on the tube. And choosing something big is worth only with the belief that there will be a lot of sex or masturbation. And sometimes you can buy two average tubes, instead of one large.What lubricant is needed for anal sex? | Questions about lubricants

Anal anal lubricant

Special anesthetics are added to anal lubricants quite often. And there are supporters and opponents of the use of such components.

The effect of anesthetic lubricant is a noticeable, the receiving side does not feel pain. But it is not completely eliminated, but only dulls. This is especially important for those who are afraid of unpleasant sensations. Do not think that sensitivity is lost at all, no, this is not so.

The effect of “freezing” is more or weaker, but if there are tears, cracks, a person will still feel this, he will be able to stop the process at any time.

The effect of pain relief does not occur instantly. To make the lubricant requires 2 to 10 minutes. Therefore, it is applied, and they are waiting a little to start relaxation. This time is given to preludes.

Warming or cooling lubricants for anal

Anal lubricants can have additional effects: warming or cooling. This is unusual, gives new sensations. The intensity is different, each manufacturer has its own.

The cold is felt only at the application site. It is impossible to freeze in general. There is just a chill on the skin. And if you blow it, then it will be felt more intense. It is very interesting to try it in the heat or warm rooms.

Heat is also felt differently. Sometimes it is a strong heat, sometimes light waves spreading over the body. But in the process, more blood flows to intimate zones, and this also enhances sensitivity. The effect can be enhanced if you add more means.

Duration of new sensations from 15 to 25 minutes. Gradually, the force of exposure decreases. To extend, you can use a new portion of means. If you didn’t like it, just wash off under running water.What lubricant is needed for anal sex? | Questions about lubricants

How much lubrication costs for anal

The price of the lubricant depends on many factors. Therefore, you cannot name some total cost. It is influenced by:

  • Manufacturer country. Russian compositions are cheaper than foreign. Funds from Canada, USA, Germany 2-3 times more expensive. This is due to the difficulties of transportation and significant taxes.
  • Compound. It is developed and tested for a long time, and only after many tests are released on sale. He is always unique and safe.
  • Package. A bag is cheaper than a tube. The bottle itself, its production is costly, and this affects the final price of the product.
  • The volume of funds. Large packaging is more expensive than a small. But if you look at the volume, then the purchase can be more profitable, when choosing a large size.
  • Special components. There can be everything: from ginseng to ginger. Natural herbs, color extracts are often used. Such additives give a special effect, for example, regenerating or moisturizing.
  • The presence of additional properties. Warming lubricants are more expensive than ordinary. Their production is more complicated.

In 2020, you can buy a tube of lubricant with a volume of 50 ml for 500 rubles. It will be Russian lubricant of good quality. But without any special effects. She will perform the main functions: protect the skin, improve slip.

Great lubricant, known throughout the world from Pjur, will cost 2000 rubles the same volume.

How to replace a lubricant for anal

Anal sex should be approached very responsibly. If you act rash, unpleasant situations may arise. And that is why it is important to buy good grease, and not use improvised means.

The use of the following compositions can cause serious complications. They are not created for administration of the body.

  • Saliva. There are a lot of bacteria in the mouth that are dangerous for the intestines. Their entry there is not provided by nature, so the result is unpredictable. And saliva does not give the necessary moisture, cracks are almost always formed with it. No need to take it like that using only her.
  • Children’s cream. The composition is developed only for external use. If you enter it into the body, it can cause inflammatory processes. The disease sometimes occurs immediately, sometimes after some time, but it manifests itself. And if it enters the vagina, the cream changes the microflora, which leads to dysbiosis.
  • Petrolatum. A dangerous thing that can “burn” the mucous membrane. Redness, irritation, itching – these are minimal negative consequences. And maybe there is also an inflammation that will have to be treated for a long time by the proctologist.
  • Sunflower oil. Incompatible with condoms, makes latex fragile, leads to the fact that the product is torn. Does not protect the skin in the right way, cracks are possible with oil.
  • Shower gel. Prohibited composition for anal. Foam should not fall into the anus, it will cause violations in the intestines. No detergents can be administered inside, it is life -threatening.

Treatment from the use of inappropriate agents will cost many times more than buying a lubricant. Therefore, it is not recommended to experiment. It is better to buy a suitable composition right away.What lubricant is needed for anal sex? | Questions about lubricants

How to use anal lubricant

Apply grease on genitals immediately before sex. Or rather – before any item is immersed inward. Because first the hole is stretched with fingers or anal cork.

The lubricant is first applied from the outside on the anus, and then they carefully try to enter with their fingers or toy so that both sphincters are processed.

How much lubrication is needed? It depends on the density of the product. It is important that the skin around the anus and the very hole of the steel “slippery”. So that all movements are smooth.

Is it possible to use anal lubricant for vaginal sex

Anal lubricant can be used for any type of sex. It is suitable for vaginal contacts. But it is important to understand that relaxing or painkillers are better not to use for a female bosom. They can reduce sensitivity, and achieve orgasm will be more difficult.

Alternate anal and vaginal sex must be carefully. After vaginal, you can penetrate the anal in one condom. But from anal, you can enter the vagina only with a new contraceptive or after visiting the bathroom. The contents of the intestine should not fall on the genitals, this is dangerous to health.

Is it possible to use anal lubricant with sex toys

Anal lubricants on water and hybrid basis can be used with sex-web. They do not react with the surface of the device, do not destroy it.

Anal traffic jams, stimulants, expanders can and should be used with high -quality lubricant. Often it is required even more than with the penetration of a member.What lubricant is needed for anal sex? | Questions about lubricants

Questions about anal lubricants

There are two possible options. The first is the presence of small cracks in the anus. They cause itching when healing. And this means that penetration occurs too early when the body is not yet enough to accept a member. The second is a lubricant reaction. But this is unlikely, since the allergy manifests itself in the moment, and does not last a long time. Take the text to allergies – apply grease to the bend of the elbow. Let the composition be absorbed. If after 2-3 hours there is no redness, then the problem is not in grease.Saliva is not a lubricant. It does not protect delicate skin, does not help glide. With her, the probability of injury is very high. And saliva also evaporates quickly, and if in the first moments it seems that everything is “lubricated”, then in a couple of minutes active friction of fabrics begins, leading to cracks and breaks.There is an opinion that a person must feel everything during sex in order to stop what is happening at any moment if it hurts. There is logic in this. But it is important to understand that the lubricant does not remove the sensitivity completely, it reduces it. And if something goes wrong, a person will still feel it. But light discomfort removes such a lubricant, helps to relax. It is very useful for many people.

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