What is similar to anal sex

What is similar to anal sex.

It depends on who you ask…

Most likely, if you decide for yourself that you are already ready for sescal experiments, then one of the first thoughts will be a fantasy about anal sex. Even if you and your partner are completely happy with the missionary position, however, from time to time, no, and there will be a desire to find out what awaits you with anal penetration.

Of course you are not alone in your interest. The question is what anal sex is, almost all men and women are asked. And at once many are stopped by fear of discomfort and even possible pain. To solve this problem, specialists persistently recommend using a large amount of lubrication. If this does not help (not everyone is able to relax the anal muscle as much as possible), then you should stop all attempts and try to return to such stimulation after a while.

According to statistics, men in an active position get more pleasure from anal sex. However, to argue that women or passive partners as a whole cannot receive pleasure from anal stimulation fundamentally incorrectly!

What is similar to anal sex

Here’s what real women say on a popular Internet resource about their anal experience.

“I really like anal, especially with a large toy or penis. At first it can be a little unpleasant and even a little painful. However, after penetration, I just enjoy all these sensations. Often with such stimulation, I experience an orgasm, especially during masturbation. It is very similar to vaginal sex. The deeper penetration and pressure inside, the more it is like stimulating the point G. I also feel great sensations with a partner, especially if he penetrates me very slowly”- Awfullyapt.

"If anal sex hurts a lot of pain, then you do it wrong. Yes, you can tolerate and have painful anal sex, but this should be avoided. Lubrication, lubrication and lubricant again, then prelude, preparation from one finger to a small anal plug, which will help to stretch the sphincter a little. After that, the penis will give only pleasure.”- Seesyounaked.

“Pulling out! I like it the most! The rest of the moments are also pleasant, since in general the sensations are similar to vaginal sex. However, deep dives and those feelings when a member of my boyfriend goes outside, will not be compared to me!”- Gadgep.

“I never thought before the anal sex could be pleasant for women. It always seemed to me that for women it was always discomfort and even pain. After all, men have a prostate gland, the sensations of the massage of which are worth suffering a little. However, when my boyfriend began to tease me a little first with hints, then touching, then the introduction of the tip of the finger (he was very gentle and caring)… It took me a lot of time to be ready for complete penetration, but after we did it for the first time, I was surprised by new incredible feelings.”- Anonymous.

“I am a girl who loves anal sex even more vaginal! Yes, I exist! My secret (although it is a secret) is to use a lot of lubricants. If you think that the lubricants are already enough, just add a little more. The first attempts to penetrate seem a little uncomfortable for me (after all, in this place the body is intended for pushing, not acceptance). So I take a deep breath and exhale, while the guy is gradually entering me… I really enjoy this.”- Iamsexyreptar.

“Ready to argue that the majority hates anal sex, because it is painful and inconvenient! I do not consider anal something humiliating, but I agree to it only for my boyfriend. Five minutes of discomfort a couple of times a month in order to make a pleasant beloved not so much.”- purple_urkle_.

“It seems to me that I will be in the minority. But for me, anal sex looks like a process… Um… going to the toilet by large. Well, you understand? So I don’t feel any pleasure. In addition, it takes a lot of time to prepare.”- Butteryourmuffin69.

“I know that the opinion of many people comes down to "I like it " And "I do not like it", But my attitude to anal sex is actually right in the middle. Everything is fine. In general, everything is like ordinary sex, but there are no such pleasant sensations that you experience in the vagina. So these are just a little strange sensation for me, but I treat them tolerant, especially if my partner like it so much.”- Flamants.

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