The rules of cleansing the intestine before anal sex

The rules of cleansing the intestine before anal sex.


You can adhere to a certain diet that will not cause excess gas formation and stomach disorders. What products should be avoided before anal sex:

– legumes (peas, beans, etc.);

– Charging in the body (beer, kvass, black bread, grapes, etc. D.);

– containing dairy products, often whole milk;

– all carbonated and alcoholic beverages;

– containing coarse fiber and sulfur (radishes, cabbage, gooseberries, onions, apples, etc.);

– chewing gum.

In addition, the day before the planned contact, it is recommended to abandon the rapidly digestible food.

Anal shower with pear

Anal shower with pear should be chosen wisely. Such devices can differ among themselves with spouts, nozzles, the volume of fluid accepted and additional functions (for example, the presence of vibration). ANAL shower with a thin tip is suitable for beginners – such a device consists of a soft pear and tip. Most often, enemas with a tip length from 10 to 15 cm are found. If you want to use anal shower not only for cleansing, but also for stimulation, you should choose pears with interchangeable tips. Nozzles for the anal shower can be made of various materials – rubber, silicone, plastic and even metal. We advise you to pay attention to silicone nozzles that are convenient to use and are quite practical, and in addition, they quickly take body temperature. The volume of the standard anal shower is designed for about 400 ml of water.

Whether a regular enema is suitable?

Not really. The anal shower differs from the usual enema in that with the help of it there is a better cleansing of not only the depth of the intestines (and more than with the help of a conventional enema), but also its walls. This is due to a fairly powerful stream that forms a shower, as well as the shape of the nozzle and the spray at the end.

Anal shower attached to the tap

Anal souls with a hose can be connected directly to the water supply system. There are also nozzles that are attached to the shower hose. When choosing such a device, you should pay attention to the thread for accession, otherwise the incident may go out and the nozzle will not work. Both of these types of anal shower are more related to fetish-game. When using such an anal shower, it is necessary to monitor the pressure of water, otherwise you can cause pain and discomfort, and this is at best.

What to use to cleanse? Water or some kind of solution?

For purification, it is recommended to use ordinary warm water, with a temperature of about 25°C, and the volume of about 400 ml will be quite enough. Also remember that between the procedures of cleansing the intestine should take 2-3 days, but ideally several times a month, and if you do this procedure more often, then a violation of the intestinal activity may occur.

When you can’t make an enema?

– With hemorrhoids;

– in the presence of cracks of the rectum;

– with dysbiosis;

– in the presence of various irritations and inflammations of this area;

– at high blood pressure;

– with tumors and obstruction;

– when weakening the intestinal walls;

– In the presence of infections of the anus.

How long to make an enema before sex?

The cleansing enema should be done about an hour before anal sex.

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