The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct

The best poses for anal sex.

Nowadays, for each pair, the variety in intimate life is extremely important. What just do not try sex lovers, and anal sex is one of the important points in the love affection of many couples. This type of sex allows you to feel many bright and interesting sensations. However, despite all this, there are girls who do not like anal sex. This is usually due to the first unsuccessful experience or public opinion. This article will help young girls decide on such a bold experiment with their booty. And in order to bring pleasure to the young lady, the features and best poses for such sex are considered below.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct

The best poses for anal sex

Many lovers are interested in knowing how to diversify your intimate life? What poses exist, and which of them will bring the greatest pleasure? And just anal enthusiasts, this question is primarily interested in. However, it is quite difficult to answer him.

To decide in which position it is best to engage in such sex only by trial and error.

The positions described below are especially popular, to which photos are attached.


The Bodyguard pose is well suited for those couples that have just begun to practice anal sex.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct

The couple occupies a vertical pose, while the man becomes behind the woman and wraps the girl behind her chest or waist. In this pose, the genitals are not in the entire length, but the anal ring nevertheless compresses it with full force. Thus, the partner does not feel unpleasant, and the lover receives pleasure from such an unusual process.

On the chair

Who would have thought that such sex could be done on a chair. So, this is quite possible!

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct

For sex in this pose, a woman climbs onto a chair and sits on her knees (for the convenience of a partner, he can put a pillow under his knees), so that her priest hangs a little at the level of a partner member. This is a completely simple pose that allows you to control the depth of entry. In addition, in this position, a girl can take the initiative in her hands.


In the position of the “corner”, the girl bends at an angle of 90 degrees, leaning on a stool, or falls on some flat surface. The legs should stand on the floor. The man becomes behind and completely takes the situation in his hands.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct

For such a pose, the partner must completely trust his boyfriend, and he, in turn, must do everything right, so as not to harm her. Such a pose is perfect for lovers of hard sex.


For lovers of morning sex, this pose is the best suite.

Lovers lie on their side: girl in front, and a man behind. This position allows you to caress the erogenous zones of his partner simultaneously with the entry of a penis into the anus.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct

It is in this position that the girl’s anus is most relaxed. And if she pulls her legs to her chest, immersion will become deeper. Note that this pose is suitable for any size of the penis.

The rear corner

Enough comfortable and simple pose for anal sex, will delight any pair.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct

The mistress takes the pose lying on his stomach and lifts the hips a little, and the guy enters it, while resting his hands on both sides. Moving the booty, the girl can independently control the penetration of the penis.


The most common pose in the book “Kama Sutra: Ancient Indian Treatise on Love” in anal sex is the pose “Ridge”. It is created for ladies who love to manage sex.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct

The man lies on his back, and the young lady from above – with his back or face to the partner, then spreads the legs to the sides and puts his ass on the member. Thus, it completely controls the intensity and depth of penetration. For better entry, you can use grease. Many women came together with a single opinion that in this position they receive a dizzying orgasm in a matter of minutes.


This position is better to use those couples that practice anal sex for a long time, because it is quite complicated and uncomfortable in execution.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct

The young lady lies on the back and spreads his legs widely so that the partner can be located between them perpendicular. For the stability of the situation, he can lean his hands on the surface or grab it behind his back.

This is one of those poses where a woman will have to trust her partner entirely and completely. In addition, she is simply adored by lovers of BDSM. Well, to deliver more pleasure, the lady in the vagina can put a vibrator or balls.

Doggi Style

At first glance, the most ordinary pose, but what pleasure you can get from it? Colossal. Not only men love her, but also many women.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct

The girl becomes on all fours and slightly spreads her legs, while the man is located behind her. Doggi Style is good for men with a small penis.

Frog or turtle

The partner becomes on all fours, after which he leans and puts his head on the bed, and then lifts the ass. A minimum of movements is required here from a girl, so she can provide all actions to a man.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct

Such a pose for guys who love to take all the initiative in their own hands is well suited. In this case, it should be remembered that for penetration into the ass, it will not be superfluous to use grease. Also, such sex will bring pleasant sensations to a woman if she is strongly excited.


For such a pose you will need a little physical preparation, especially from a girl. After all, she will have to get on her hands to her partner. In the meantime, he wraves her hips and gradually enters the anus.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct


Well -familiar girl “Birch”. She is good in sex in that allows you to get a powerful and quick orgasm. A partner just needs to take a gymnastic birch pose and very slightly protruding the buttocks. The man kneels and begins to make friction movements.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct

Extreme position

For beginners anal caresses, this pose is a real find. A huge plus of this pose is that in the process a partner can stimulate the erogenous zones of a woman, since her most sensitive point remains affordable.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct

The mistress needs to lie with his back to the edge of the bed and lift his legs up. The partner, on the other hand, gets to his knees and holds the girl’s legs, then puts the penis into the anus.

LEP Dance

In this pose, all control goes to a woman, and a man can only relax and enjoy the process.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct

The partner is conveniently located on a bed or sofa and spreads his legs as wider as possible. Then the partner sits on a member and controls the pace and depth of movements, thereby giving pleasure to himself and the partner. In addition, a woman can use her pen and start to caress the clitoris and vagina.


A pose requiring good physical preparation from a woman. The young lady becomes, bends, bends his legs at his knees and rests the floor. A man comes up behind and takes his mistress by the hips. After that, it independently planted in an ass on a member, and then gradually regulates all movements.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct


Valet Pose just right for beginners in anal affection. To achieve this pose, the couple must be lying with a “jack” in relation to each other. In this case, the guy needs to be behind in order to be able to insert his genitals into the anal ring.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct

The main rules of anal sex

Anal sex is the type of sex that not every girl agrees. Still, according to statistics, most of the pairs often practice anal affection and get stunning sensations from them. However, do not forget that this type of sex requires a certain preparation and rules.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct

And in order for anal sex to bring you maximum pleasure, in this article we will familiarize you with some simple rules:

Rule i-e. Long and passionate prelude

So that anal sex does not become an unpleasant test for you, it is worthwhile to get well. In this case, oral caresses, kisses, some light drinks (for example, a glass of wine or champagne) will help well. Also a good option would be to stretch sexual prelude a little longer.

Rule II. Intimate lubrication

Lubrication is the most important and mandatory attribute in this type of sex. And saliva will not help you here. For a girl, a lubricant, this is a real salvation, since, unlike vaginal sex – natural (natural) lubrication.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct

Rule III. Tabu for a rush

Movements during anal sex should not be too sharp and rough. It is better to start such sex, with smooth and gentle movements. Also do not immediately enter a member in the ass throughout the length. It is better to start with one finger, then two and t.D. And only then can you carefully increase the load.

Rule IV. No pain

In order to prevent or reduce pain during anal sex – first you should help your partner relax. If this did not help and the girl will still be unpleasant – it is better to get out of her ass. It is worth avoiding sharp and rough movements, as they can lead to the fact that the partner simply disappears the desire to continue sexual intercourse.

Rule V-e. Selection of poses for less painful anal penetration

It is worth mentioning right away that the least painful sensations from anal sex will be if your partner does not have a huge member. But if you are still lucky with such a lover, there are several poses for less painful sex:

  • Extreme position;
  • Security guard;
  • On a bar stool;
  • Spoon;
  • Gates of paradise.

In principle, you can use any pose, the main thing is that the member does not enter the full length of the barrel and the friction movements are light and smooth.

Creating conditions comfortable for a girl for anal sex

Nowadays, sex can occur anywhere and at any time, but for many women it is not particularly pleasant, because a pleasant environment and a comfortable bed is much more comfortable. And in the case of anal sex, the best option is when the girl is comfortable, because only in this case she will be able to completely relax, throw away negative thoughts away and surrender to such diversity.

The best poses for anal sex: the most painless and correct


The environment should be romantic. This, in turn, will arrange a girl to more tender feelings and bold solutions.

And in order to create an erotic environment, it is necessary to adhere to a few simple rules:

  • muffled light;
  • Classical music with rhythm increasing and tense in strength;
  • light floral aroma;
  • make sure that the surface of the bed is pleasant to the touch. For this, a sheet of silk, suede or atlas is suitable.
  • Aphrodisiac.

Psychological aspect

Any woman needs to have great courage to decide on anal sex. Indeed, first of all, this type of sex does not require physical training as psychological. For many years it was believed that anal sex is harmful. And in order to push the lady to this, it is necessary to prepare her psychological mood well, so that sex becomes heavenly pleasure, not hell. Many men forget that anal sex (and in general any sex) is not possible without a positive partner.

To achieve the girl’s location for anal intercom, the guy needs to just find the right approach and be able to show the girl that there is nothing to be afraid of.

The role of a man during anal sex

It has long been believed that men should conduct the whole process from beginning to end. Of course, now there are many women who love to dominate and feel control of their man. But even they will say that the partner plays a priority and important role in sex.

However, in anal caresses, women occupy the main role (after all, it is quite dangerous, capable of leading to injuries, sex), but the guy only needs to listen to the lady. If the girl asks to be more tender – slow down, do not be assertive. It will not be superfluous to whisper tenderness in the ear of your beloved.

Possible problems during and after anal sex

Any sex can lead to problems, if not careful and too hasty. The main problem of such unusual caresses is the ability to damage the delicate internal walls of the anus. During penetrations, microcracks may occur, which can further lead to painful inflammatory processes.

Particularly rude friction movements (in rare cases) lead to a gap of the sphincter, and this.

It is strictly forbidden to practice anal sex if there is hemorrhoids in an active stage, as this will lead to bleeding and deterioration. It is also not recommended to engage in anal caresses without a condom, since the walls of the rectum have the ability to absorb into themselves. Intercourse with a partner who is sick with sexually transmitted diseases or (God forbid) AIDS – leads to infection.

Even if lovers are absolutely healthy, with penetration into the ass, the member can be infected with various bacteria in the anus. This can lead to serious undesirable diseases.

With anal sex, in no case should you forget about precautions and try to adhere to them in every way!

How to reduce unpleasant sensations in a girl?

Not every girl will agree to anal sex, because for the greater extent many consider him unacceptable and not pleasant. But if a woman still decided on such an experiment in bed, it will not be superfluous to prepare well and get acquainted with all the recommendations for anal sex.

Here are a few non -complex, but effective tips that will help reduce unpleasant sensations during anal penetration:

  • Do not hurry. In order for anal caresses to bring pleasure to a girl, not pain, it is worth starting with a high -quality prelude. The lady should be strongly excited before proceeding to sexual intercourse.
  • New sensations. During the stimulation of its erogenous zones, do not forget about the anal ring. Tender massage of the anus will relax the skin around it and guaranteed to bring a pleasant sensation of the young lady.
  • Stell your intimate lubrication. In the rectum, unlike the vagina, the lubricant does not stand out, so you will definitely need a good lubricant.
  • Start with smaller diameter. Before proceeding to the penetration of the penis into the ass, it is worth starting with fingers or with an anal traffic jam of a small diameter. Thus, the partner will be able to get used to the sensations new for her faster.
  • Request stop. Do not ignore the partner’s reactions to such penetrations. You must stop at the request at any time and postpone the process until the next time.

Do you need to use a lubricant?

Nowadays, anal affection is a completely practiced type of sex in which there is the possibility of discomfort and damage to the rear opening. Therefore, it is very important to take all kinds of precautions. Slow and progressive movements, a good lubricant for anal caresses, the right and comfortable pose – all this contributes to a painless and safe merger.

A lubricant for anal sex is a lubricant on silicone or water -based, which at times improves the sliding of the penis and prevents microtrauma of intimate organs.

High -quality lubricant for such sex performs the following functions:

  • Provides good sliding of the penis inside the ass, while preventing injuries.
  • Improves the elasticity of the walls of the anal hole.
  • Gives an analgesic effect.

The main rule during such sex – a lubricant does not happen.


Anal sex can bring to both partners (and especially the girl) a sea of pleasure, the main thing is to know how to achieve this, and most importantly, to minimize pain at the first penetration. Find out all this, what kind of posts are used and how to behave, so as not to cause a mistress for anal affection for anal affection – you can, by studying this article.

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