Story: How I changed my wife, but anal sex saved family life!

Story: How I changed my wife, but anal sex saved family life!.

Story: How I changed my wife, but anal sex saved family life!

You know, everyone treats anal sex in different ways. I will tell you my story, so to speak, a real story about how it was for me for the first time, and why the men are attracted by the “forbidden fruit” sometimes attracts more than ordinary standard sex. My name is Arthur, I got married early, at 20 years old.

Being a student of the physicist in the second year, in great and pure love he chose a girl from a parallel stream in his companion of life – Irina. She was a couple of years older, but then for me it did not play any role, and she hooked me with her care, naivety. In addition, our feelings successfully coincided with interests and mutually beneficial coexistence.

Why not try anal sex, which pushed to betray

For almost 15 years, the soul lived in the soul, but now there are no relations with Irka. Her stubborn charms no longer attracted, every sex with her turns into torture for me. And if I can force myself to my brain, then I certainly do not know how to give my command to “get up” to my “friend”!”. And recently I didn’t succeed at all, so she embittered, expressed everything that I thought of me. Psychoned, did not even dress and turned away to the wall. This did not upset me at all, so, habitually going to the kitchen, I drank my sedative, whose role was played by my beloved Brandy. In the hope that his wife fell asleep, he hit the bedroom.

Story: How I changed my wife, but anal sex saved family life!

I have never thought about anal sex. This is now a generation liberated, nothing is shy. And we did not have all this, debauchery and perversion was considered, moreover, I never cheated on my wife. But, having looked at the forms of his wife, who, under ordinary circumstances, often caused me disgust, felt that my cock began to fasten and fill up quickly. I realized that it was my wife’s ass that became sudden. I didn’t dare to offer her anal sex, because Irka is my lady with principles, she needs to be delicately and carefully.

Since that evening, now and now I began to think how to solve my intimate problems. Still, I am not old man yet, and everything works, but not with my wife. Then I remembered Svetlana Mikhailovna. This is our accountant, she is 32 years old. Just recently divorced it, it seems. I looked at her for a long time – a chic young lady: fit, dark -skinned, black hair is black like a resin, figured. In general, it only remained only to figure out how to dilute it on the intimate. Tell her the story of a boring family life and an unloved wife? No, she is unlikely to lead to this, so I decided to adjust everything so that it seemed to be random. In addition, the occasion was significant, the New Year was approaching with all the corporate parties arising from it.

Celebrated in a restaurant, pre -ordered a banquet. Everything turned out as it should: a good table, live music, everyone has a great festive mood. He invited Svetlana to one dance, then to the other, began to “ride his ears”. Like it or not, but you can’t get a woman for sex without it! Plus her light intoxication became in my hand. In general, in a couple of hours we were already going in a taxi.

Story: How I changed my wife, but anal sex saved family life!

How everything went, what happened next, how the sex historian ended

Apparently everything was in vain. I rented a hotel room, ordered champagne and fruits for a general relaxation, everything seems to be nothing, but the member does not get up. Sveta began to undress, slowly and erotic, slightly puffing up hips, but the effect was not as such. She began to caress me, this quickly led to the combat readiness of my friend, but as soon as I tried to enter her, in the vagina, so everything ended, not having time to begin.

If the wife is afraid of anal sex, then it is necessary to prepare her correctly for him and make it clear that he can be pleasant. Encourage her ass to foreign objects with an anal traffic jam that will stretch the anal passage a little and at the same time morally set up a partner on a member in another hole. Most likely, your girl simply does not know that there is also erogenous points in the anus, the effect on which enhances the orgasic climax.

Sveta, upset and exhausted after a series of unsuccessful attempts of my excitement, began to collect clothes from the floor, turning her back. My member is swollen instantly from an opened look: her anus started me. I realized that I only want anal sex. He went up to her, gently and carefully turning her with his back, I began to try to get into her ass. At first, Sveta tried to make it clear that anal sex is not for her. But my desire and perseverance had its fruits: Svetlana had no choice but to find something for lubrication. Oh, these amazing ladies’ handbags, at the bottom of which at the right time there is necessarily something, but there will be, at least a hand cream!

Nothing in my story about anal sex would not be surprising if it were not for the chastity of the anus of my accountant. I began to awkwardly try to penetrate the ass lubricated with cream, but she took the initiative into her own hands, realizing that everything could end dramatically. Practically planting herself on my cock with a crazy moan, she gave me fantastic sensations. I took her by the elastic protruding breasts (not like Irka – “spaniel’s ears”), and gently fragmenting them, began to gradually increase the pace.

Story: How I changed my wife, but anal sex saved family life!

With each movement, the waves of orgasm came closer closer. Sveta moaned quietly, but courageously endured. And if at first she reluctantly agreed, then she certainly liked the process itself: I managed to feel how she finished, she was shocked in cramps. Another powerful movement, and finally! I growled like a beast, carefully removed a member from the anus and fell pleased on the bed, my partner in anal sex went to the shower.

Upon her return, I realized that she was ready to continue, so I asked her to undress and become on all fours. I managed to pour out my stagnant sperm a couple of times. Sveta looked unhappy and tortured, so after two hours of our date I called her a taxi, put the fruit into her purse, and he finished the champagne and wandered home.

A couple of years have passed since then. Svetlana I am grateful that I gave me a chance to reboot, swallow fresh air, but with her it was the only meeting. I had everything with Irka-apparently, the crisis passed, and she began to relate to anal sex in a different way. I just explained to her that her priest was turning on, and she agreed to try. Not every time, of course, but periodically we bring with it such a variety to bed. And so my family life got better.

The conclusion from this sex history is simple: throw your hypocrisy to the side, and enjoy each other. Perhaps you just need to look at a partner from the other side to return the previous highlight to relationships and sex?

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