Proper preparation for anal sex

Proper preparation for anal sex.

Proper preparation for anal sex

Anal sex is interested in many, but also causes fears. The process may not be very «clean». To Avoid awkward situations, you should prepare correctly for anal. A few simple actions will avoid misunderstandings.


Before non -traditional sex, people think about an enema. It is important to know that even doctors rarely prescribe enemas. This is necessary for the full intestinal cleaning or to undergo medical procedures. Therefore, before anal intim just go to the shower, wash the genitals from above, but do not clean anything inside.

Proper preparation for anal sex

The danger of an enema

Frequent intestinal flushing negatively affect the body. Even for medicinal purposes, doctors prescribe a similar procedure about once a month.

Washing the anus Relaxes the intestines, which leads to the inability of independent emptying. The body gets used to help and stops raising processed food. The consequences are constipation, broken flora and the disappearance of important bacteria.

There are too squeamish lovers who insist that the partner empty the intestines with an enema. In such a situation, it is recommended to have a frank conversation with a man. Tell him about unpleasant consequences and complications after such procedures. Experimators should not forget that a healthy organism is much more important than love of love and delivering pleasure.

A visit to the bathroom

Preparation for anal sex is to visit the toilet and bathroom. It is advisable to free the body naturally. If in the morning the intestines are emptied, then in the evening you can safely engage in love joys, without fear of unpleasant misunderstandings. Do not rape the body and try to forcibly go to the toilet. And if there was no defecation during the day, it is better to abandon anal proximity, explaining the situation to the partner.

Before sex it is worth taking a shower. Detergents are not required. Even ordinary warm water removes all pollution and smells. And such a wash is enough, this is an excellent preparation.

Proper preparation for anal sex


It is important to make sure that the anal is not diseases that can worsen in the process. These are contraindications for anal sex:

  • constipation;
  • diarrhea;
  • dysbiosis;
  • haemorrhoids;
  • rectum cracks;
  • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

In the presence of any violations, anal caresses worsen well-being and create discomfort. Even symptoms such as gas formation, heartburn and heaviness in the abdomen should become an obstacle to this kind of sexual intercourse.

Proper preparation for anal sex

Preparation of porn actresses for anal sex

When watching porn movies, having anal sex and even fisting looks very aesthetically pleasing. Confusches never happen, because actresses are prepared in advance for such intimate scenes.

There is a small diet for pornstars. A few days before filming It is not recommended to eat meat, since it is digested in the body for a long time. As well as salads and other vegetables from which not chewed pieces can remain. The diet of actresses includes cereals and dick vegetables.

Before shooting porn films, the actress necessarily makes an enema. Since intimate scenes will alternate anal and oral sex. The girl herself will be much more comfortable when there is no food residues inside. More Certain candles and micro-clisms are used, Emergency intestines.

But it is important to understand that the shooting of the actress lasts many hours. This is her work, everything should be as aesthetically aesthetic as possible. The usual pair is not required.

Proper preparation for anal sex is a timely visit to the restroom. Therefore, at home, it is not recommended to make an enema at all. If a girl is experiencing due to possible discharge, anal sex can be done in the bathroom. And to eliminate unpleasant odors, many use flavored lubricants, which not only remove unnecessary aromas, but also make sexual intercourse much more pleasant.

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